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  1. J

    Vibration and shavings in oil.

    Hi all, I Have noticed a vibration around 2000rpm (comes around then, then goes) and maybe at a higher rpm, hard to tell. Ive done a oil change and noticed very small shavings in the oil, some appear to be copper? what should I be looking at before I make the call to strip the engine down...
  2. C

    6Ltr 307 or 6.2Ltr 317?

    I'm struggling at the moment aside from a small rwkw boost finding a huge difference between the 2007 6Ltrs 307 and the 2008 6.2Ltrs 317. Stock out of HSV with out any other mods, which is the smarter buy?
  3. S

    VY S2 Clubsport Deadlocked Key Battery Dead

    Hey Guy's, As title suggests my VY S2 Clubsport's battery in the key is dead and the car is dead locked. The car's battery isn't dead however I cannot get into the car. Have tried turning the key right hard even while lifting the handle and it's a no go as the key started to bend. Have also...
  4. U

    New Project Car

    For a few years I've been contemplating the idea of a project car but never settled on one. About a week ago, a friend who owns a 2004 Lumina SS (that he practically left for dead in his garage) couldn't find a way to get rid of it, so I offered to take it off of his hands for a small fee. And...
  5. T


    Will Maloo/clubby VE’s seats fit in my series 1 SSV ute.
  6. L

    No signal to iac valve

    have just converted my vs clubby to manual and have a 355 stroker in it with a manual loom and computer from a vn ss . It has a high idle and I’ve found there is no signal or power to my iac valve. Probed at both the connector and pcm. Any idea what to check next ??? Or what powers those wires...
  7. I

    VP HSV tags replacement

    I have a VP club sport HSV have had it for years and a while back it was stolen and the plates and tags where taken but still has the vin on body now Im wanting to know if I can get new ones made or issued if I give the vin as I am giving it a full restoration. Please any info would be highly...
  8. L

    Gear lever boot and plate

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to buy the inner gear lever boot and floor pan bracket that rivets to the floor on a manual vs?
  9. L

    Vs 5l clutch issues

    Hopefully someone can help. I'm completing a manual conversion in my vs club sport but for some reason the clutch will not disengage . I've checked the cable and pedal which all seems fine. But the clutch is stuck on the whole time. The clutch and thrust bearing are brand new. Any suggestions...
  10. mashy94

    Haltech E6GMX 5L base maps? (or s/c 5l map)

    Hey guys just posting to see if anyone has any Haltech E6GMX tunes/maps lying around for a supercharged 5litre? or just a stock n/a 5litre tune to start me off ? cheers!
  11. A

    Ve r8 conversion to omega

    Bend the chassis on my ve r8 with very little damage to everything else . Am going buy a omega or cheap shell to transfer all running gear interior etc any tips? Guessing all ECU need to be swapped I know it would be easier to transfer to a ve ss or v8 shell but I am in nz and these cars are...
  12. K

    Ve e3 bumper on a sv6?

    Has anyone put a ve e3 clubsport bumper on sv6 series 1, I understand you also need the bonnet too match, but how would you get the daytime running lights to work, and does the bumper actually fit?
  13. RedVrclubby


  14. 1998 VT Executive

    1998 VT Executive

    Lowered at the rear with custom bumpers, skirts and wing Tinted tail lights and windows 19" Wheels 3.6L V6 Custom exhaust tips
  15. 2006 HSV Clubsport R8

    2006 HSV Clubsport R8

  16. Jayne89

    Fog light switch size

    Hi, I have a vt clubsport which has the fog light switch in the dash below the headlight switch. My dash facia is cracked and I want to change it out but all the ones I have seen with the fog light switch already there are super expensive. I can get a normal vt dash facia without the hole...
  17. Ddridan

    CLUBSPORT/OMEGA Loom similarities?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the body loom is the same between E1 Clubsport and a VE omega? We have a wrecked clubby and an Omega to transplant the drive train into. We have the dash loom removed and was wondering if we have to take the body loom too from the clubby? Cheers
  18. S

    Starting issue help!

    Okay so the problem started a few days ago I was driving home accelerating quite hard and heard a large metallic *bang* and metal shrapnel go all over the road. I had pulled over and turned the car off about 300m later checked under the car, saw nothing. As I went to start the car back up all it...
  19. C

    normal VE series 1 bootlid spoiler fit a Clubsport Series 1 VE (20080?

    Very new here, so im really sorry if this has been asked in the past. As the title says, im just wondering if a bootlip spoiler of a series 1 VE (SS,SV6 etc) would fit on a R8 Clubsport Series 1. Thanks alot!
  20. N

    Clubsport R8 Spoiler on an SS

    Hi All, Has anyone here put the spoiler off an R8 Clubsport Sedan (VY) onto an SS Sedan (VY)? If so did anyone have any troubles and are there any pics around? The whole car is getting re-sprayed anyway so not that worried about paint/colour related issues, just wondering if it would be an...
  21. C

    VE to GF maloo cosmetic conversion

    Hi guys, I own a Gen F clubsport and a VE2 Maloo R8. I've thought about selling the maloo but have decided to toy with upgrading parts of it instead of an entire upgrade. What I have in mind is to purchase a genuine Gen F front bar, lights, bonnet & sides (few thousand) then attempt to...
  22. F

    V8 tailshaft lengths

    Replacing the tailshaft on my 2003 VY Clubsport, however in NT, a tailshaft to suit a manual sedan V8 are rare as hen's teeth. Can I use a tailshaft from an AUTO sedan V8?
  23. 9

    Vs clubby manual conversion

    hey guys, just wondering how much of a hassle it would be and thr rough cost of putting my t5 from my vs exec into my clubsport and what needs to be changed to fit. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  24. dgp

    [VIC] VZ Clubsport Exhaust For Sale

    ITEM: Original stainless steel, complete VZ Clubsport exhaust system from manifolds to tips. Includes genuine HSV gaskets for cat back and rear muffler section which are brand new, and manifold gaskets that are used. The rear oxygen sensors are also included. LOCATION: Victoria, Warrnambool...
  25. H

    LS3 for SS and LT1 for Clubsport/Maloo

    So I read an article on Motoring that Holden will be putting the LS3 into their SS and that HSV will be putting the LT1 into their Clubsport and Maloo models. Spoke to my local dealer and they said that they had heard the same thing, however would not confirm that this would occur. Article...
  26. H

    What springs should I get? VZ CLUBSPORT

    Just wondering if someone could please guide me on what springs to buy for my VZ Clubsport. The part numbers I currently have are; Fronts; KHFL-47SL+ Rears; KHRL-46SLHD Just wondering if anyone has this combination and would like to post some pictures to help me with my decision...
  27. SirDimes23

    HSV VE Clubsport R8 - Battery Issues - Urgent Help Needed!!

    Hello, This is Sam from Dubai. I own a Chevy CR8 2009 which is an HSV Clubsport R8 ls3 back here in Australia. The car has 74K on it till now. I've been facing battery problems. So here it goes: Before around 4 months, I was driving normally down the road with around 20% battery charge...
  28. 5

    VP 5000i Clubsport Genuine and Original

    Guys, Would really appreciate some thoughts and suggestions on my car. I am thinking about getting rid of it, as it really doesn't do a lot for me anymore and is just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Here is the run down. Completely original 5000i Clubsport (big brakes and 4...
  29. S

    [VIC] Wanted To Buy - VZ CLUBSPORT RIMS

    Wanted to Buy ITEM: Vz Clubsport or Supersport rims LOCATION: Victoria/Geelong CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: willing pay postage/shipping costs will travel to pick up dependant on location PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay by Cash or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS...
  30. H

    MY VX R8 CLUBSPORT build no. #366

    Hi Everyone, This is my new 2000 VX clubsport R8 Clubsport 6 speed build no. #366 out of 480 - Manuals I believe. Mods are Cam upgrade ( Very Lumpy ) Maffless tune Titanium retainers Moly Rods Extractors in to a 3inch system Will be getting an OTR soon. No power figures as of...
  31. L

    VSB055 - VS clubsport

    Hi This is my VS HSV Clubsport I purchased a few days ago. it is stock as a rock other than an exhaust at the moment. The story behind the clubby is quite close to me however and ill try not to bore you about 2 years ago I owned another V8 a VZ SS 6.0L 6spd I put a bit of money...
  32. JakeysVT

    My 6.8L VT Clubby

    My Clubby has come a long way since i first bought it as a bog stocker 5.7L with its catback but it now has : Engine : 6.8L Stroker Engine with manley 408 crank and oversize pistons 11.0:1 Compression Ratio 1.81 ration Howards Roller Rockers, Hardened Pushrods, Howards TieBar...
  33. B

    [NSW] 1999 HSV VT Clubsport 5L 5Speed

    ITEM: 1999 HSV VT Clubsport PRICE: $7500 neg LOCATION: NSW YEAR: 1999 16.5.99 SERIES: VT1 BADGE: Clubsport ENGINE: 5 litre 195i TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual COLOUR: Gold EXTERIOR CONDITION: fairly good no dings or scatches no faded paint just a few slight stone chips on front bumper...
  34. RMBLBE

    HSV VZ Clubsport S2 Suspension Upgrade

    Hi guys, I've got a S2 VZ Clubby and the stock suspensions gone a bit saggy and I want to get them replaced with either a Coilover kit or Shock-Spring set-up, just not sure in what direction to head in? I've seen these Pedders Coilovers which look pretty interesting SportsRyder Supercar...
  35. C

    - My VZ Clubby 6L M6 -

    - HSV VZ Clubsport 6L Manual 6 speed - My names Dave, this is my 04’ Clubby I bought at 19. Hope you enjoy the build and progression. Current Mods: [Updated] Car: VZ Clubsport 6L Build #81 Colour: Quick Silver Body Kit: Factory VZ Clubsport body kit & Wing Gearbox...
  36. P

    Does VZ Clubsport front bumper sit lower than VY SS bumper...

    Hi all, I have a 2003 VY SS ute with a vz clubsport front end.. My question is, does the vz clubby bumper sit lower than the standard vy ss bumper? Currently it sits too low at the front and was wondering if i should switch the front springs back to standard. Pretty sure the rear springs are...
  37. S

    1996 VS Clubsport wont start........ HELP PLEASE ...

    hey guys, have a 1996 v8 Clubsport... was driving down the road and all of a sudden it spluttered, back fired and stalled........ wouldnt start for about an hour...... finally it kicked over again but when i went to drive it it stalled again. had to have it towed home..... now its sitting in the...
  38. A

    [QLD] SWAP: My VY style clubsport front bumper (to suit VX) for your VX SS front bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Swap - VY style clubsport front bumper in exchange for VX SS front bumper ITEM: VY clubsport fiberglass front bumper to suit VX (made for tear drop headlights). Currently in primer, ready to be painted. LOCATION: Pine Mountain, QLD 4306 (10 minutes west from Ipswich on the...
  39. mz_hsv

    MZ HSV's clubsport

    I hope this doesn't post twice, cause it didn't seem to work last night. So im Amanda, i live in sydney. Ive been a fence sitter on this site since i was about 17. I drive a 07 clubsport r8, 6 spd manual, heron white (stock as a rock, for now) Future mods: xforce catback 2.5" xa pedders...
  40. X

    Will a ve gts body fit a vt cluby

    i just want to find out if a ve gts body kit will fit a vt clubby and if not what other model will