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  1. M

    cammed 304 video thread

    post up any videos of cammed 304's and what cam youre running
  2. M

    post your cammed 304

    post up your cammed 304 holdens and what cam youre running
  3. 2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2007 SS-V walkinshaw Customisation

    2006 VE SS-V Sedan manual , 91650klms Sep My07 plated , Walkinshaw Enhancements, Customised Drag Racing Cammed :-) , , HOLDEN VE COMMODORE SS-V 6.0 L Gen4 6SPEED MANUAL—WALKINSHAW ENHANCED 2006 Custom Sedan 91560klm garaged for last five years as seen in history report Just to list a few...
  4. T

    VX Berlina ls1 TPS problems?!

    First time poster guys, be gentle :P So I've gotten this car off a mate, its had some work done, heads, cam, tuned to about 270 maffless tune otr all that jazz. Now the car seems to be having a tps issue, but it happens very intermittently I could be cruising along no problems car will shift...
  5. JohnnykerkhamVPcommodore

    Highest horsepower NA SS/ 1/4 mile time

    Hey guys just curious as to what the highest horsepower NA SS is with a 1/4 mile time, wouldnt mind forced induction down the track but i also know that would change what mods are happening to the car, cheers guys.
  6. B

    Cammed 2005 VZ SS, Yellow sticker.

    Hey new here, I bought a 2005 VZ SS Gen III LS1 5.7L, 4 speed auto. ( about 6-7 weeks ago ) I've got a lot of questions about the car but ill start off with the fact I got a yellow sticker a few days after driving outa the car yard. Also being an idiot and fact it was from a car yard I didn't...
  7. R

    Yellow stickers and Cammed HSV

    I got the exhaust and cam done on my GTS ,now I am told I need to get a permit from the licensing department so I dont get a yellow sticker.So I am worried if I take it to the licensing centre they might say ,no mate you cant drive it on the roads like this.And I will be $7000 in the whole. VCM...
  8. Vxcalaisv8

    [LS1] 220/220 cam only

    So i have just dropped my 2000 VX Calais LS1 to Gareth at Willall Racing in S.A for a 220/220 comp cam and valve springs. When i bought the Calais it already had 2.5" xforce system with hi flow cats and extractors, OTR with maffless tune, shift kitted and LS1 edit. It made 226rwkw on the...
  9. Daniels-VY

    Daniel's 09 430hp Quicksilver SSV Ute.

    Hey all, I've been a member of this site for a few years now and if you've read my name you can probably guess as to why. I used to own a 03 VY SS ute which was a lot of fun however I swapped to a 4wd for a year or so ago... However I'm glad to say that I'm back with my Holden's and am pretty...
  10. trixtrem

    Rebuilt, cammed VE Calais V, dyno run and results

    Here is my '07 Calais V on the dyno. The motor had 100k km on it when it lost a roller off a lifter and turned my oil into Black metal flake paint!!!. Motor was pulled, thoroughly cleaned, checked, measured, honed new rings, ARP head bolts, VCM cam, Hi Vol oil pump, GTS headers, diff back...
  11. H

    MY VX R8 CLUBSPORT build no. #366

    Hi Everyone, This is my new 2000 VX clubsport R8 Clubsport 6 speed build no. #366 out of 480 - Manuals I believe. Mods are Cam upgrade ( Very Lumpy ) Maffless tune Titanium retainers Moly Rods Extractors in to a 3inch system Will be getting an OTR soon. No power figures as of...
  12. moocow

    Questions on cammed rebuild

    Hi again, So I've recently done some work on my engine and just have some questions. I added a stage 2 comp cam, stiffer valve springs and a double row timing chain. I had my heads ported and the valves reseated. I realise that changing the cam is gonna move the power higher up in the rev...

    My thoughts on MANTA exhaust ''Maloo==

    Had a active automotive stage 2b cam installed along with pacemakers hi flos and a stainless steel Manta catback hotdog centres to resonators at the rear!! All done at active auto. My car is a Black ,2005 VZ Maloo R8 , Manual. Other than the mods listed its only just had a NPC Clutch upgrade...
  14. T

    Question on a SSV L98 Cam install

    Hey Guys, Looking at a cam install for my SSV. Model: 2006 VE SSV Sedan Colour: Black Engine Type: L98 6.0L V8 Engine Mods: Orssom OTR, Mafless Tuned Power: currently 241rwkw Exhaust: Hurricane 1 7/8 headers, HM/Perry 2.5" catback, 200 CPI cats Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual...