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  1. L

    Cam package

    Hey guys I have a Ls1 vy calais with a few small mods nothing internal an thinking of doing a cam package but just don't know what I'm really in for I don't use the car as a daily so I am looking for something quite lumpy was just wondering what is a good cam kit to go for and roughly how much...
  2. Adrian's Vr

    what Cam are u running in a buick!!!

    hey guys, what cam are u guys running!! I will run better springs too, i got vy injectors and a v8 aeroflow pump so runs smooth, healthy motor, cai, extractors, want good power, sweet sounding but still good enough to drive as a daily, preferably no tuning!! Let me know what u guy recommend...
  3. TrickyH

    Cam and head before and after dyno

    Hi, just for fun, any guesses what HP and rwkw I’ll end with after having Hi-torque performance do a cam (224/230) and cnc head package (no stally, keeping stock) done on my car? I have a 2009 VE SSV AUTO L76. Current engine mods- 2.5” S/Steel KPM catback / Hi flow cats / Pacemaker headers...
  4. N

    Double row timing chain alignment

    Hi guys Just got a cam and rollmaster double row timing chain installed and degreed by my mechanic and I’ve notoiced that that crank sprocket for the chain sits 0.35mm closer to the block then the cam gear and the front of the teeth on the cam sprocket have scoring marks as if the chain is...
  5. Sam Droscher

    Blokes!! I need help choosing the right rockers for my cam

    Hey guys, I’m new to this joint and have only posted just once. Here is my second: I’ve been building my engine, I’ve never had any experience doing this or anything with engines but I’ve always had a passion for going fast and nearly killing myself. I’ve got a VZ SSZ Ute and I’m done pretty...
  6. Mattricho

    Cam upgrade and supporting accessories

    Hi all I have a question about cam upgrades and supporting mods. So I’m looking at getting the VCM 11 Cam kits with dod delete https://vcmstore.com.au/collections/camshaft-kits/products/vcm-performamce-ve-vf-dod-cam-package?variant=16601483332 I’m getting a VCM OTR at the same time so that...
  7. R

    Need help. Gearbox related

    Gday guys. Ive got a vt l67 with decent cam and some go fast bits on it. Its Got a shift kitted 4l60e and a standard v6 torque converter. Was giving it abit of curry one night and it just made a terrible sort high pitched sound from the gearbox area and just came to a stop. Wouldnt move you...
  8. E

    VF SSV 2014 L77 Upgrade / Mod

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my 2014 SSV VF Commodore (Auto) and have very limited experience/knowledge other than what I've researched to get me to this point... I have recently upgraded my cat back to 3 inch Xforce and now looking at getting the Xforce 1 7/8" 4 into 1, OTR Intake Kit...
  9. B

    Cammed 2005 VZ SS, Yellow sticker.

    Hey new here, I bought a 2005 VZ SS Gen III LS1 5.7L, 4 speed auto. ( about 6-7 weeks ago ) I've got a lot of questions about the car but ill start off with the fact I got a yellow sticker a few days after driving outa the car yard. Also being an idiot and fact it was from a car yard I didn't...
  10. S

    Ls1 cam kit cost

    hey lads and ladies, So I recently had my vy sv8 upgraded with a cam kit including tie bar lifters, custom cam, springs, push rods, heads machined, reseated all valves, new head gasket, timing chain kit, arp balancer bolt and cam bolt set, front engin gasket kit, intake gasket, cam backing...
  11. S

    Ls1 compression

    Heyy all, I am looking to boost my compression right up to make a very tuff NA car, something like a sprint car engine. I have done the cam already with a custom grind cam shaft (unsure of specs) heads have been machined and all head work done! Car made 398hp atw Has anyone ever gone over...
  12. S

    Ls1 upgrades

    Hey so needing some opinions about puting 317 heads and l98 piston heads and rods in my ls1. ATM just looking at putting a vcm 13 cam, have many people used this if so with what combination of supporting mods and what power, and than looking at force induction when money is saved. Please post...
  13. L


    i need to replace my cams and thinking of putting in mace 210/210 cams but i can't afford the dyno tune yet. If i put them in will it throw engine codes?
  14. Black Pearl (Rocket 88)

    Black Pearl (Rocket 88)

    Turned to the chief scrutineer for V8 Supercars, Craig Hasted of Cragsted Race Engines to transform my eco L77 into a very high performance engine that delivers ultra efficiency: Some build shots: OEM+ look hides a max effort NA build - $1000 bolts, $800 studs, custom forged guts cranks same...
  15. 7

    Dual valve springs causing excess noise?

    Hiya's I had a L77 engine in my VE with a cam which never had the DOD delete done at install or had dual valve springs put in. It sounded like a sewing machine, so I had the DOD delete done and it was much better. A few months later a valve spring gave way and rooted my motor so I got a new...
  16. AZ_SSV

    Worth changing lifters?

    Ok guys so I'm thinking about doing a cam changeover (vcm 21 kit) and wondering if it's worth adding lifters to the shopping cart. I'd think it would be a no brainer but thought I'd ask u guys. Doing the standard vcm Otr and 1"3/4 headers with 2 1/2" system. 07 Ve ssv l98 sedan. Stock. Cheers Az
  17. 2

    VE V8 rev limter

    Hey guys, having a cam 224/230 in a 2008 auto V8, is there any point with increasing the factory rev limit ?
  18. 2

    Isky racing cam

    Hi guys The previous owner installed an isky racing cam on my 2008 v8 auto Calais , it's a 224/230 with duel lunati valve springs, I've tried to find out information on this cam and can't really find much info at all, does n e one know much about this cam , and what it's purpose is for ( low...
  19. N

    VZ SV6 Cam

    Ok guys, I am wanting a cam upgrade for 2005 vz sv6, I have seen other posts however none answer my questions. As we all know the alloytech 190 are difficult as hell to get a sound out of, im wondering how this will effect a cam. - Will this sound like crap - Expected power? - Video if anyone...
  20. R

    Yellow stickers and Cammed HSV

    I got the exhaust and cam done on my GTS ,now I am told I need to get a permit from the licensing department so I dont get a yellow sticker.So I am worried if I take it to the licensing centre they might say ,no mate you cant drive it on the roads like this.And I will be $7000 in the whole. VCM...
  21. T

    L98 stock cam needed

    Gday guys In the next few weeks im doing the lifters and timing chain in my 07 ve stato L98. Im just replacing the parts with stock parts as its just an everyday driver and don't want to go tune it or anything. I can find everything on ebay I need except for a stock L98 cam. Anyone able to...
  22. A

    Ve ss cam recommendation for all round benefits

    I would like to know what cams there are out there for all round performance and economy for my VE SS 06 Manual there are heaps of automatic cam recommendations on here although not any manual ones that I have found I'd like to know what cam is going to give all round performance, I don't...
  23. Vxcalaisv8

    [LS1] 220/220 cam only

    So i have just dropped my 2000 VX Calais LS1 to Gareth at Willall Racing in S.A for a 220/220 comp cam and valve springs. When i bought the Calais it already had 2.5" xforce system with hi flow cats and extractors, OTR with maffless tune, shift kitted and LS1 edit. It made 226rwkw on the...
  24. C

    installed harrop charger, some tips on a few things please?

    Hey guys, so update on my car, ive just recently installed a harrop hh112 top mount supercharger kit to my 06 vz ss l76.. ####ed the lifters and bent a push rod first install coz i didnt know you had to remove the dod lifters lol.. so off came the heads and charger and replaced all push rods...
  25. speed__demond

    vacuum pump for brake booster?

    Hey all ive got a 109lsa overlap cam In the 5l Vs with abs. Because of the overlap the vacuum isnt the bestand the brakes are a bit soft. Looking for any experience on electric vac pumps and what amout of pressure ect I should need
  26. Mattyk_12

    VE auto GTS LS3 Cam shaft Upgrade

    hey how's it going. i looking into getting a cam upgrade for my car. though im not sure what type of size i should go. it already has a full 2 1/2 inch exhaust and has been re mapped. but that would need to be done again. if i get the cam i will be getting an otr as well. i sort of wanted to...
  27. jwoodsy

    My VE SS DIY Cam swap and post tune thoughts/experiences. L98 M6.

    Hey Guys, I just thought id share with you the path I took to getting my Cam installed myself and my thoughts after the install. There wasn't much around in terms of cam installs specific to VE's so hopefully this will help others out. Please note this is showing how I did my MANUAL Ute. If...
  28. moocow

    Comp cam and chip package..better than crow?

    Hey guys, So I have my engine apart while I get my heads worked on and I'm thinking I'd like to change out my cam shaft for a stage 2. I know I'll need to upgrade the valve springs, but am I also gonna need to install a higher stall torque converter or anything else? Thanks :)
  29. C

    PETROL CONSUMPTION - 250km/Full Tank. HELP

    Hi guys Bought my '03 VY SS S2 about 2 months ago, very happy with the jump from a 180sx to this (so far) As I said above, I owned a jap import for over 4 years and wanted something different but for the main purpose of carrying a trail bike, so forgive me because my V8 / commodore...
  30. S

    Buying a cam and oil pump

    Hey guys I'm new here, first post actually I've got a WK statesman 5.7l thats just clicked over 165k I'm having issues with extreamly noisy cold starts followed by "check oil" warnings on the dash also the occasional ticking while driving, I'm assuming a noisy lifter. Ive tried thin oils...
  31. Vz SS

    How many is to many k's for for a new cam and yella terra supercharger

    Hi i have a vz ss ute 5.7 with 160,000 km's and I'm looking at doing heads cam and supercharger and I just want to know wether the engine has too many k's and needs a full rebuild or just lifters if anything
  32. L

    cam and exhaust ideas for a VE SS L98 6.0L

    hi all, i am chasing ideas on what people have done to their VE's, cam and exhaust wise? i am chasing the lumpy, throaty v8 sound and a car that will deliver performance from bottom to top. thanks,
  33. D

    VX SS Project Car Modification Recommendations - Help

    Hi All, Im sure this comes up a lot so i apologise for the repeat. I have a VX SS, it is my first V8 and I have decided to make it my project car. I need some guidance and recommendations with regards to the modifications. I have a mild working knowledge of mechanics and "sort of" capable...
  34. T

    Question on a SSV L98 Cam install

    Hey Guys, Looking at a cam install for my SSV. Model: 2006 VE SSV Sedan Colour: Black Engine Type: L98 6.0L V8 Engine Mods: Orssom OTR, Mafless Tuned Power: currently 241rwkw Exhaust: Hurricane 1 7/8 headers, HM/Perry 2.5" catback, 200 CPI cats Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual...
  35. BigBoss

    Rear view mirror Wedge or Cam?

    Hey all, I'm in the process of finding a quality rear view mirror with built in LCD, however I need to know if the VE mount is a Wedge or Cam design, any one know? Also how do you remove it? Cheers
  36. Scrubmonk

    [VIC] VS Series 2, V8, auto, cam, foam tune

    ITEM: 1997 Series 2 VS Commodore Executive Sedan, V8 auto, Dark Blue, Low Kms PRICE: $6,500 OBO / Swap for something of similar value (Later model V6 preferably, VS S/Charged Statesman, 1960s classic) / Make a sensible offer LOCATION: Mildura, far NW Victoria YEAR: 1997 SERIES: VSII BADGE...
  37. nalchlan

    cam sensor..plug?

    hey guys im not sure where this little magnetic plug fits. it was originaly on the cam timing chain cog. and i did not mark which hole it came out of. where does it fit... its not in my POS manual either. the plug is in the pictures below cheers edit; i just placed it in my new double roller for...
  38. A

    Crane Cam help needed

    hi there guys i need some help with a cam that i have bought from a guy for $100 brand new in box. the number i have found is 883931 which leads me to believe its a hydraulic cam. the questions are as follows 1. What are the best lifters to go with the cam? 2. Do i need to raise the comp? 3...
  39. M500

    Vacuum Canister for Brake Booster

    It has been suggested to me to fit a vacuum tank to boost the vacuum to my brake booster. My car has a decent cam which apparantly causes the engine to not produce enough vacuum for the brake booster to work properly. In slow traffic the brakes have little - no feel to them and really struggle...
  40. M500

    6.0l Brake Failure with cammed engine

    I have a VCM-7 cam installed in my auto ute. I noticed the brakes dont seem to bring the car up as well as it used to. I took it to the dealer who informed me that the cam has caused a loss of vacuum to the master cylinder and I would need a "vacuum tank" to improve the brakes. After VCM...