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  1. Blummy

    Cylinder 3 missfire, 2006 ve calais

    I brought a 2006 ve v6 calais today and on the second time driving it threw a check engine light and started to run like a monkey in a cage, drove it home plugged in scan tool threw a cylinder 4 missfire, where should I start
  2. M

    VE Calais 6.0L transmission issues

    Hey guys, just purchased a 2006 v8 VE Calais off someone privately a few weeks ago and since purchase have had it checked and have been listed many different issues with the car, some which I have been slowly knocking off the list. One issue I am unsure about and have been researching about has...
  3. Lingsmith633

    Raven B171 VT CALAIS: Thoughts?

    I’ve put ss foggies in instead of the Calais ones as they were shagged, just wanted to know peoples thoughts?
  4. T

    VF interior in VX

    Hey guys. My VX Calais interior has seen better days and I’m looking to upgrade to VF HSV interior. I know the front seats I would need the VF rails and I’m happy to have the front seats fixed to my height and not be able to use the electronic components that’s fine with me. I’m not 100% sure on...
  5. T

    Calais question

    Howdy everyone. Brand new to the site and not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars. Looking for an answer to my dilemma. Driving the other day and I had to brake reasonably firmly at a set of lights. On takeoff I heard an increasingly loud knocking from the front left of the car as if...
  6. CatchUpNextTime

    What should i do here with me VT good people of just commos forums?

    Sorry just commos i posted this in showcase because i am an idiot and didn't read the new member instructions re new threads. I want to know what to do with this thing. It's not my daily although i take it to work now and again just to give it a run. I kinda need some cash but it owes me more...
  7. V

    Ve l98 power steering problems

    Hi guys I recently bought a VE Calais l98 and the guy I bought it off said that the steering was heavy. So in the way home the steering was ok then I went to turn the corner and was really stiff and hard to turn but the speed up/higher revs it was ok. I pulled over and popped the bonnet and...
  8. Lingsmith633

    VT Calais electrical seats motor swap?

    Does anyone know if I’m able to put the motors out of my Calais seats into my spac seats? My Calais ones are stuffed so I’m trying to save some money before I go buy new seats. Cheers guys
  9. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  10. M

    Vt calais engine swap questions

    Hey guys, I understand this has probably been asked before but I've just joined "just Commodores" and have a quick question. So I'm replacing the motor on my calais as it has finally let go after 360.000ks and a full day of hooning on the track. I'm just wondering when you separate the motor...
  11. Vonix

    Vz calais rims

    So i know this topic has a few threads already, but i couldn't seem to find anything regarding white vz calais? the attached photo is a white vz with the stock rims, what rims would best suit (Looking for larger rims otherwise i would of restored the stock ones), would 19" ssv look nice? Photos...
  12. Kiwifolk

    Car chews through Alternator regulators

    Hi guys. Got an interesting issue. I’m on my 3rd alternator and it’s causing issues. The battery charges normally at idle and on the gas but over 4500 rpm the voltage randomly drops just low enough to engage the alarm on the dash. 12.3 ish volts. I’m told is the regulator on the alternator...
  13. H

    Will a VX calais bumper fit onto a berlina???

    Hey guys, I was thinking about putting a VX calais bumper front and rear onto my VX berlina, will there be any problems with doing it, will my stock headlights be fine Also if I put on front and rear bumpers will it look weird without having the side skirts aswell? Thanks heaps
  14. C

    vf steering recall could mess up tune?

    my mate works at my local gateway Holden and has just started the first recall of the branch and because of the software updates involved said it could mess up my tune (mine is also on the vin list to go in and hes the one who will be doing the work) Im just curious if anyone has got more info...
  15. D

    VE 2007 Berlina Upgraded seats to Calais, drivers electric adjustment not working.

    Ive put calais leather seats and door trims in my Berlina plugged in the 4 plugs available but when i try to adjust the seat position nothing works, is there a manual way i can adjust as I'm the only driver so once its moved to a comfortable position i don't mind if it doesn't work, or is there...
  16. D

    VE Front fog harness WITH PARK ASSIST

    Hi Can anyone supply part number for a wiring harness for BOTH fog and park assist to suit 2008 Calais Series 1 Searching Forums and Google, but unsuccessful Many thanks
  17. J

    VE Calais Dual Zone to Single Zone Conversion

    hey guys wanting to convert my be series 1 Calais from dual zone ac to single zone so I can install an aftermarket single zone headunit from kayhan Anyone know what’s involved with this process and how much it costs? Cheers!
  18. B

    Are these features from the Calais VF Series II abandoned on the ZB Calais V?

    I did a car comparison between the VF Series II Calais and the current ZB Calais V using the carsales.com.au car comparison guide. These features from the ZB were missing. Can someone vouch that this is actually correct as these are features I like (as we currently have a VF Calais and are...
  19. Dudgo1996

    2007 ve v6 calais no fuel pump

    hey fellas fuel pump on turning on found one blown fuse next to the battery other relays have been changed but the fuel pump is only seeing 5 volts and the relay is only seeing 2 volts I'm stuck at the point any advice would be great thank you
  20. KeithM2576

    My first Holden!

    HI all, I'm new to this group and looking forward to sharing stories and learning about my new ride. I am picking up my 2007 V VE Calais this weekend, the first Holden I have ever owned. I have had various cars over the years from Valiants in the 80s, through various Japanese hatchbacks and...
  21. J

    Manual/auto bellhousing

    May be a stupid question. But I have a manual v6 VN. I am going to to an engine swap, the problem I want to know does the bellhousing for the manual match the auto bellhousing?
  22. T_kayal

    Help please, V6 Calais Exhaust cutouts

    Alright so I would love and appreciate some help with what I want to do, I want to make my VE Calais loud as possible, but keep the stock system present at the same time. So I’ve come to the conclusion of cutout valves. ((Please refer to the attached picture, what I need to know is circled in...
  23. Darrylmc

    Calais Interior Leather Touchup

    Hi Guys Can anyone tell me if you can purchase any vinyl touchup or dye to suit VE Calais 2007, the colour i think is called Light Urban whis is the cream colour. Cheers
  24. M

    Bypassing VATS in VR Commodore

    I am doing an engine conversion with a 1993 VR Calais engine and transmission into a truck, and I'd like to know a way of bypassing the VATS and immobiliser for my use of the engine, in my truck i wish to have a push button and keyless start, so knowing a way to permanently bypassing the VATS...
  25. holdencallous

    3.9 or 4.11 gears in an Auto 4spd?

    Hey guys, sorry to make a new thread but I cant find any straight information about the type of gears that would work in an 4spd Auto VY II Calais L37, can anyone give me any information about what gears I should purchase?, I'm trying to get a real pokey launch without sitting at 2300rpm at...
  26. BG91

    AC blowing hot air - VF CalaisV

    Hi all, long time listener - first time caller Having some concerns with my VF Calais V - It's blowing hot air through the drivers side, cooler air on the passenger. I've had the car in at auto masters - they can't see any fault codes coming up when it's plugged in and given it a once over...
  27. A

    Question RE: About to buy VE Calais 6.0L Wagon

    Hi all, First time poster so please excuse if not asking in the appropriate section or if there are existing threads relating to my questions. As the title indicates I am interested in purchasing a 2010 VE Calais 6.0L Wagon with 270,xxxkm on the odo - The vehicle has a good service history...
  28. 2000 VX Calais V6

    2000 VX Calais V6

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some photos of my old daily drive, my 2000 VX Calais V6. As per the log books, this was originally a GM-H executive car from Holden Ltd in Victoria. I'm told that's why the red round Holden sticker is on the windscreen too. I purchased the car for $11,500 in...
  29. V

    Calais Shale and cream leather colour the same?

    hi, I’ve got a cream leather interior in my Calais International which is cream on the leather and grey on the plastics. I have seen online ‘Shale’ interiors. These have a different colour plastic trims to the grey but I was wondering if the leather colour is the same as mine. I know the...
  30. S

    Voltage is key

    Not a question but just wanted to share some experience with you. Picked my 2007 caprice up for the dealer yesterday, took it home and put the child seats in and went off for a drive in the new whip... The the trouble started. After turning the car on (sounded like the battery was low when it...
  31. sixfootseven

    VZ Calais seats into VX2 Exec

    I've read all the threads I can find about seats, particularly later Calais into earlier Execs. Still don't know if I have any final answers. I have a VX2 Police Exec with side airbags and electric seat height + manual rails. Drivers seat base is trashed and won't pass next WOF (NZ WOF rules...
  32. gnastez

    VE Calais Wagon rear ended

    Hi All, I was taking my MY09 VE Calais V Wagon to it's Buyer to be, he had the cash and everything ready... 10 minutes from the meetup, a guy has rear ended me and pushed me into the car in from. It's comp insured for 14000. Now I need to get assessed etc etc. What are the chances of a non...
  33. B

    Avoid Motoquipe and Wet Seat

    After a bit of research l decide that a good quality set of Neoprene seat covers are the best way to protect the leather seats in my VE Calais, especially with three little girls and their booster/safety seats in the back. After finding Wet Seat via an online store called Motoquipe l call them...
  34. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais Alloytec to LS Conversion

    Hey fellas, Throwing a thread together about my progress on LS swapping my VZ Calais. Long term hoping to run a LS3, short term running LS1. Follow me on Instagram @gmhvz_build Originally I had the 190kw Alloytec, the vehicle ran well for a couple years until I cracked the radiator and the...
  35. Paris99

    VT-VZ Commodore/Calais Sagging Glovebox

    Gday everyone, me again. My VZ Calais glovebox is sagging and Ive tried to search up how to repair it but haven't found anything. Ive heard that this is a somewhat common issue with this generation of Commodore. If anyone could give me some advice as to how to fix the sagging, it would be much...
  36. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais- Alloytec to LS Conversion

  37. Mattde

    I finally got one (VZ CALAIS)

    I've been on this forum for a number of years dropping in and out and after owning a few commodores over the years (all modest V6's) I have finally bought a V8. A gorgeous Silver 2005 VZ Calais in mint condition (160,000km - no mods) I couldn't be happier! I'm sure there are many threads...
  38. Z

    VZ Calais Alloytec Surging, Rough Idle issues

    Hi, I’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first post! Hoping someone can help me out! I have a small but annoying issue with my 2005 VZ Calais alloytec. I got it in mid 2015 and I love it. Since getting it, I noticed it surges every now and then (usually under load). When starting up...
  39. D

    How do i remove the front frame of a vz

    Hey guys just wondering I have some front end damage to my car, the front metal frame of the car is a bit pushed down than normal so I'm just wondering on how I would go on to remove the front frame of the Commodore not too sure what it's called but it's where the bonnet latch goes into and also...