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  1. S

    ABS Solenoid Line Lock?

    Has anyone successfully used the ABS unit as a Line locker to stop the rear brakes from operating and can help outline what was needed?
  2. S

    EBCM ABS Connector Pinout

    Hi All, Looking if someone can help provide me a pin out for the ABS module in the VY V8, Im after the rear Solenoid connections (Connector YE98 from what ive found). i have done a fair bit of research but all i can find is the sensors that are labeled and not the solenoids even in the service...
  3. J

    2005 VZ Commodore Parking brake shoe

    When pulling the handbrake of my vz commodore the drivers side sinks right down when in drive, and when in reverse the opposite occurs. Is this to do with the rear suspension - normal braking works perfectly fine. Or does the parking brake shoe need to be adjusted ?? This area isn't my expertise...
  4. H

    Brake Vx

    Hey guys im about to change the brakes on a vx, was just wondering weather i have to or should change the brake fluid? Im fitting new pads and rotors front and rear and not sure if i have to bleed the brakes before or after the change? And also how exactly is the best way for 1 person to do it?
  5. J

    Brake/suspension upgrades in Adelaide

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on what and where to get some initial mods done to my new (second hand) VF SS (L77 auto motor). Figuring I should start with making sure i have a stable ride and can stop with confidence. I have between about $2k - $5k to spend on just the brakes and suspension...
  6. Mac70

    LED brake lights

    Hey guys, I’ve suddenly started having issues with one of my brake lights. The left side is working perfectly, yet on the right side, only 6/10 LED lights are lighting up on the brakes, and they’re very dim. If I have tail lights on, they’re all perfect. With tail lights on, and braking...
  7. J

    Bendix Ultimate Brakes on VY

    I recently bought a brand new set of front and rear brake pads and rotors. I bought the Bendix Ultimate pads that come in a purple box and when you brake they squeal as if there's heaps of brake dust. Any idea why?
  8. R

    Brake Upgrade for VE SSV

    Hey all, Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience with upgrading brakes to stop squealing? Mine currently squeal at even the slightest touch of the brake and had them checked, mechanic says they're fine and it is a common problem. Don't want to spend more than $1500, would it be...
  9. B

    brake shudder

    VY S2 calais LS1 I have an issue where the steering wheel shudders when braking. it doesn't happen all the time and does it at varying speeds. but mainly at the same places on the road. Ie. pulling into driveway I haven't had an issue with any other cars braking there. I did replace all...
  10. dashdown98

    VS Ute Right Rear Wheel Squeak

    Hi guys, I had the rear brake pads changed in the VS V6 ute and around 3 weeks later the right rear started to squeak (hard to explain, more like a squeak and tap and rattle all in one) no matter what the speed. It goes away when braking and turning right. It's starting to do my head in and I...
  11. P

    Holden Commodore VT transmission + steering + fuel issues.

    Hi, I am driving a 1999 Holden Commodore VT. I bought this 6 months ago and it is my first car. So I am confused with some of the behaviors of my car as I had no other previous experiences. Experience #1: Sometime when I drive my car in the highway with significant speed (80 km/h) I...
  12. T

    Vr Brake Lights & Indicators playing up? Need a little help :)

    Hi I got an issue with my lights and wondering if someone can point my in the right direction to fix it. Only one of the brake lights is lighting up while putting my foot on the brake. When I turn my headlights on both the rear brake lights glow so the bulb isn't blown, then when I put my foot...
  13. S

    VY Executive Sedan Series 1 - Click noise when braking.

    Hi Everyone - I've been searching for a solution to what may be a minor issue, but as it's brake related would like some advice. For about the last 6 months I have noticed a click when I brake at low speed. The sound appears to be coming from the top of the engine bay, near the master cylinder...
  14. speed__demond

    help... random plug wheres it go? 304

    okay I found a random plug hanging from behind the brake booster in my vs statesman 304. its two wire one is black the other is brown. im hoping its the cause of my car running a bit weird...
  15. A

    VY SS Torque settings (brake calipers)

    Hi, I'm about to replace my rotors and pads on my '03 VY SS Ute and have been trying to find the nut/screw torque settings for the calipers, I'm only doing the rears but i'd love the front settings as well for future reference. Could someone please help me out, Would be greatly appreciated...
  16. E

    [General] How to Paint your Brake Calipers - While Still Attached to the Car

    Hi Guys/Gals Its my first post and i thought i would share some know how. A simple guide on how to paint your brake calipers yourself and get an awesome finish. The most important part of painting anything is in the preparation. With automotive painting there is also the disadvantage...
  17. B

    VZ power train mode, safety mode, complete shut down

    I was driving and out of no where the check power train appeared then the safety mode came on, I took it to the nearest mechanic and had it scanned the mechanic said it appeared to have no major problems but couldn't work out what has going on after an hour or so the only answer was that when my...
  18. J

    VE Omega - Brake Pads and Rotors

    I've got a 2009 Omega Sedan 6cyl. I know the brake pads are getting down, and I have a bit of shudder when I brake going down hills, so I know the rotors are a bit warped too. Out of below, what is the best option to go for? 1. Machine existing rotors and get new standard pads for VE...
  19. S

    how did it happen

    ive got a 96 vs berlina and it was driving funny shaking bad and stuff and i realised when walking to the shop my brake pad fell out from my car..? i looked at the caliper and rotor and they are fuc*ed but i didnt think that would usually happen
  20. T

    Brake lights w/headlights question

    Hello again everyone! So, after getting the rear windows fixed, I have a new issue with my brake/tail lights. When I brake during the day/headlights off, all 4 rear lights + eye-level lamp turn on. However, with the headlights on, normally the 4 tail lamps are lit, then when under braking...
  21. VN SII

    Brake Caliper Bolts

    So I was driving around the other day, and well basically my Brake Caliper fell off. Unable to find the 2 missing bolts that held it on (Obviously rattled free somehow) I thought "No sweat, I'll grab 2 off the VS I use for Scraps out back". Only to find that the Bolts are Stuck something...
  22. P

    Converting VP to VR Suspension with VT Brakes??? INFO or Ideas for Blown V6!

    I'm about to start a build and I'm thinking about converting my VP to VR front suspension and VT brakes. I want to scrap my VR and use as much as possible to update and make my VP safer and easier to work on. I want to use from the VR; control arms, shortened heavy duty struts, adjustable...
  23. adam sv6

    [VIC] Wanted - VE V8 front brake assembly

    ITEM: VE V8 front brake callipers (more specifically the front calliper "anchors" ... read other info for description) LOCATION: Victoria (western suburbs) CONDITION: New/used PRICE: 0-50 ... depends on condition really DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will go to pick up or arrange to...
  24. T

    [SA] B&M Launch Control Solenoid - Brake line locking system

    ITEM: B&M Launch Control Solenoid - Brake line locking system LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: Brand New In Box PRICE: $80 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: 0406160571 OTHER INFO: I bought the B&M line locker...
  25. mataxi

    Brake Light Pedal Sensitivity (Or there lack of)

    Hi There I own a 1990 Holden Commodore (Berlina) VN series. I am just having a small problem with the sensitivity of the brake lights when I put my foot on the brake. It does light up but needs to be pushed quite hard and most of the time I use light engine braking so it never really gets the...

    VT/X V6 and V8 master cylinder and Vacuum booster the same??

    Does anyone know if they're different??
  27. J

    [SA] VE omega/SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps

    ITEM: VE SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps DESCRIPTION: Factory red brake + indicator lamps for VE. bulbs included. CONDITION: perfect condition PRICE: $50 all together for both. TRANSIT: pick up only. based in bedford park, adelaide.
  28. tdirago

    Brakes squeal hard when i brake

    When i brake, there is a loud squeling sound coming from the brakes, i cant pinpoint any particular one. So I did as the mechanic had suggested a month before and replaced my front disc pads and also spray painted my calipers. The squeling has got worse ;(((((( what are some things i can...
  29. Beadan

    squeek in the rear when accelerating out of a turn..WTF?

    Please help i have no idea what is causing it, squeek in the rear when accelerating out of a turn, and only when doing so....squeek squeek squeek, a brake like squeek but im sure its not the breaks, they never squeek any other time. any suggestions?
  30. L

    Buzzing Brakes

    Hey Guys - A little help please Have just fitted new Rotors and Pads All round. Slotted at the front and Drilled/Slotted at the rear. The Mechanic/Qualified (Good Friend) has done this for me. The Problem is (When I say problem I mean annoyance more than anything) There is a constant...
  31. D

    My Guide: Painting Brake Calipers (Pictures)

    For a step by step guide go to painting calipers on VE go to http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/general-discussion/155576-my-guide-caliper-painting-easy.html
  32. D

    My Guide: Caliper Painting EASY

  33. I

    VT - Brake Problem!

    '99 VT Commodore Acclaim - Driving the other day , it started making a sound like a flat tyre, i checked the tyres and no flat. When i started the car again the brake warning light was on (handbrake was off), after pulling handbrake on and off and working the brake pedal for about 30 seconds the...
  34. I

    VT '99 - Brake/Handbrake Problem

    '99 VT Commodore Acclaim - Driving the other day , it started making a sound like a flat tyre, i checked the tyres and no flat. When i started the car again the brake warning light was on (handbrake was off), after pulling handbrake on and off and working the brake pedal for about 30 seconds the...
  35. Braydenreid

    manual pedal assembly

    my manual pedal assembly has a crack in it and i wanted to know if there is anything i need to know when changing it? like losening f the clutch cabe? wat about the brake booster? will fluid come out? cheers
  36. M

    VT Twin Piston Brake Upgrade

    Hi all, Thinking of upgrading the front brakes on my VK to VT twin piston calipers and rotors as I have heard they have the best stopping power. What I'm wondering is will the calipers bolt straight on to where my existing ones do, or do they need modifying? I'm aware that i need to get hub...
  37. topdzl

    CR8 brake calipers

    Hi everyone I'm just wondering if I could fit CR8 calipers on my VT
  38. N

    Bizarre behaviour - when braking - chimes & light!

    Couldn't find anything similar in the forums... I have a VX II Wagon. When I brake to turn (normal driving conditions) I will sometimes get the oil light on and a series of chimes. This does not happen often, usually at the same intersections - when turning left, but not always. Cannot...
  39. D

    all brake lights work but car says otherwise...

    hey, I have a vt calais with a weird problem the warning light on the dash to say a brake/parker globe has blown is on although all the lights work fine, just recently changed the passenger side rear tail light loom as the old one had broken, i now have the revised design style with red...
  40. MovieDude

    Brake squealing when cold

    My brakes have developed a squeal when applied cold. This started soon after I bought it just over a year ago but repeated visits to the service centre have done little to rectify the problem. The pads were replaced for a different material and the problem went away for a while but has now...