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4l60 problems

  1. Kaoss

    4l60e stalling when shifting from reverse to drive.

    Hey guys and girls, was just wondering if anyone here knows why my vx wagon with a 4l60e stalls when i shift from reverse to drive, i recently swapped the motor and box and it was fine just driving it around the yard and shifting back and forth until i drove it for about 30 mins and parked it...
  2. W

    ML60 Transmission not holding in gear down hill

    G'day all. posting on behalf of a good mate, great with cars but no so great with PC. The car is not exactly a Comodore, hope you fellows can help. 4L60 Transm. - V6 GM (VP 92?) combo fitted to Toyota Hilux, not long bought. The problem is when going down hill locked in low gear (creeping)...