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VY Series 2 Shanghai Red Part 2

  • Before being written off in a stolen drink driver incident, the engine bay received a couple of upgrades.... 13248548_947393188712307_6837395003270935797_o_947393188712307.jpg
    The Toyota Surf in the background was my next project. Until this :( ... 36843922_1680386695412949_3141771403112480768_o_1680386675412951.jpg A suitable replacement was found within a couple of weeks of me purchasing the vehicle back from my insurance company... 36857211_1680386822079603_8157070423356342272_o_1680386815412937.jpg 37919631_1712666762184942_5354368954343096320_n_1712666758851609.jpg 37921880_1712666655518286_6007641941150269440_n_1712666642184954.jpg
    Not too shabby for <$600 with roadie! She was soon stripped of all her old worn out parts..... 37943210_1712666932184925_6045639031486676992_n_1712666928851592.jpg
    A few interior mods were made that the original lacked...
    38869571_1731964986921786_6726529955087253504_o_1731964983588453.jpg Part 3 will be coming very soon!
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  1. zeropalooba
    So sad. I hope you were able to salvage something. Can I ask about the rear louvre thingy? I've seen them on a few Commies and was wondering where they come from.
    1. ryley ando 1
      i have one as-well. just got it from ebay from a guy that makes them really good quality.
      ryley ando 1, Nov 12, 2019