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VF SS-V Green Trim Sportwagon

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  • Holden VF SS-V Green sill , Green HSV mag , Green SS badge 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Green sill , Green HSV mag 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Green sill and bumper trim , Green X Force 3' tips 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Green sill and bumper trim ,Green X Force 3' tips 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Green sill and bumper trim ,Green X Force 3' tips, Green diffuser 1.jpg Green HSV Mag 1.jpg Green HSV mags ,wheels and Brembo brakes , green indicator 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 front bumper Green trim 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 front bumper Green trim and daylight driving light 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 Green HSV wheels, Green trim 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 Green HSV wheels, Green trim, Green Brembos 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 Magnuson Supercharger ,  front bumper Green trim 1.jpg Holden VF SS-V Series 2 Magnuson Supercharger 1.jpg Magnuson Super Charger 2300 1.jpg VF SS-V Series 2 Sportwagon , Green HSV wheels , Green Brembo brakes ,Green trim   , 1.jpg VF SS-V Series 2, Green HSV wheels   Green Daylight Driving light 1.jpg Green 6 pot Brembo Brakes DBA 370mm rotors and Tein coilover(2).jpg Green 4 pot Brembo Brakes DBA 360mm rotors and Tein coilover 1.jpg Hi , I came on the site about a year ago for some advice on upgrading my car , thanx for all the advice given and eventually I finished ,so I thought I'd show it off .
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  1. Tryg
    Sweet ride.
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  2. Bill Dvdsn
    That colour green just works so well. I don't think any other would have worked. Beauty!
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    1. kleanphil
      Thanx Bill , ye that's what I thought , the Prussian steel colour does have a touch of green in it . the only other colour to use with a grey is orange but I don't think that woulda worked , also if you have seen the dashcam footage I needed some Hi-Vis
  3. Subju
    "On Point"
    Seriously, I'm a huge fan.

    Can't rate this high enough, one of the best designs I have seen.
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  1. Messo
    I have a 2014 Redline Ute, currently running an xforce system which needs replacing due to a rear end collision, your thoughts on a de fillippo system?
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    1. kleanphil
      I have a pair of X-Force 3" varex mufflers that I'm willing to part with , the only prob is one is a bit rattly and the other a bit sticky and I also broke the wire taking them out as they were replaced ,but easy fixed , pm me if interested , sorry I have no experience with de fillipo
      kleanphil, Jun 14, 2018
  2. Messo
    What exhaust system you running?
  3. Messo
    Looks rad!!
  4. kleanphil
    Just to explain why I have 2 dual channel dash cams . Five times my car was damaged in 6 months .

    Third Hit

    Fourth Hit

    Fifth Hit

    The first 2 hits occurred after I had bricked my first dash cam using a cheap Sandisk memory card, so no footage , but the 1st person fronted up .
    The first was a side hit that I managed to get the spare painted for free .
    The second was some dick in a car park that opened his door into my car , but managed to get it fixed with the insurance on the first hit .
    Each hit after these I managed to get minor damaged fixed that either I had done or some one else , so all ended good .
    If I was on the ball I coulda got the headlight protectors fixed that the first panal beaters had broke when I took it in for the fourth hit , but hey **** happens
  5. kleanphil
    Paint Green Trim ,Powder Coating .

    Paint HSV Wheels Green $1150
    Paint Spare Twice 'Black' $400 . It was $220 but I dropped it onto its face putting it in the car when I picked it up, DOH!!!!!
    Paint Spare Green $0 . YAH H00 Managed to get it done for free during one of the insurance repairs .
    Paint Front Bumper Chrome $480 . They broke the clips on the driving light chrome part , done during a front bumper insurance repair .
    Clear protection Front Chrome $150 . Clear vinyl on chrome painted parts cos it was chipping . That's when we found broken clips on the driving light chrome .
    Paint Door Chrome $500 . Left paint on the gutter trim rubber that I had to remove .
    Replace Door Trim Clips $60 . I couldn't remove the door trim/gutter without breaking the clips
    Sill and Diffuser Paint $550
    Powder Coat Brakes $200 . Nice and cheap but spent hours cleaning powder coat from pots and threads ,also the dust boots wouldn't seat properly .
    Powder Coat Exhaust Tips $50 . Nice and cheap , no issues .
    Smoke Tail Light $150 . Doesn't look as good without the green indicators .

    TOTAL $3640

    Engine .

    Supercharge + Cam Installed $15500 . Still not happy with how it runs after one retune .
    X-Force 7/8 Headers/Cats $1400
    X-Force Varex 3' System $1650 . One valve stuck the other as rattly as hell . Both replaced under warranty . Thanx X-Force :D
    Install Exhaust $250

    TOTAL $18800

    Waisted Money On badges , Paint and other things I attempted myself ,cheap dashcams and memory cards.

    Waisted Money $1000

    TOTAL $1000

    GRAND TOTAL $40566 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG I need a homey after that
  6. kleanphil
    Hi Subju , thanx for your comments .
    I will give you a run down so be ready for a big post .

    Interior and exterior accessory's .

    Bonnet Protector $74
    Weather Shield's $89
    Head Light Protectors $90 . Broken by the panel beaters when sent in for an insurance repair .
    Cargo Mat $125
    Dash Mat $62
    Neoprene F/R Seat Covers $530
    Window Tint $200 . Cant remember exactly but was reasonably cheap .
    Number Plates $1500 . Saved $900 by using numbers for H00 .
    Indicator Fender Vents 'Black' $60
    Thinkware f770 dual channel Dashcams x 2 $1200 . Front / Rear and side surveillance . Have been hit 5 times .
    Micro Memory 128g x 2 $180
    Dashcam Battery Pack $285
    Daschcan Battery Expansion $249
    Interior , Number Plate and Park Lights LED's 'Green' $20
    Green Driving ,Indicator Lights $100 . Cops made me remove , but I left the driving lights , f'em .
    Paddle Shift Steering Wheel $452 .
    Paddle Shift software $80
    Sports Armour $250 . Now has splits in it thanx to panel beaters trying to remove it for an insurance repair .

    TOTAL $5546

    Suspension , Brakes , Wheels .

    Tein Coil Overs $3645
    Brembo 6 Pot/4 Pot Brakes $3000 . Cant remember exactly cos I changed discs outa this kit for DBA .Originally red .
    DBA Front 370 Rear 360 Disks $1281
    Braided Brake Lines $168
    HSV Wheels $1750 . Originally all black .
    Buying the Spare $900 . I bought a set for $1200 , sold 1 front , still have 2 rear for sale .
    Super Pro Sway Bars $486
    Install Susp/Brakes $350

    TOTAL $11580
  7. Subju
    Dude, I dead set love that. I'd love to hear a breakdown on what you spent to make that possible.

    Unique, loud, good model. Seriously, don't listen to anyone rip you about it.

    You created a one of a kind car that will be remembered for hundreds of years. Seems a little far fetched but this is one of the best looking models that I think will ever come out.

    Wish you were in Sydney so I could check it out in person.
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  8. kleanphil
    Hi , firstly my apologies to all mechanics , spray painters and panel beaters that I may have offended as I'm sure there are some good ones out there .
    To answer your question I am a bricklayer , and I tell you right now 80% of bricklayers out there are cr_p and I make no apologies for that .
    To afford this car I don't have a missus I have no kids no pets and I don't go out to pubs , clubs and or coffee shops .I stay at home drinking my $15 a week coopers lager home brew . I no longer smoke anything which is a big saving .
    For the last 4 years ive slogged it out every available work day and weekend in rain hail and 100 degree sun shine .
    I even developed an allergy to cement where I now have to wear 3 sets of gloves long sleeve shirt and long pants out in 30 degree plus days , probly caused by the stress of paying for this car and I still owe $10.000 or so on it .

    My only assets are a tv , my pc , assorted hand tools collected over the last 30 years and my homebrew setup and just enough money in the bank for my next car payment .

    I wont list all the bad experiences I have had because no body likes reading long posts :)
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  9. kleanphil
    Hi Mookie , I did look at those taillight but I was happy with the green highlight on the indicators/reverse lights i had done , as it was original , until the cops made me take them off . I sorta find the after market lights a cheap addition. We have had an after thought to paint the reflector inside the light instead of the transparent green vinyl that was on there .

    As far as a bonnet , yesss , if I could put a VE H.S.V bonnet and bumper on I would be all over it . I will still consider a fluted bonnet but as the supercharger does have OTR intake I don't think that is the issue with the way it runs and being a Sportwagon , I don't think the weight is an issue . I am still considering it but I have to draw a line some where .

    Maybe later :)
  10. kleanphil
    I would also like to add to Mookies comments further without sounding too defensive .

    Firstly any modification to any brand new $53.000 car is going to be expensive due to the majority of rip off mechanics and so called spray painters i.e s___ty tunes , broken bumper chrome that they bodgied up after it was sprayed and rubbers covered in paint that I was left to clean and also powder coating in places it shouldn't be , broken parts on the exhaust and broken sensors during the install of these parts .

    If anyone thinks that modding their car is a cheap and easy exercise needs to be aware of the difficulty and the cost .

    Apart from the time your left without a vehicle while these mods take place when you need it for work makes it very difficult .

    A big consideration when choosing what to do was reversibility of the process , there fore just painting the trim was the best option . I had considered putting H.S.V bumpers and such , but apart from it not being a H.S.V that exercise was equally as expensive .

    Just painting the trim was the , yes , least imaginative , but also the cheapest to reverse if I didn't like the out come , with the ability to sell the trim also .

    The badges were another thing altogether ,. it took me weeks to paint them when no so called professional painters would even attempt them . Also relatively cheap to replace .

    Now the colour I used may have been a throw back to my younger days when I rode Kawasaki dirt bikes . The images may not reflect it but the colour of the car does have a hint of green so it made sense to use a green . The wheels were painted first and the rest had to follow that .

    I spent $35.000 plus on top of the $53.000 it cost me new to finish up with the car I have now , and even though maybe not perfect , I'm happy with it :)

    Remember , the point of the exercise was to make it mine
    1. Mookie01
      i am one of those automotive technician , mechanics that is what i do, i am very good at what i do, yet very poor because i work for free a lot of the time or for next to nothing, not all of them are rip off artists, hard for me to explain cars cost a lot of money i have lots of friends in the trade i drive a VS commodore i have not got the money you have obviously my car is worth maybe $2,000, my total assets are $14,000
      Mookie01, Jan 21, 2018
    2. Mookie01
      what is the profession that you do, because talking of how mechanics are rip off artists when lots of them struggle and grapple with costs is not a nice thing to hear, so tell us the proffesion you have so we can as well decide how to judge that ?
      Mookie01, Jan 21, 2018