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The start of the project

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  1. Daniel Ravaillion
  2. Mookie01
    a interior picture stolen from another vehicle which i have seen online, everyone here thinks this guy has done some work, HA HA look closer, the black bonnet stripes at all and the red paint job give it away to any of you, i have seen the real job on the real car, stolen interior picture, what you looking for some attention seeking credential using FAKE pics ?
  3. Holden chik
    Looks awesome!
    1. Mookie01
      the interior picture is a picture taken from another car that has been fully customised, I have seen the real car that is attached to that interior , this guys car is not it, the real car it is from is a VS UTE you can find it on the internet if you google hard enough , easy to copy and paste on the NET, look closer the black stripes on the bonnet red paint, this guy is a fraudster, and you fell for it
      Mookie01, Jan 18, 2018
  4. RAVO63
    Cheers mate only on the disabled pension so steady as she goes they took my license for a while due to health resons so is just a bit of a project if they dont end up giving my license back ill ither pass it down to one of my boys one day or keep it and get shofered around ! Lol
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    1. Xc1t3d
      Its good you got your mind set on getting better so you can drive ya car. And that you have something to work on to keep your mind at ease.
      Xc1t3d, Oct 26, 2017
    2. RAVO63
      yea would go nuts if i did not have any thing to tinker with thanks for the message bro hope your holden brings u joy !
      RAVO63, Nov 14, 2017
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  5. Xc1t3d
    Looking good mate