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Golf R

  • New Golf R 7.5. A totally different drive from my blown VF Calais V. Totally stock. Loving the DSG.

    Detail2.JPG Detail1.JPG detail3.JPG detail4.JPG

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  1. VT_sleeper
    Nice ride, nice colour, looks alot better in real photos than on the VW site.

    What were your other choices on your list? Thinking about this ride myself.
    1. revster
      I looked at subaru, Audi RS3, Merc A45 AMG but the Golf seemed the best value of the lot. Love it but only done 450ks. Completely different drive to the VF.
      revster, Aug 18, 2017
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  2. Ringburner
    Looks like fun!!
  3. JoshlikesCalais
    Looks amazing. If I had to buy a hatchback it would be one of these
  4. Hyperduc
    There's a go kart with big wheels.....Enjoy!
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