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*Year 2*

Plan to Keep going with the upgrades this year more ya do the more ya want done. Lol.
Done the radiator hoses and heater hoses in blue silicone. , Flip key programmed so 3 keys now, added silver chrome exterior bulbs for clear lense indicators all round.
Installed GM Ripshifter super street. Short shifter.
Rolled guards, more just got the lip folded up to clear rims and big brakes intend fitting, put on Koya SF04 rims 20"X 9" front 10" rears and a 9" spare for boot all wrapped in perelli dragon sports to suit.
Then...... Aircon stopped being cold. Arghh. Compressor, condenser and broken line repaired 1600 bucks later...

Decided need more power, more torque. MORE!!!

So.. I booked it in at Hi-torque performance Goldcoast, cheers to the guys at HTP. to have them do the cam shaft and valve train upgrade. hiflow oil pump, port the Heads. And diff gears + LSD. I'll just list what they done/ specs. And they installed various bits n pieces I've collected up along the way.
*Installed xforce extractors stainless 4into1, 1 7/8", xforce hi flow cats, xforce 3" catback with dual Varex variable mufflers(control valve exhaust with a key fob remote. Also a Varex Wifi Smart box(adds ob2 connection wireless phone application, geo mapping. Etc).
*Installed VCM OTR cold air intake with a maffless conversion.
*NGK SparkPlugs/eagle 10.5mm Leads.
*Trutrac large body 8 pinnion LSD
*3:9 differential centre gears.
*engine mounts.
*HTP-002 Custom grind Cam shaft;
Lobe seperation: 113
Advance ground Cam: 3
@ .050 valve timing IN-232 /EX-232
@Advertised valve timing IN-283/EX-283
Inlet lobe lift at TDC on overlap .068

Valve lift INlet: .610
Valve lift exhaust: .600
INlet rocker ratio: 1.70
Exhaust rocker ratio: 1.70

*CNC porting L98 cylinder heads
*PAC spring kit
*AFM LS hiflow oil pump
*LS7 lifters set
*Push Rods,7.375x5/16"
* Buckets,any removed gaskets and seals replaced, GM head bolts, fluids etc
* Don't forget labour...ouch!!!
*Dyno on mainline hub dyno metre....
Power: 334.4kw@182kph
Motive force: 7106.0N@156kph
Gotsta be happy with that....

Now I gotsta stop her!
Enter,, AP Racing 4 pot calipers, HSV discs Braided lines and of course pads n fluid.... Omg so niicccee.
Mr body kits ABS plastic rear wing. Holden body armour front bar. Number plate protectors personalised plate size.
Installed black fabricated aeropro power steering reservoir.
Time for a new starter motor playing up since put cammed it.
HID headlights with progressive indicators, shifter pattern plate seeing that I replaced the OEM knob that has shifter pattern, with the Ripshifter long knob , just to try be legal'ish. + A new boot blue leather SaaS one.
Carbon look genuine gm dash trim strips and steering wheel trim.
New front windscreen U/v glass like European cars get, with that purple tinge.
HSV flat bottom steering wheel trimmed in new Alcantara leather with white leather TDC mark. B&M seat covers, black n blue trim plush floor mats.
Personalised number plates.
Deviate SS
Deviant VE 8cyl SS
-- ------ ---
Exchanged old T56 for a New TR6060 6 speed manual transmission, thanks to Mal Wood Automotive. Out of a Cadillac CTs-v from United states. Swapped over the Ripshifter. Once run it in i have a heap of mainlube gearbox oil. Ill flush with ATF then refill.

I had the 2 dents that came free with the car. Got the mobile paintless dent repair guy in, he done a great job. one was caused by the fuel door being over opened, other one carpark door. Fixed both.

Maybe some nice'r tunes, HVAC upgrade, as bit out dated now. The 10 year old dual function HVAC and cd stereo.
Removed all outdated OEM stereo/HVAC. Speakers and amp.
(BIG job)Installed Kenwood dmx8520dabs digital high resolution audio headunit with wireless android auto+ apple carplay,
aeropro facia/HVAC system upgrade, Kenwood 5 channel Excelon amplifier, 4x Kenwood X series door speaker, fronts have splits in dash (corners). l also put the splits from rear on top dash (centre). 10" Kenwood 1000w sub in box strapped down in the boot. Kenwood dash and reverse camera's that integrates with headunit, bass remote control knob. And i put HDMI/USB input in glove box also hardwired xforce/Varex exhaust smart box in glove box.
A cigarette lighter type power socket in the boot, and a UV light turns on with opening boot. A fuse panel where I removed factory amp, hidden behind boot wall carpet. Mounted the amp behind rear seat. Also ran cables for big 3or4 wire upgrade when ran stereo wires. Ready go through firewall. upgrade power and ground to engine wire capabilities.
Put a fire extinguisher in passenger footwell against tunnel, VCM bracket.

Now time for some suspension/steering improvements, so installed front and rear Whiteline sway bars and swaybar links all adjustable, got superpro mounts, spring seats, single use bolts and sssl springs as I'm going to try a lower nose than rears ssl. See how travels(can always swap back)......
(Done the rear, got side tracked I'll get back to the front.)
My overflow tank got crack, as the top rad hose fitting had broken off I decided to do the full job replaced OEM radiator, OEM overflow container all lines haven't already done. Oh and cap as you don't get one with a new radiator from Holden, WTF?

Black out badges front n rear. I deleted the rest a while ago. Revised tyre placard for 20" rims n tyres, legal now???
Hsv chrome/ voodoo blue insert, outta door handles,
kielder spare wheel quick release ratcheting strap down system and tow rope (I know nowhere to hook it,,,yet).
Radium dual oil catch cans PCV and CCV system, with baffled oil cap.
I've ordered up some super plush black moulded carpet for the baby but it's still sitting there waiting patiently like the front suspension pieces crying in the other corner..... One day. For now that's it for another year.
Done heap bits and pieces not worth a mention. I've had countless hours spent f'ing about doing this build, it's my healthy addiction. Enjoying every moment
R.I.P. Holden. Started the 2021 calendar year with the death of Holden. Not my first hopefully not my last GM Holden.
* I just need more than ONE!*


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