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DVE8 SS, 2009 Holden Commodore VE SSV series 1, voodoo, Project DVE855..

General Information

Hi all,

(Deviate SS)

(Pics are how I bought it)

March 2009 built (MY9.5 I think?)
2009 Holden Commodore VE series1 SS-V, 6.0L L98, 6speed Manual tremec T56, Voodoo blue optional colour matching exterior/interior/dash.

I bought my 09 VE 1 SSV Stock standard, im 2nd owner. The elderly owner past away, he's family were selling all his assets to be split, bought off his son May of 2019.(10th year on road). Pretty tidy, a few carpark door dents, paint bit rough, stone chips bonnet, bar( I got plans for that anyways). Apart from the high hwy K's (180k as they owned a farm in middle of nowhere), there wasn't much wrong with it great service history, original older owner from new, no previous mods, he did say he thinks the clutch on way out, oil changes every 10k religiously. As they had a decent workshop on there pineapple farm and a full time mechanic.

Time to make it mine....

"Year One"

After driving around in her a bit, noticed that when got hot after a bit of driving, if I turned it off then tried to restart after 5mins it would struggle to almost turn over, then die off. Like a flat battery. But would start normal most the time, always straight after turn off and restart. and once cool no problems. it also threw codes for crankshaft position sensor.
After taking Auto*** they sold me on a new sensor which they fit and..... it didn't do sh!t!
Being it only happen now and then, didn't happen for a bit then...ripped!
Endedd up being the battery. I worked out later it was.older than the car??? a new upgraded higher CCA unit, (Varta 780cca,) no probs.
I put a few bits n pieces on over the first year;
tinted the windows darkest legal tint q.l.d, short hsv Ariel, cheap aftermarket rims had from a vz i had(painted em Holden imperial blue[it's more dark metallic grey]), K&N air filter element.
The clutch didn't feel too great, he told me it needed doing, so replaced with ACS Xtreme single plate organic Clutch. Hurricane rear muffs, new belts, SSL king springs onto the stock struts but when I installed the springs I noticed that the struts were not returning on there own so replaced with Kyb shortened struts, superpro strut top mounts, wasp pre-set length swaybar links.

Well that's the first year over, next year plan to get into modifying my new project. Lots of DVE8 ideas for the SSv, stay tuned.

Pics are how I bought it.


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