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96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

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  • Hi all, a few mates and I decided to build a Tribute car for Bathurst last year and did so in 3x days. The car is now in its next phase of transformation.

    I have just picked up a 99 S3 5ltr 5speed VS Ute to use as a driveline donor as the tribute is still a 3.8ltr auto.

    The Ute isn’t running right as it has a constant miss at all RPM and No#5 seems to be the issue, now I’ve got to work out why? I’m thinking it’s going to be cam related but will reserve that judgement until I’ve done a few more checks.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Juiced_01
    "Awesome replica"
    that is one of the best vs commodore v8 supercars replicas ive have ever seen, awesome job man!
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  2. GroupC
    "great work"
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  1. 55ams
    yeah i dig it aye.. whats up updates ??
  2. Brunothebull
    You would feel like the Lion King driving that around. Amazing looking car
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  3. David Lee
    Wow! this is amazing and cool.
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  4. lwessel
    Wow well done looks awesome
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  5. SS chick
    Nice, good luck with finding the problem, hope the swap goes smoothly
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  6. David Lee
    Wow amazing
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  7. corhijasna
    Looks good
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