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93 Series II VQ Caprice

General Information

I have owned this VQ for over 10 years and have tried to not mess with it too much. I have only travelled 40,000k in it since owning it all these years.

I have done:

SL King Springs all around
Tinted windows
New boot garnish
New tail lights
Chrome trim for fr and rr bumpers
Fog lights
Wooden momo wheel
New head unit
Alpine type s speakers in doors and dash
16inch hsv vn/vp rims
Auto to manual conversion
New front rotors
Cold air intake
Resprayed engine covers
Resprayed wiper arms
And many mechanical items too

I'm probably forgetting lots of things. At the moment the gearbox is getting a full rebuild and the wood inserts for the dash being refinished, after that it will be registered and I cannot wait as I have been driving 4cyl runabouts for years now haha

Once it's back together I will spend a day washing and detailing it and upload more pictures, and go on a nice cruise with the Mrs.

Thanks for looking


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