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355ci Holden S.S-2 EFI Stroker engine

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  • This engine is by comeracing.com
    It cost around $15k
    I'm interested in the engine but would like anyone's feed back on what they think about it.
    All feedback positive and negative welcome.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. saroadie
    "X2 Love it!"
    I still prefer the plastic sound over the LS.
  2. 426Cuda
    "Love it!"
    Not sure of condition or cost. But, love seeing Holden V8 with some coin thrown at it! How many neddies is it making?

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  1. downzy
    you can also get engine packages from pavtek for about 10k with 440hp
  2. bevzan
    I have a 355 ss1 with cast heads and its awesome, angriest engine on startup and pulls real hard.
    Just dropped the manifold and fitted an eaton blower to it, just waiting on a few bit before startup next week.
    Make sure you keep up with the zinc additive with oil changes as my cam had a spun lobe and was advised by come to change oil every 5000k and keep the additive up and wont have issues, catch can helps as well.
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  3. Eterno
  4. VS_Pete
    Looks good