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2014 Commodore SV6 VF Sedan

  • I just bought my first Commodore. 2014 VF SV6 MY14.

    It's all stock and I'm very happy with it but am open to suggestions for cosmetic modifications. Probably won't go for any performance mods beyond exhaust and tires.

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  1. zeropalooba
    All Aussie cars are now officially priceless. Take care of her and she'll reward us all for decades to come.
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    1. TigerStylez
      That's actually a really good point mate I hadn't thought of it even though I should have. I've driven the new Commodore built in Germany and honestly it doesn't feel the same, almost like it's not really a Holden.
      TigerStylez, Jul 3, 2019
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  2. tml678
    Nice clean car mate. If you are going to go for an exhaust, do your research carefully. The vast majority of exhausts for V6's sound like a fart in a can. That's not to say you can't find decent ones, but you need to look carefully. I like your approach of not modifying it to within an inch of its life. There are waaaaay too many overdone cars out there. Maybe lower it (minimally), not so much as to destroy your ride quality, but just enough to improve handling and looks. I'd go for a tint as well.

    Keep us updated. Nice looking car :)
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    1. TigerStylez
      I'll keep that in mind about the exhaust because I don't want it to sound like shite. Good point about the tint though I think that should be my first way to go.
      TigerStylez, Jul 3, 2019
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