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1997 Vt Spac manual

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    Just a few pics of my Vt Spac

    Future mods
    Going to put a super6 in it ( keeping it manual )
    Fix the grill
    Lower the front more
    Cream leather interior
    20 inch Black Rims
    Twin Exhaust.

    All feedback welcome
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  1. Ta Moo
    Nice work bro
      Xc1t3d likes this.
    1. Xc1t3d
      Thanks bro, ya vy is looking sic az
      Xc1t3d, Sep 19, 2017
  2. Limagod66
    Looks mad. I love the VX tail lights and VT Front look.
      Xc1t3d likes this.
    1. Xc1t3d
      Thanks mate, still have alot left i wanna do. You have a nice ride too!
      Xc1t3d, Sep 12, 2017
      Limagod66 likes this.
  3. Xc1t3d
    I will add more pictures once i do more work to it.

    Considering white walls aswell