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1994 Holden VR Ute

  • Screenshot_2019-01-24-19-24-02-13.png Pick this up cheap with mods done as follows. 4.3 pro stroke stroker engine. 70mm tb 330mm frotors twin pot calipers rear hsv vented rotors. Rear bags pedders coilovers factory manual 20" wheels extractors 2.5" exhaust and some minor other bit.
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  1. vs3.8ute
    how much u chasing?

    6 or 8
  2. H82IDL
    that Ute is tucking guard like a boss. love it
  3. ThatWhiteVS
    nice ute mate
    1. MrVR263
      MrVR263, Jan 27, 2019
  4. njames
    Nice, how cheap is cheap
    1. MrVR263
      3k my mate paid 11k for it 2 years ago and did nothing to it and cracked the shits and wanted it gone
      MrVR263, Jan 27, 2019
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    2. njames
      Thats a steal mate
      njames, Jan 29, 2019
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