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  1. RVN 355

    Archers vz commodore

    Cars coming along nicely now,need to cruise sometime Just need to place your order for some cv8 engravings "just kidding" What about these...
  2. RVN 355

    2009 V8 Supercar

    1st race clipsal 500 should be good,hope holden wins for once:)
  3. RVN 355

    [SA] Wanted alloy/mag rims

    interested in 19" RJR TORQUE WITH MAXXIS MAZ1'S
  4. RVN 355

    tuner not saving stations???

    you dont have power on accessories hence not saving.
  5. RVN 355

    Kitten with 2 faces born in australia- freaky

    two face cat ,guess 18 lifes are better than 9
  6. RVN 355

    [SA] Isotta leather steering wheel

    no i don't yes it should yes it is all issota steering wheels are at your cost yes.
  7. RVN 355

    Looking To Buy A Special Commie..

  8. RVN 355

    [SA] Isotta leather steering wheel

    Isotta Vigarano Leather Steering Wheel To Suit any car with the right boss kit,no marks and always cleaned and used meguires leather condition and autosol metal polish Great Condition. $100.00 Ono Need It Gone Rrp $350 + Location : Adelaide S.A WILL POST @ BUYERS COSTS CONTACT...
  9. RVN 355

    The Statesman

    Growly Custom Machining doe's some awsome work.What did he charge you for the set mate if you don't mind me asking.
  10. RVN 355

    VN LAPD - I Was Bored..

    Vn american style is different,good on ya 4 it
  11. RVN 355

    [SA] tf magna, girly car fully optioned

    Still got the magna scotty?
  12. RVN 355

    [VIC] VN SS 5sp

    is the vnss sold?
  13. RVN 355

    [VIC] stripping a VT LS1 in heron white

    do you have left guard,bonnet?
  14. RVN 355

    Holden SS Commodore 355ci Stroker *RVN 355 *

    I am not selling the vnss anytime soon, The engraving and chrome is my personal touch,and i like it,not everyone likes the same things,its good too be different and alot of hard earned work and money has gone it this car. Cheers for your comment suspect.
  15. RVN 355

    Car alarm on hot days

    hot days in the sun,alarms do go off it could be the microwave sensor or the bonnet,boot or so forth.
  16. RVN 355

    [SA] Vn sedan suit daily / project / wreck / parts

    im sure there is plenty more vn's out there.
  17. RVN 355

    What is wrong with my engine combo?

    I think maybe compression could be your end result, and with the 5 litre its all about the heads,the holden 5 litre stock manifold is good for 200rwkw...The torque power dual plain is good for big engines hence why it may have lost power on your engine.... If you want easy bolt on power 2...
  18. RVN 355

    Sexiest Body?

    voted Vnss ,vt,vz and vh sle,vl calais my favourites.
  19. RVN 355

    [SA] 2001 wrx my 01 82,000km

    Pics Are up now guys.......
  20. RVN 355

    Space saver.

    vz gto's came with the space save,i know the ve wont fit.
  21. RVN 355

    vz pedals

    The vz hsv pedals are different to the vy ones,you are paying bit over 200 or so.
  22. RVN 355


  23. RVN 355

    [SA] 2001 wrx my 01 82,000km

    I will try to get you some tonight...if you are after a wrx,this one wont dissapoint.
  24. RVN 355

    Hit a Kangaroo This morning - Do the roo whistles work?

    time for a big f off bullbar !!!!:) glad your ok bloke.
  25. RVN 355

    VP clubsport turbo

    Great commodore,looks wicked and credit to you for the hard work put into it,turbo v8 different good on ya :)
  26. RVN 355

    [VIC] 19" XHP Shorelines

    Willing to do a deal 19" RJR TORQUE with maxxis maz1's?
  27. RVN 355


    its a commodore,the exhausts are simple. Single 2.5" -3" with other mods of course for the later. Wouldn't worry about going a twin system unless you are going to keep the car and do work to the engine to warrant the need for its effectivness and with the right choice in muffler should sound...
  28. RVN 355

    [VIC] vn ss sale/swap vic

    Willing to sell the vnss rims?
  29. RVN 355

    [SA] 2001 wrx my 01 82,000km

    2001 SUBARU WRX 82,000km 2001 WRX 4 cylinder Intercooled Turbo 2.0L my 01 white 82,0000 un modified engine Airbags - Driver & Passenger (Dual) Pedals - Sports Sports Seats - 1St Row (Front) Tacho Interior Colour Grey/Black Tinted Windows Trip Computer 4 Wheel Disc...
  30. RVN 355

    Working Holiday

    check out canada mate.
  31. RVN 355


    Australian Deleiverd RX Wagon,4WD WRX Conversion,inc drive line,engine,wiring Jap Spec Import 2L Engine a1 4.11 Diff Gears Rego: XKU 774 Air Conditioning Adjustable Steering Col. - Tilt Only Front Mount Inter Cooler Professionally Installed Pod Filter and Stainless Intake. Stock...
  32. RVN 355

    G8 Wheels

    will these rims fit on a vn or must re drill?
  33. RVN 355

    [VIC] Lukey Performance Air Filter VT-VY

    it wont fit vz mate,different engine and intake.
  34. RVN 355

    VZ Alloytec 175 2 Hole mod

    got pics of it,how long did it take bloke?
  35. RVN 355


    Just do a cat back single, full stainless and Magnaflow muffler,the stock vz headers are good enough for more power.
  36. RVN 355

    [SA] tf magna, girly car fully optioned

    scotty why sell ? it suits lol,good luck m8.
  37. RVN 355

    rare spares

    good blokes shannons,the vnss parts are hard to find,600 for foglights on ebay,i paid 200 and thought that was expensive.
  38. RVN 355

    304 or 308?

    Rebuild a vn/vp 304 they are cheap now
  39. RVN 355

    !!!!!help help i cant open my bonnet!!!!

    You need a new bonnet cable from gmh,you have to pry the latch from underneath why holding the bonnet release or or push down in certain parts of the bonnet
  40. RVN 355

    3 Different brake rotor choices. Help me decide.

    Slotted 4 sure,x drilled are not worth the money,go for them and some feroddo pads for a cheper alternative and braided lines as they reduce the amount of brake fluid being displaced when the brake is applied which improves the overall pedal feel. VT booster upgrade the 1" style always helps...