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  1. Egnitevt

    WANTED VY-VZ senator lip

    WANTED VY-VZ senator lip for my vy cheers
  2. Egnitevt

    Changing spark plugs

    Was thinking of changing spar plugs in my stock v6 ,,, what are the benefits of this and can anyone recommend a brand or price of any good ones for better performance?
  3. Egnitevt

    Removing the KAT

    does anybody knoe the difference it would make if i put a straight pipe about 60cm or watever it is on my car instead of the stock one? :wax:
  4. Egnitevt

    Removing the KAT

    i guess its not the best of ideas taking the KAT off ill look into it a bit more
  5. Egnitevt

    Removing the KAT

    Was wondering if its hard to take off the cat from the exhaust and if it makes a big difference? on my v6 vy
  6. Egnitevt


    does anyone have an LSD diff in their VY? im interested in getting one
  7. Egnitevt

    Tyre Brand Names

    OK Few questions here... hi guys im thinking of getting rims im having trouble desiding how much more to pay for a quality set of tyres can somebody please tell me some good tyre brands for 19ich wheels :bang: Whats better soft tyres or hard tyres?? :bang: Has anybody heard of NIKANG a...
  8. Egnitevt


    WANTED 19" VYSENATOR or VXGTS RIMS asap shoot me with ur prices
  9. Egnitevt

    Conversion from auto2manual

    who would do a conversion for you?? also would my warranty still be valid or would they not cover me, maybe ill have to call them and ask..
  10. Egnitevt

    Conversion from auto2manual

    if its around the 2K mark then thats desent but something like 9K as mentioned above is a no go.....haha If i do get it ill need everything done professionally with all parts etc...
  11. Egnitevt

    mini spool

    Lsd diff is something i think id go for well anyway does anybody know any places and some prices on these?
  12. Egnitevt

    Conversion from auto2manual

    Does anybody know the price of a full conversion for an auto v6 into a manual ??
  13. Egnitevt

    Lukes Sleek VZ- Then and Now!!

    nice ride like the black all way round ...:thumbsup:
  14. Egnitevt

    mini spool

    yer well im thinking of getting one so does anybody now if damages will come upon this intalation of the spool:whistling
  15. Egnitevt

    mini spool

    Im considering getting a mini-spool but am wondering is it going to cause damage to my car does anyone have any information regarding VY's and mini spools...arrr
  16. Egnitevt

    Does anyone have KingSprings super lows on their VY

    i believe vy has IRS already at the rear
  17. Egnitevt


    IM AFTER HSV VY SENATOR 19inch ....anybody selling theirs?
  18. Egnitevt


    hi there, i just need help disconnecting my mobile holder ( the thing that works through the speakers wen hooked up to your phone) located were the sterio is. I need help disconecting the whole thing because it dosnt work for any of my nokia mobiles and is no use to me... there are a few...
  19. Egnitevt

    NEED HELP! locknut key lost! "vy calais" HELP

    I wore my lock nuts out, i had trouble taking them off lol. ANYway i bought new lock nuts on my VY cost $29.oo
  20. Egnitevt

    Mobile holder things hooked up 2 spekers

    I have a moblie thing in the car, it apparenlt was a fleet car before i bought it and the moblie thing is for some type of nokia! I have a sony erricson K750i i want to know how i can get my mob to work throught the speakers and so that i can talk straight to the system i really dont know if...
  21. Egnitevt

    Does anyone have KingSprings super lows on their VY

    Thanks for the pics guys, im thinking maybe getting super-super lows / does nybody have any pics of super super lows.?.
  22. Egnitevt

    Does anyone have KingSprings super lows on their VY

    nice, its not as low as i thought it would be... i wnt lower lol arr
  23. Egnitevt

    3k IDEAS

    your catback exsust cost is very good...were did you get that price from? what type of exsust is it? you got any more info?
  24. Egnitevt

    3k IDEAS

    Yerp looking forward to the pics, you have spend heaps on your car (Windsurfing VY Wagon) it should go hard, get it on the dyno haha
  25. Egnitevt

    3k IDEAS

    Sounds all good, like alot of money spent too. :thumbsup: Is there any pics and anyone else's recomendations to my topic? cHEERS
  26. Egnitevt

    Vl Manual

    wanted working old rusty vl manual..?
  27. Egnitevt


    Im after senator signiture VY rims 19inch ....anybody want to sell them tell me a price i want a set..thanks
  28. Egnitevt


    Has anybody got these rims>? i am after a set im thinking of buying some really shortly how are they 100%nik
  29. Egnitevt

    3k IDEAS

    Say you had 3K to spend on your VY V6< wat would you spend it on option1: Im thinking either 19inch rims for 3K and lowering on King Springs Superlows OR option2: Dump my car King Springs Superlows, get DVD player and descent audio/visual system worth $1,500-$2,000, then spend the rest...
  30. Egnitevt

    Does anyone have KingSprings super lows on their VY

    Does anyone have KingSprings super lows on their VY? any pics? Im thinking of lowering my car to this option i got quoted a desent price...I need pics and idea's ... is it scraping to some people...how low is it?
  31. Egnitevt

    Has Anyone Got A Shift Kit In A Vy?

    Bump;; anyone got a shift kit installed in a VYv6 yet?
  32. Egnitevt

    if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is

    This is a real good car. 10 points!!
  33. Egnitevt

    ABS Pop up

    Holden price board? whats the Holden price board? first time i hear of this?
  34. Egnitevt

    ABS Pop up

    I think im going to take it to holden but im not sure if i should maybe call the insurence company and maybe they can cover the $100 cost/ Its worth a call because i just resently got the car and was in a good condition with no problems. It has warranty on it aswell any ideas from here
  35. Egnitevt

    ABS Pop up

    ON my screen sometimes an ABS error pops-up when i have already seviced my car and everything is working does anyone kno how i can reset my computer or sumthing, holden wants $100 for this? Anybody had such a problem?
  36. Egnitevt

    Has Anyone Got A Shift Kit In A Vy?

    sounds oryt a device for making an auto gearbox change gears in a more aggressive manner is what im after, my car is automatic, how would i change something in the computer? im confused, would it work out better?
  37. Egnitevt

    Has Anyone Got A Shift Kit In A Vy?

    Hi guys i want to know if anyone has a shift kit in their VY? Im am considering a stage 2 shift kit for my car? any idea's or any opinions i will take thanks guys:D
  38. Egnitevt


    Well just wanted the extra look i guess, even if i didnt like it after would's i could take them out but if i were to get them id have them on i saw another vy with A set and it looked nice.
  39. Egnitevt


    bump bump.........
  40. Egnitevt

    Q: about rubing gards

    Yea if they do rub and start wearing out your tyres from the inside, then id get a camber kit installed from ur machanic.