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  1. VRStato64

    Auto Start via button & remotely

    Many people have done remote start before dunno if there has been any build logs for them tho. Hopefully one of those people will chime in with some experience. Clever use of the Arduino imo.
  2. VRStato64

    2004 vz ss v8 sedan conversion into 2005 vz v6 wagon,any problems i might face?

    Something like this you are always better off just selling the v6 and buying the SS. It's ready Togo and comes with all the interior options too.
  3. VRStato64

    My 06 VZ Thunder

    You can check the brakes out here. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/justins-new-wyf-vy-ii-ss-6-speed-manual-nom-nom.225281/page-5 They did stop better for sure. It's a manual anyway so I always brake/downshift most of the time and I am a tame and careful driver so I don't slam on...
  4. VRStato64


    Very nice. Mate. Not one pic of the engine bay tho? Gimme gimme.
  5. VRStato64

    My 06 VZ Thunder

    That's members for ya. Going the extra mile. Most used parts come as dirty as they left the car. I'd love to do the breaks on my SS. Don't have the funds currently. Had to drop a bunch of money to get it back on the road unfortunately. I did do slotted rotors, good pads and painted them a...
  6. VRStato64

    My 06 VZ Thunder

    Brakes look good mate. You did a great job cleaning them up. Ssz brakes are also an option you don't get bigger rears but width is larger so you get vented instead of slot rotors.
  7. VRStato64

    My 2006 VZ Calais

    VE senator to a VZ Calais? Quite the down grade. VZ Calais is still a great car don't get me wrong Haha. More pics ;)
  8. VRStato64

    My 06 VZ Thunder

    Looking good mate. Just echoing what a couple people said. Careful what you drop money on for mods. Make sure they are cheap or reversible by yourself. Was gonna ask how much did you pay for the HSV brakes. Thought about doing it to my SS a few times. Prob the best upgrade you can make after...
  9. VRStato64

    Leaking pink liquid underneath Holden commodore Ute

    100% coolant. Should be easy to find the source. Hard to miss pink in a black and grey engine bay.
  10. VRStato64


    Age of the car, price of new hoses and fitting and the fact you are gonna lose alot of fluid anyway. I'd replace all the heater hosing. I've made the mistake of chasing leaks one fitting or hose at a time. Or at the very least the hosing.
  11. VRStato64

    Vy Ute parcel shelf 6x9 speakers

    Depends on your setup atm. You want to fill freq ranges. I assume splits in the doors? got a sub?
  12. VRStato64

    Ripshift and reverse...

    Any update on this I have a cheap ebay knock off rip shifter and its acting up particularly in reverse. Going to be doing the a complete ground up audio install so was planning on checking it out when I pull apart the dash and rip the seats out.
  13. VRStato64

    vx commodore sub mounting?

    Velcro tape would be my first move before drilling into anything.
  14. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Well he won't do that again... That's crazy. Poor bloke.
  15. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Yeah all good mate. Was a combo of everything you listed as I said. Really need to buy a multi meter just kept putting it off and off and off. Car is running better than in a long long time. Fuel usage plummeted, tempature is lower and stable, car pulls harder and starts literally on the...
  16. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Thought I'd jump in and bring this thread to a close. The alternator was the cause of all my issues. It was overcharging (16-20v) the battery and creating all the issues. What killed it was a bad bearing and a leak in the power steering system. The fluid drops down on the alt and it fried...
  17. VRStato64

    wiring gauges

    http://speednik.s3.amazonaws.com/legacy/lsxtv.com/Dakota_Dig_Oil_Press_1.jpg Something like this.
  18. VRStato64

    wiring gauges

    Talking about the oil pressure plate just above the oil filter? Cos I tried hooking mine up there. I have a replacement plate with a thread in it. Which I can screw the sensor straight into most accurate point I read. But I can't fit everything in... There's some hard lines in the way. Dunno...
  19. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    One thing I hate is when I am searching the forums for answers because you know... "USE THE SEARCH FEATURE BEFORE ASKING" but when I find 10 threads with no conclusion to problems it does my head in. So heres the start of the conclusion. Anyway anyone that finds this thread. Finally got my lazy...
  20. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Thanks mate that would be awesome. We can talk tomorrow. I am meant to be helping prepare food for my engagement party for sat night but I will see if I can wriggle out of it for a couple hours :P
  21. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    I am in Heidelberg now. But if youre willing to give me 30mins of your time to chase the earths and gremlins id make the trip. As I said I dont even have a volt meter atm so I cant even check the condition of the battery. You might have seen I just swapped the clutch, diff was clunking like hell...
  22. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    I think i did have issues before cant remember exactly. But its been gradually getting worse, and happens more frequently on cold days. Maybe cold contracted melt making the earth connection worse? Haha no strathfield guys havr touched my 'wyf' but noted. When I check thw earths ill double...
  23. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Thanks mate Ill look into the positions of the earths. I should clean them with some grease remover and wire brush then dry after with paper towel right? If the battery isnt out putting enough power because its on the way out that could cause issues too I assume. Despite the newish alternator...
  24. VRStato64

    VY SS Clutch Fail Problem

    I just did my clutch. You might find my thread useful. Our problems were different but a new clutch is probably on the cards for you. Some good info that helped me alot in clutch options...
  25. VRStato64

    Help me Diagnosis my electrical problems

    Gday Guys, Some Electrical gremlins that seem to be getting worse. Been off and on for about a year, sometimes I wont have problems for weeks then it will be all the time. - Dash cluster loses power in needles and backlighting. However ODO works just no backlight, indicator flashes as...
  26. VRStato64

    Yet another 'Clutch' thread *prepares wallet *glup

    Thought Id chime in again and bring the thread to a close. Got the clutch in. Xtreme HD, feels heaps better than stock, a little heavier but id describe it more as 'firm' than heavy. Grabs well and is fine in traffic, the car still had the stock clutch in it so i hope this one lasts 220k. The...
  27. VRStato64

    Yet another 'Clutch' thread *prepares wallet *glup

    Thanks mate, thats great info. I had been planning on doing the ebay shifter myself befoer the clutch went so 2 birds one stone. And Thanks for pointing out the other things that should be done while the box is out. Saves me a shock if the bill comes back bigger than expected. Would changing...
  28. VRStato64

    Yet another 'Clutch' thread *prepares wallet *glup

    I forgot to add. I recently moved to a new area and do not have a new trusty mechanic. So if you know of any good mechanics (notice I didnt say cheap) in the Heidelberg areas in Melbourne PM me with details. Looking for my new 'go to guy' Cheers.
  29. VRStato64

    Yet another 'Clutch' thread *prepares wallet *glup

    Hey friends, Seems after the massive epic skid I was doing in the maccas car park I blew my clutch. Just kidding, I was just setting off like a grandma while in traffic *sobs. From the metric ton of clutch threads I have read I am pretty certain its clutch related. -Pedal is hard and...
  30. VRStato64

    Help! Whats this and where does it go? Lol

    Haha yeah I felt stupid today when I figured it out. I'll chalk it up as being frustrated and tired of changing heater hoses.
  31. VRStato64

    Help! Whats this and where does it go? Lol

    Hey guys. Working on my vy ss and noticed this little hose not connected at one end. I don't know what it's for and where it goes :( It's an ls1 and its dual fuel. This is the only point that looks like it is meant to hold it. But it is literally a holder... Thanks guys
  32. VRStato64

    Matt's Quicksilver VZ SSZ Commodore

    I dunno. I like the black. Ties in well with the bumper and spoiler plastic. That said I also like the colour coding also! But not big on chrome trims like you.
  33. VRStato64

    VZ S-pack Ute

    Not an expert. But oil temp happens to be one of the more useful gauges. From a cold start it lets you know when your car is at temperature for more aggressive driving. Particularly useful for winter even just with daily communting. Then there's the benefits of knowing if your engine is...
  34. VRStato64

    Bill's Povo Spec VZ

    Looks good mate. Liking those rims! Is there a problem with your LPG system? Because I absolutely love LPG. My VR statesman had it, my SS has one. Nothing beats filling up for $35. If your getting grief for having a 'BBQ' just remember a tank of petrol is at least $80-90. I had my stato...
  35. VRStato64

    Seb's 2005 Red manual vz sv6

    Looks great mate. No need for professional photos those do just fine. I wouldn't change the headlights the vz ss ones look great.
  36. VRStato64

    NU13's Redhot SS

    Yeah I can't recall seeing it ever tbh. I had tossed around the idea of painting mine gloss black. But I don't think I will.
  37. VRStato64

    /// Trayners VZ SS 6.0L Thunder Ute

    Dam that is the sex mate. I'd have to say SSVs suit the VY/VZs so well. Probably more than they do VEs. OEM look ftw.
  38. VRStato64

    03 VY Manual S Ute

    Oh man what was the reasoning for swapping the SS? That is a dam nice car! I especially like it cos it's a manual LPG. Just like mine. Nothing like filling up for $35 and not feeling guilty giving it a bootfull at every given opportunity Haha. Did you need a Ute for work or did the SS have...