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    Nulon 5w 30 vz v6

    i've used other manufactured 5/30 in my 190kw and i found it better then then slightly thicker oils. especially as I park the car outside and in the morning when turned on it seems to flow quicker and lubricate things up. 2nd oil change now on 5/30 no problems. btw i'm @ 187,000km.
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    VK interior needs reupholstering

    i've got a place for you! don't have the details on hand at the moment but will post back tomorrow.
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    "ESP failed"and"Check powertrain"

    i think you need to take it back to them or to a decent mechanic for a check up, seems like you have have a few problems happening.
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    VZ Factory Sunroof Reset

    yep that works, same thing happened to me.
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    How is your VZ going so far?

    I have a WL caprice thanks to an insurance claim on the f3 front of the car was mostly replaced recently, Car did have a noisy front end over bumps. - interior does lack standards - squeaks in the strangest places. - 190kw is gutless under 3,000 revs. - 5sp shifts good in my opinion despite...
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    WL Caprice Question

    Hey everyone, I'm in need of some help, Basically to cut a long story short AAMI & a repairer have in my view damaged my car and i'm just wondering a few things. Does the WL Caprice have speed dependant steering? holden seems to think not. just need to get confirmation. also tyre...
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    running 100% octane fuel in there alloytec??

    I beg to differ drewVHSS I use the 100 octane fuel on the WL caprice I have and I get about 150KM extra from filling u there and huge improvement in the HX Kingswood I have if I fill up (202 RED). I'm not imaging **** either, the united @ Wyee & other places here on the coast have appalling...
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    WL Caprice Colors

    I have the Vespers Blue and it's a great colour, but when it's a bit dirty you can see it.
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    alloytec 190

    very interesting, report back on what its like after you've driven it.
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    alloytec 190

    i'm getting on a WL Caprice 190KW Engine, between 8.9 - 10.9 on highway 12.5 - 14.5 city. occasionally spirited driving, 156,000km.
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    WL statesman / caprice owners manual

    WL Statesman And Caprice Owners Handbook | eBay
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    What's the estimated safe range of Klms on the odom?

    I just picked up the ex attorney generals WL Caprice with 145,000KM @ $15,000 I always look for cars 150k and below regardless city or country so this was pushing it, being a government car it would of been serviced well, but i've had cars from the country with car more KM's in worse condition...
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    100 Octane Fuel in Central Cost NSW

    Hey everyone, The Metro Service station in Tuggerah near the train station has 100 Octane Petrol, I have not tried it yet, I did ask the woman at the counter she insisted it was 100 octane. unsure but will fill up and report back.
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    [NSW] Holden HX Kingswood 50th Anniversary

    Edit: forgot to mention not on the pics but has a brand new Fuel Pump and filter as well.
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    [NSW] Holden HX Kingswood 50th Anniversary

    ITEM: Holden Kingswood 50th Anniversary 2 Tone. This car was originally purchased in Temora, then sold to the person whom I purchased it from. the car has always been registered except for one year before I purchased the car, I got the car blue slipped and rego'd. I have owned tis fantastic...
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    Sports Suspension (which cars?)

    With the info you all gave me, I ended up getting a Caprice 05 model with the FE1.5. thanks heaps.
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    Sports Suspension (which cars?)

    thanks for all your help, I understand the difference now, I couldn't really find any concrete info on it, but you have all helped a great deal. thank you.
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    Sports Suspension (which cars?)

    Hey all, I'm very confused and need some help with Sport Suspension, I was under the impression that all holden Calais in the VZ range had Fe2 suspension ? yet a calais i took a look at today just hd STD suspension. We had owned a VTII International Calais before and that had fe2...
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    GARMIN NAV/GPS FOR YOU VE - Full Integration

    updates? any updates to this? places in syd to get this done ?
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    Random Brake Pressure Loss

    i'll find out about the fluid loss, i did briefly ask him yesterday he said something like it doesn't use all that much, my assumption based on what his said in the past maybe from full to half way in less then 6mths. pedal is kinda strange you can hear a kind of hissing sound when depressed...
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    Tires for old Holden

    Yes it does.
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    Random Brake Pressure Loss

    I will do. Also it's total brake loss. and then it'll work fine again.
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    Random Brake Pressure Loss

    Hey all, I'm confused, what can cause brake pressure loss on a well maintained VT series II executive? uses brake fluid quite a bit i think, but no leaks. Not my car but dads unsure what to check. any ideas? Thank you
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    Tires for old Holden

    Hello all, I am looking at getting a new set of Tires for my 50th Anniversary Kingswood. I was looking at the BF Goodrich Tires to get that 1970's look, but i wasn't sure which one to get. Otherwise can anyone recommend another brand that has old skool tread type to suite a car like that...
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    New Motor from Higgin-bottom

    Hey Calaber, Where I'm buying it from they seem genuine but who knows. I've been quoted 3k + from other places, apparently they have to order the motors in from the warehouse interstate, I do understand your point and I agree it would have put me off too, then again the 186 wasn't a really...
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    202 Engine Rebuild?

    Thanks Jason i actually just booked my car in.
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    New Motor from Higgin-bottom

    Hey all, I've been recommended to get a new motor for my Kingswood from the good old people of Higgin-bottom, so i've booked my baby in for a heart transplant this friday, should be ready for next week, and then comes the fun of finishing her off and writing up a sweet as report / step by...
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    Whats this plug for?

    I think I have it on my VT international.
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    RIP My VT

    Far out! What happened ? Tell us the story .
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    [NSW] Warning Car dealers in ACT

    walk down a few streets in the western suburbs of Sydney and you'll find some VERYYYYY **** cars and dealers selling with no warranty. last week @ dealers in Sydney I saw some of the most shocking cars I'd ever seen.
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    VT Fuel Consumption & Gauge Question

    let me know how you go and i'll take mine :-)
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    Fan Question (Before I explode @ my mech)

    Perfect answer! Thank you! I owe you so much!
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    Fan Question (Before I explode @ my mech)

    So your saying that when you turn the car on @ operating temp the drivers side fan does not spin, and unless the engine get to 109 thats the only real time when both are on? hummm i need to get my self another 5 pin relay then to test. edit: ignore what i just wrote, i just re-read it.
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    Fan Question (Before I explode @ my mech)

    edals: With aircon on, passenger side fan is on, drivers side doesn't go on at any point. If i have aircon off when the motor hits 104C it will turn itself on as well. SabbathSS: thats what i thought, but yep as mentioned above, driver side will not spin. it will only for 2 seconds when the...
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    Fan Question (Before I explode @ my mech)

    Hey all, I guess you've all seen my never ending saga over the last few days with my annoying VT. So i'm sorry to post yet another question, I need to know a simple answer as i've read to many opinions (though search function) The fan on the drives side, does it turn on when the car turns on...
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    Serious Coolant Issue

    Well the car didn't stop as I was driving, Heat Light came on and I stopped and it pushed the coolant out. So I got a second call back from the mechanic it turns out - Radiator Cap needed replacing. - Thermostat is okay. However the mechanic took it to his auto electrician who found out that...
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    Serious Coolant Issue

    Okay so mechanic has gotten back to me. Says he can't find anything, He said that thermostat is okay & he will re-bleed the system, he will replace radiator cap, once replaced he called me to tell me that my secondary fan is not kicking in, so i told him it will only kick in at a certain temp...
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    VT V6 exec Coolant Issue

    what was the end result?
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    Serious Coolant Issue

    If the heater tap were faulty would that mean that my front window would fog up even if the air con is off?