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  1. strgas


    Used to adjust base idle when working on these vehicles from new . For just the same issue as descrided .
  2. strgas


    Base idle maybe to low or idle air soleniod clogged . Try spraying throttle body cleanner directly into the throttle body and directly into the idle air port. Engine off to start with let soak for afew minutes start engine . Then using short bursts of throttle body repeat. See how it idles...
  3. strgas

    New member with VU LPG removal issues

    Check injector pulse more than likely the inkectors have no power or pulse . The wiring from the lpg system may have a simple relay to cut power to the injectors or a control module mounted under the dash or engine bay .
  4. strgas

    VP SS Front Rims/Offset

    Irs and non irs comm had different rim offsets too .
  5. strgas

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Question any fifo workers on here have any further information on their travel bans intetstate
  6. strgas

    Cold start problem

    When it does start is it running rough for a short time with any signs of black smoke out of the exhaust... hows your fuel economy... Could be dribbling injectors make an overly rich start up runs rough till excess fuel is burnt of
  7. strgas

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Seeing my qld based neighbours showing up at vic property ... guess we will see what happens friday when qld closes its border ... Young dumb entittled twats...
  8. strgas

    Adjustable Pan Hard Rod

    You get what you pay for . Painted vs powder coated quailty of welds and method of adjustment fitted bushes rubber or urthane type round tube vs square tube. Etc etc
  9. strgas

    ecotec on gas

    Converted many ecotecs to dual fuel and straight gas with no issues with waste spark . Biggest issues have been vacum leaks from gaskets to split hoses . Injector seals or just piss poor conversion work by other workshops from bad wiring incorrect earths or incorrect pick up of power and...
  10. strgas

    Vt not starting after rocker install (backfires)

    Pre load is the pushrod on the lifter . To much preload like you had sees the pushrod to far or too much preload and can bottom out the lifter plate inside the lifter turning it from hyd lifter to a solid lifter in turn holding the valve open . To little preload can lead to top end rattle and...
  11. strgas

    Coolant leak below water pump at engine (?)

    Timing case gasket may have blown out or pin hole in timing case...
  12. strgas

    Vn v8 miss and high idle

    Hows your oil consumption lately .... sounds like inlet manifold leaking ...
  13. strgas

    Vt not starting after rocker install (backfires)

    Shim the rockers to obtain correct setting . No valve clearence due to hyd lifters . Sounds more like valves are hanging open due to incorrect push rod lengths. Placing shims under rocker pedstals will help but recheck tip contact to valve and rocker ...
  14. strgas

    Vp auto removel.

    One reason why you cant the unbolt the TC could be due to motor seized up . Had this issue afew times and simply took the TC with the engine makes quite a mess but is doable . .
  15. strgas

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Putting up with dumb ass neighbours who think its a good idea to mow their paddocks on a day of total fire ban and then 3 days later having to attend a fire at said property on another day of total fire ban . Arriving on scene to see this dumb ass trying to put out the fire with a watering...
  16. strgas

    Vt commodore bridged wrong relay

    Bridge the wrong pins and this could damage the driver in the ecm ...
  17. strgas

    Vp 5ltr starts and stalls

    Recommend you look closely at wiring loom and connections . A poor connection or high resistance could cause such a condition . A wire can carry voltage which cam be read easliy with a volt meter but current flow is what most don't check poor connection or thinning wire will restrict current...
  18. strgas


    Car will be fine to drive just won't have abs traction control or stability control active... just have to drive old school by the seat of your pants ..
  19. strgas


    Someone needs a smack with a wet fish . Disconnect any wiring they have attempted to wire up at the amp . Find a good mechanic with a scan tool to clear the codes.....if warning lights continue have them check for any faulty components that may have been damaged ..... then lock car and keep...
  20. strgas

    Stop light's fuse repeatedly blowing

    towbar fitted check trailer plug wiring ?
  21. strgas

    Vn rocker cover removal

    hold your toforngue to the right side of your mouth . rocker cover will come pass brake booster just have to wiggle it to get it pass is a trick to it and once you get it off you wont forget it ...
  22. strgas

    Missing Vacuum Hose from Throttle Body on VT.. where does this go?

    the missing hose in your picture is part of the PCV and is the fresh air intake to the engine , this hose is normally rerouted to infront of the LPG mixer so as not to fill the crankcase with LPG vapour , normally a blanking plug is placed on the throttle body and the hose extended to reach the...
  23. strgas

    Aircon issue on hills

    look for the check valve off the vacum supply line , should run from manifold to check valve too T piece to heater box onside and other side too vac tank behind front bumper , see this vacum line often connected striaght to the manifold and this condition is common as manifold vacum falls low...
  24. strgas

    Crank seal installation

    hammer and a socket is all i have used over the years . to remove the seals a flat blade screw tap into the top of the seal care to not contact the crank seal surface and lever the seal outwards . i do have a seal install and removal kit but use this more for the cam shaft seals and those slim...
  25. strgas

    Hoses from water pump to manifold 308 V8

    CH1687 is the other hose required .
  26. strgas

    Gravity bleeding??

    been gravity bleeding brakes for over 20 years from eh holdens to vf's never had an issue or damaged a master cylinder . using a plastic tube into a bottle and applying light prssure to the pedal by foot or a broom handle if the cars up on the hoist , crack the bleeder and pump the pedal afew...
  27. strgas

    fuel filler hose crewman

    purple pig , hose supplier , may need to buy a 90 degree SS bend and make your own hose. could try LRA aswell as they supply aftermarket fuel tanks for 4WDs
  28. strgas

    Have a bit of an issue with my LPG conversion, need some guidances

    check your rubber hose for any split or dislodged hose , the hose running to the evap soleniod from the throttle body is prone to blowing off under back fire which can cause your issue too , spray around the injector seals with carby clean to check these too . what brand of LPG system is...
  29. strgas

    30e vl commodore won't rev over 2000rpm

    check your fuel pressure renenw filter ... restricted exhaust cat may have melted down and blocking exhaust flow ??? check the carbon brush inside the dizzy cap .. coil maybe weak what colour is the spark if you jump it from the lead to the engine block bluiesh or ornage in colour
  30. strgas

    Starts, farts and then runs fine

    dribbling lnjector/s any black smoke on cold start ??
  31. strgas

    Identifying power steering rack

    AC Delco full alloy housing Suits: VT Upto VIN: L492504 12/8/1999
  32. strgas

    Identifying power steering rack

    variable rack showing soleniod fitted
  33. strgas

    Identifying power steering rack

    looks like a kirkby bishop rack and is not a variatronic rack . the varaible rack would have an extra soleniod on the front .
  34. strgas


    emission controls required for roadworthy ? are you setting this up as a daily driver ? quickest way to earn a defect notice .
  35. strgas

    Brake light not working

    check the earth wiring , if towbar fitted check the wiring connections in and out of the trailer plug loom into the rear light loom .
  36. strgas

    Holden vp executive wheel issue

    check your wheel offset irs and live axle run different offsets . if your running lowered springs in a live axle recommend you fit an adjustable panhard rod to recentred the diff
  37. strgas

    Shed security - alarms, cameras, roller door locks? Best way to protect your investments?

    end of the day if they want it that bad they will steal it maybe not from your home but next time you take the car out for a cruise or at a car show , cameras are only good if they arnt wearing a mask , house alarms if someone is within ear shot and even brother to ring the cops if it goes off...
  38. strgas

    Brown Wire Identification

    idle soleniod on carby i fink .
  39. strgas

    park sensor constantly beeping

    is a tow bar fitted ? if so try removing the tonuge/hitch part and try the park sensors again .