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  1. Darren_L

    Draining catch cans.

    the entire concept of the PCV is to relieve/vent pressure and undesirable fumes/vapours away from the crankcase. If you vent the pressure from the crankcase back into the crankcase, you have completely defeated the purpose. Ideally you would drain the catch can out and dispose of it as the oil...
  2. Darren_L

    Best fan clutch brand?

    I replaced my old original clutch with a Davies Craig. Has performed well now for about 5 years, no issues
  3. Darren_L

    LED Headlight globes into VB-VK

    agree that we probably all have other defects But unlike most illegal mods, which mainly effect the driver of that car only, incorrect headlights are hazardous and down right frustrating to other road users. People who fit them are either unaware or more likely don't care that they are blinding...
  4. Darren_L


    yeah I had to clamp my Rare Spares plenum cover with vice grips and g-clamps and then hit it with the heat gun to make it fit. Having said that, I had an issue with the coolant reservoir where it kept leaking out the cap. Bought two of them and they did exactly the same thing. I thought bugger...
  5. Darren_L

    LED Headlight globes into VB-VK

    this is why LED light bulbs are illegal in most states. They can only be fitted to headlights that are designed to be used with LED. I copped a few of them in my eyes coming home last Friday night (and just as bad when they are in your rear vision mirror) they really are like having high beam...
  6. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    well finally after over 9 months of the car off the road, got the engine started on the weekend. Started instantly, first turn of the key. Ran the cam in, no problems so far except for an oil leak from the distributor gasket which I suspect was damaged when I fine tuned the timing with the...
  7. Darren_L


    excellent news about the tail lights I've been stressing about what I'd do if my SS tail lights got damaged.
  8. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    yeah things kind of got out of control.... as they do ;) I ended up measuring up a couple of flat washers at around 100thou. They seem to fit nicely. So don't think I'll need the shim, but thanks for the offer!
  9. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    Yeah not only is it DOS based, but you need an ancient laptop to run it. I had to find an old Toshiba brick running Windows 95 in order to run the software. I think when he dusted off his old relic and it nosed over, it was the final straw. Looks like it hadn't been used in a long time, which is...
  10. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    Whilst he is an agent/seller for Haltech (amoungst other ECU's including Wolf) he didn't try to sell me one. He just wasn't interested in the Delco. Ironic because he used to be one of Kalmakers only recommended tuners in Qld. And he isn't protective of the initial tune, in fact I've got a copy...
  11. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    It all comes down to lack of support I think the Delco or Kalmaker is a great ECU, easily caters for my needs, except no tuners want to know about them. But just a bit over the lack of support for them as far as tuners go. Everyone tunes Haltech, whereas even RT Delco seems to be few and far...
  12. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    A bit of progress over the Christmas/New Year break. A long story ahead, for those who appreciate the details. Photos at the end for those who would rather skip the boring details and just cut to the chase When I first fit the COME heads, I noticed the heads sat a lot higher than the cast...
  13. Darren_L

    How old are you ?

  14. Darren_L

    Vh adjustable strut top brands???

    k-mac with the urethane bushing has served me well both on the street and occasional track day I can dial in as much camber as I am willing to go for mainly street duties, yet a bit extra for the track. I hear some bad feedback about the bushed plates, but I've never had any dramas. Wouldn't run...
  15. Darren_L

    Seatbelt options

    I bought mine from these guys & I think Rare Spares sells this brand too http://www.apvsafetyproducts.com/seat-belt-replacement-guide
  16. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    lol :D yeah I buggered the first seal too. Blade wasn't sharp enough and it just ripped the edges of the seal. I even used new blades but they weren't very good. Bought another type of blade this time around. So I bought a second seal as well. I replaced the cam bearings, just standard size. I...
  17. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    Good to hear the COME method worked for you. I've only ever heard positive feedback. The method he uses really makes sense when you are doing it. Every time you fit the crank and remove the cap to trim the seal you can see more of the sealer squeezing out from under the seal, which means it's...
  18. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    hey mate nah ended up with coolant in the oil. That was the final straw. I decided to pull the engine out, giving it a full freshen up New cam (same grind), lifters, bearings, timing gear set, rear main seal. Bought genuine Holden head gaskets this time, as apparently they are still hard to...
  19. Darren_L

    A/C installation

    yeah VB had Harrison air. But if you need to buy a compressor, unless you are keen to stick with the original look, go with the later rotary type compressor that was used in the later models. The big old Harrison compressor is big, ugly and takes about twice as much power to drive as the rotary...
  20. Darren_L

    NG commodore first photos without camo. What do.you think?

    to me it's not ugly, it's alright but there's nothing different about it compared to every other mid to large size import. Looks like a Mazda 6, but a Mazda 6 would be a better quality car. One thing is for sure, it's not a Commodore, never will be. If I was in the market for a new car, I...
  21. Darren_L

    Does trickshift still operate?

    their site was down for a couple of months, so I was wondering the same, but it's back up again. I contacted them earlier this year about supplying gaskets for my trickshift manifold. They didn't reply to my emails, left a couple of messages on the phone and they didn't reply. Finally got them...
  22. Darren_L

    VR V8 air con compressor required

    I bought mine from here. Genuine Sanden compressor good price $487 http://www.autofrost.com.au/store/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=commodore&product_id=82
  23. Darren_L

    Fanbelt Troubles.

    if it's correctly tensioned, bin the belt and buy a new one. My Courier ute had the same problem. Made sure it was tight, problem still there on cold start. Replaced the belt, problem sorted. The belts do wear out or can be oil/coolant contaminated or glazed
  24. Darren_L

    Post your recent purchases

  25. Darren_L

    The Motorcycle Thread - anything and everything

    lots of nice bikes here I've had a bike of some description for many years My first bike - a second hand, very well used 82 Suzuki GSX250 - what a power house lol :) But necessary back then, no LAMS bikes back then. Was restricted to a 250 and I didn't like 2 strokes. I picked the Suzuki...
  26. Darren_L

    Hand brake issue

    wild shot, but have you tried Holden ? they are the same part right from VB-VS
  27. Darren_L

    what did you do to your car today?

    I finished swapping my el cheapo 30W RMS Pioneer front speakers for a set of these https://www.autobarn.com.au/6-inch-3-way-speaker-400w Also went to some extra effort on the install to help the quality of sound Finally after several revisions of my sound system components, I am now happy with...
  28. Darren_L

    VH Brake calipers

    anything from VB-VK, VL (excluding V8 & turbo) and VN-VP (excluding V8 and S-Pack), will be a straight fit Otherwise you could fit the larger rotors and calipers from VL turbo or VN-VP V8
  29. Darren_L

    Two Stroke (Push bike)

    it's going to hurt initially, there's no escaping that. But it should improve the more you ride. Also seat height, position, angle play a big part in comfort. Google bike seat setup, or ultimately pay a bike shop to set it up properly for you.
  30. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    Well the heads are all fitted up now and running, not without a few dramas along the way.... :bomb: I got them milled to 53cc chambers, which should increase the comp by one point according to COME. Just need to take it back to the tuner on my holidays next month to get the tune tweaked and...
  31. Darren_L

    vs track car wiring up

    if you aren't running the BCM anymore, then yes you will need the VATS disabled.
  32. Darren_L

    Never meet your heroes!

    I also grew up in that era Loved the Knight TransAm - had a 1/24 scale model of it. Have another one in a box that I purchased last year that needs building when I get the time Yeah loved the Bandits Transam and BJ's K100 Aerodyne Kenworth I did watch Hardcastle & McCormick, but wasn't a...
  33. Darren_L

    " Holden, our car 1856 - 2017"

    Holden originally started out making saddles & **** for horses etc
  34. Darren_L

    Nice Brakes

    holy crap, when I read the first post I thought it was a pisstake. But he's for real lol! He should have bought a Honda
  35. Darren_L

    New girl has arrived

    $4500 is a bargain for any V8 VH SL/E in half decent condition that one looks mint, so even if you add your transport costs, you've got a bargain nice
  36. Darren_L

    Black 304 (out of VL) into a VB...

    the only reason the VL 304 was underpowered is because they changed the cam profile and dropped the compression to suit the new emissions ADR's Otherwise they have some nice goodies like double row timing chain and big valve heads, standard equipment. So if you are buying an engine to rebuild, a...
  37. Darren_L

    Defected for 18s...

    while you wait to go back to court, get a photo of your wheel/tyre combo. Make sure you get a close shot of the tyre manufacturer and tyre size now go and measure the actual outer circumference of the wheel. Might be able to measure it with a tape or piece of string. Record the measurement...
  38. Darren_L

    Defected for 18s...

    you may have 2 VP/VQ IRS wheels. VP/VQ vehicles with IRS had a different offset
  39. Darren_L

    Top hat position

    part of the wheel alignment (if your wheel aligner does a proper job) is to check and adjust camber/caster. So if the camber or caster is out, then they will turn the plate around to the best position to achieve the right settings. It's not difficult, remove the 3 nuts, jack the car up to take...