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  1. DerekP

    Vb,vc,vh fuel sender in a vk commodore

    VH had a 'Lo Fuel' light option, I believe the sender was slightly different to allow this capability; not sure exactly what.
  2. DerekP

    VK Calais low coolant sender

    I'm pretty sure the low coolant sensor is located in the coolant overflow reservoir in which case, and as gtrboyy pointed out this is a thermostat switch for the A/C auxiliary fan. Should be still available as they fit and supersede to many models, try Holden or Rare Spares (if you haven't...
  3. DerekP

    Sle id tags and options

    No the Trip Computer was an option as was most everything else except A/C and rear disc brakes.
  4. DerekP

    VH Fuel

    If it were me I would do all the mechanical first then paint. There almost always unintended knocks when you are doing that much work on a car.
  5. DerekP

    Emissions reduction for VAAS cert

    All your valves, piston rings and sleeves in good nick?
  6. DerekP

    VK Aftermarket Electric Antenna

    I have also been told by Auto Elecs the module is controlled by the original SL/E tape deck and aftermarket versions do not support the semi automatic functionality. Great to see Semi Auto aerials are available again (I gave up a while back). Now all I need is an original tape deck unit and I...
  7. DerekP

    VK Aftermarket Electric Antenna

    You will need a semi automatic electric aerial to control it from the dash switch, which as far as I know are very rare and extremely hard to come by. There is a thread on here which describes how to modify a fully automatic aerial but an auto elec I took it to said it won't work (never tried it...
  8. DerekP

    VK centre speaker upgrade

    There is no centre speaker under the grille on a SL/E however I installed Bose 6" in the rear and JBL 3" in the front. The Bose went straight in and I was able to use the original grills to cover them. The fronts needed so modification to the mount but I was eventually able to cover them with...
  9. DerekP

    Full comprehensive insurance quotes for VK Group C replica?

    Just a footnote the the many comments above; insurance premiums will vary wildly depending on many factors but the two biggest factors are age of driver and postcode. For example if an insurer has been slammed with claims from a particular postcode then that postcode will typically be more...
  10. DerekP

    Full comprehensive insurance quotes for VK Group C replica?

    Most mum and dad insurers like AAMI, NRMA and the like will only insure the car for book value which is nothing near reality. As other folks have mentioned Shannons are you best bet at least you will agree on the insured value up front, kilometres driven per year is also one of their...
  11. DerekP

    Vh heater

    A decent Auto Elec should be able to recon the electric motor. My local guy reco'd my starter and wiper motors and they run like new now. A good radiator flush should clear out your heater core if it is blocked (if opened during the flush). Mind it doesn't start leaking post flush if it has...
  12. DerekP

    VC SL/E wagons

    Presumably the demand was not great enough to warrant producing Calais wagons. I don't recall ever seeing many VL Calais Wagons compared to Sedans. As the OP mentioned market appetite for kitted up wagons has probably changed over the years as opposed to the 70's and 80's (and before) where...
  13. DerekP

    SL/e radio

    My mate had a VB SL (not SL/E) 4.2, it had a Blaupunkt stereo from factory.
  14. DerekP

    SL/e radio

    Thanks Damien, I thought I was loosing my marbles.....
  15. DerekP

    SL/e radio

    I'm pretty sure they were a Eurovox unit weren't they? Can't remember the badging on the front display.... VB / VC SL/E had Blaupunkt unit.
  16. DerekP

    Grandpa Spec VC. Need help

    Probably dealer, owner or panel beater added I'd say, I don't recall that motif being specific to VC or any Commodore for that matter.
  17. DerekP

    Help Need.

    Yeah maybe that's the way to go and have one made at those sort of used prices (wtf!!) I have never had to replace one (fortunately..) and go larger while you are at it 50ltrs is too small IMO for a thirsty old V8....
  18. DerekP

    Help Need.

    If you are looking for brand new fuel tank good luck unlikely to be any left but I used to see quite a few used ones on eBay (you never know a NOS tank may show up one day...)
  19. DerekP

    VH SLE Upper Door Colour

    I would suggest a respray. My VH SL/E 5.0 is solid white (factory) and the B pillars were painted the body colour by the previous owner after he backed into a barbed wire fence (country car originally). When I have the car resprayed the B pillars will be returned to satin black (or whatever the...
  20. DerekP

    HDT Group C Commodores

    Ok thanks SL/E Nut, so way more grunt than a factory spec VC Brock, I guess that makes sense....
  21. DerekP

    HDT Group C Commodores

    So while we are on the subject, how close was Brocky's VC Bathurst race car from the road production version of the VC HDT Brock? In terms of engine spec and HP output & drive train (tranny & diff). I am also a little curious as I was 11 when the VC's were racing around Bathurst.
  22. DerekP

    Trimatic shaky in a carby 202

    Check fluid level - in drive at operating temp, check colour of fluid, if both good and still issues get a new (read reco'd) tranny. I have spent small fortunes trying to remedy a failing trimatic; most times it works out cheaper to get an exchange, and you get a warrantee with it also (usually...
  23. DerekP


    If it is mostly stock you should be ok inspectors typically go to town on heavily modified cars.
  24. DerekP


    From what I understand you need a 'Semi Automatic' aerial to use with the module and dash up/down button; a 'Fully Automatic' aerial won't work with the module and up/down button. Fully automatic aerials are common and found regularly on ebay; semi automatic aerials are rare and extremely...
  25. DerekP

    VH Door latch spring.

    You might be lucky at a wreckers else ebay usually have lock assemblies for sale. Unlikely you will get just the spring however.
  26. DerekP

    vh trip computer

    That is brilliant thank you. I reckon I could have a stab at repairing the segments do you know where I could get new 7 segment LED's to fit? It seems that even if I replace the one that is out with one that is working from another unit the same thing will happen in no time. So I am wondering if...
  27. DerekP

    vh trip computer

    The Floscan fuel meter units do go but they are replaceable. You will have to get one from the US now as Floscan Australia ceased operating a couple years ago. I replaced mine and the Trip Computer now works a treat, it is actually quite accurate for 36+ year old technology. The unit you need...
  28. DerekP

    vh interior

    Try a motor trimmer that specializes in resto's.
  29. DerekP

    Black EST 202 pinging so is it a CAS vac leak or the EGR

    If it is pre detonating under load check your timing and vac advance.
  30. DerekP

    VB Commodore

    Do you mean the waist or sometimes called a belt mould?
  31. DerekP

    Vb slx v8 conversion

    Custom modifications / fabrications to make things fit / work is costly (unless you do it all yourself....); the more you need the costlier it becomes (obviously). Look at cost versus benefit and way it up; sometimes it is just easier and way cheaper to just buy a model commodore (or whatever)...
  32. DerekP

    VK Auto transmission repair/rebuild in Brisbane

    Trust me it is well worth the extra travel to find the right mechanic; I have had way too many 'mechanics' stuff the job up because they have never even seen a car with a carby and no ECU let alone worked on one. Almost all of them say 'oh yeah sure, bring it in' but when it comes down to it...
  33. DerekP

    VK Auto transmission repair/rebuild in Brisbane

    I had my Trimatic rebuilt about 7 years ago and cost $1,700. Yes you will need to take it to a transmission specialist that is not only familiar with old tech but also HAPPY to work on them; ask this question and confirm with them before you commit to their service.
  34. DerekP

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    yes; with the correct stud pattern and width.
  35. DerekP

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    If the wheels are 15'' then you should be fine.
  36. DerekP

    Vb slx v8 conversion

    On that pic: Commodore badge = VB (or VC) SL/X badge = VH
  37. DerekP

    Vb slx v8 conversion

    The SL/X VH badge font is very different to the VB font, would be easy to tell the difference especially if both types are on the car.
  38. DerekP


    I don't think Holden ever manufactured Commodores in NSW and I do not recall Highway Patrol ever driving SL/E's; but I could be wrong.... Smitty is the expert on these matters however (and generally all things Holden & Commodore :)).
  39. DerekP

    VK running hot

    The gauge if working properly in conjunction with the temp sender should read just below half way or half to just over under load and on a hot day. Check or just replace your clutch fan; do a full cooling system flush (properly!) with new good quality coolant, replace all hoses including heater...
  40. DerekP

    Enquiry for value of an oringal VH

    it is a shame it has been left out in the weather for so long, I bet even the interior will fall apart if you try and clean it.... it is probably not worth much more than $2,500, at best but you could always try for higher, you never know....