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  1. vk.jonno

    stringers projects

    Can you post proper picture codes please
  2. vk.jonno

    Pontiac GTO HOLDEN

    Lol.. Cany drive Lhd in Vic.. I know people with register Vic cars left hand drive..
  3. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    Isn't that Wat u mean like that tape line?
  4. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    Fair enough man but mine doesnt have that flickie thing
  5. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    Haha just noticed the drivers window! Haha yer but why'd you even pop it forward? I just tAped mine painted te top and let it dry taped the top and painted the bottom?
  6. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    Dude wats with the mould
  7. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    P's that green would look pretty cool on my one tonner ;)
  8. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    I think if Ur gonna use silver in the bottom.. U gotta use white in the top... But it'd be annoying when/if u need to repaint a panel again and you need more sparkiestuff.
  9. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    Looks tops mate :)
  10. vk.jonno

    how the feck do you get the back door handle off???

    They pissed me off to -.- Oi do u wet Ur floor Wen u paint mate?
  11. vk.jonno

    Jonnos VK :)

    Well this is the car dirty.. Fark this color doesn't show Dirt :)
  12. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    My mates Calais came with them too Same with some dudes berlina I met once
  13. vk.jonno

    convert vk efi to carby

    Believe it or not craby was appently more efficient than the efi model when it came out
  14. vk.jonno

    My Grandma Spec VK

    Sounds sick bro Go stock colors :)
  15. vk.jonno

    my vk berlina

    hey man looks good love the colors. yeah its not worth spending the money on the calais moulds.. um are u useing the standard water trap in the compressor? becuase we have the same compressor and the 1st 2 water traps we got were faulty (didnt have to pay for em cos it was under warranty)...
  16. vk.jonno

    Jonnos HQ one tonner project... is back... sort of...

    noone shows interest.. so honestly i dont bother. i dont even know why i update this thread haha
  17. vk.jonno

    VPCOMMO makes it to NO.1 Hit

    more picture woulda been good. -.-
  18. vk.jonno

    To the haters of chevy badges

    lol i thought the rear was the same... meh i like it. saw it at the hotrod show. looks 15000x better in person.
  19. vk.jonno

    Jonnos HQ one tonner project... is back... sort of...

    wiring is getting done atm doors and guards bolted on when the wiring is done and then we can sand it back and tow it to the spray booth for out final coat of paint... and we got a differant clear for the final coat.. appently its one of the "best" and the blue ute now has engine and...
  20. vk.jonno

    Quick remove sub

    this is so much talk on undoing 2 wires.. if u need to take the sub out dude take off the wires and lift it out.. its not hard hahha. and u still owe me 10 bucks.
  21. vk.jonno

    Windows vista/7 password recoveryyy

    well its not tru because i tried it go to your windows 7 computer/laptop go into safemode and try bypass it anyway it doesnt matter :) all good thanks for the opper csp
  22. vk.jonno


    man thats some sick work your doing their i used a air brush once on my old bmx.. i was spraying it and half way thru the front shot off and paint went everywhere and i just gave up at ever doing it again :P hahaha keep up the good work mate and haha at ari's over load of questions.. ari...
  23. vk.jonno

    ** Rebuilding a Stroked/Turbo VT Ecotec **

    looks sick mate cant wait to see it all together
  24. vk.jonno

    VK calais cluster into a VS

    nah mate i wouldnt bother but u can put the cluster in my vk if u want :)
  25. vk.jonno

    Difference in off the shelf cat back exhaust

    hrm.. no cats eh? idiot. u know how much the epa fine is for no cats?
  26. vk.jonno

    lpg escaping airbox when car off wtf? WTF!!!!!!!! W!!!!T!!!!!!F!!!!!? :/

    try starting it on petrol mate then switch to gas, itll work ;)
  27. vk.jonno

    VZ SV6 air intake?

    growler kit from ebay my mate had one was awesome! hes buying another one now,
  28. vk.jonno

    How rare is tuxedo black?

    well if the paint id code matches the color it was done in factory...
  29. vk.jonno

    free stuff to do for the missus b'day

    lol 150 for flowers, u serious? i got a bunch of lilles for 20 bucks for motherbears birthday yesterday! roses were 25 bucks. a nice card to go with it. maybe send them to her work.. take her to a picnic lunch or dinner (sunset) do it.
  30. vk.jonno

    Vk calais fuse box

    do what ari said and check all the fuses for power and then come back and tell us your result ;)
  31. vk.jonno

    Old for sale threads...

    haha, itd probly be good if every one of them got delited then they could all make a new one :P
  32. vk.jonno

    Quick remove sub

    lol get a sub wiring kit. wire positave to the battery with the fuse at the battery wire it to the amp wire the remote wire to the head unit wire the earth to the boot put the amp in put the sub in leve it there cos itll blow up in like a week if its only 35 bucks hahaha
  33. vk.jonno

    Windows vista/7 password recoveryyy

    safe mode only works in windows 98. i got into it.. dunno wot it was but yer. and to the 1st reply that programme delited windows off the computer i was using.. thanks -.-
  34. vk.jonno

    Purple VE with GREEN/CHROME 20"???

    by the looks of it a rim off a rc car...
  35. vk.jonno

    accidental cool images

    hmm too much caffine maybe? :P nah joking. they look cool as
  36. vk.jonno

    Another what do I do poll

    -.- 10characters.
  37. vk.jonno

    Official Photoshop Request Thread

    lol iv seen this all over facebook a few weeks ago
  38. vk.jonno

    Windows vista/7 password recoveryyy

    Can I use a portable hard drve instead of a disk? Also can't find where o download from
  39. vk.jonno

    Windows vista/7 password recoveryyy

    Hi I have a acer aspire 5920 laptop, It came with vista but has the windows 7 upgrade. Eairly last year it broke and I only just got it fixed yesterday And Iv gone thru hundreds of guesses on my laptop trying to log on but I cant get it! I want all my old music and photos off it (especially...
  40. vk.jonno

    VK Ticking Noise.

    get a oil flush and change oil to penrite hrp30... stoped my ticking...