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    VS commodore, mods don't seem to be as effective as thought..

    I've also done some minor performance mods on my VS-II. Have recently just installed a new updated memcal and hi-flow pannel filter along with the GM CAI. Didn't think it'd make too much difference"as I don't expect it to", but got the misses to drive the car yesterday along the highway and...
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    Worst cold running car around.

    Yeah, I was thinking that it's some kind of break-down under load. Could be ignition/spark related.
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    boot leaking

    SOmething like Trikky said is generally referred to as being like a caulking agent.
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    Just bought VR need some advice

    The noise in the steering i'm talking about ;)
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    slight hesitation up to 3000rpm then smooths out...??

    Well, if it's breaking down under load it could be the DFI module, faulty coil pack!, injectors need a major clean or maybe even a faulty PCM? who knows. I'd try the DFI module first then the injectors. May even pay to replace them or take them out and get them professionally done. Regards!
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    Just bought VR need some advice

    the noise may even be the steering column bearing. I've had this happen to me and got into the column bearings with a heap of WD40. Problem hasn't come back yet! As for the fuel gague, I can fill my VS-II totally to the brimm and it'll only show around 3/4. It's always been like that, and...
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    96 VS Diff

    Sounds like it might be more the transmission. If you want to find out what play the diff has i'd jack the back end up on a nice level surface with the auto trans in neutral and with the hand brake off and start moving the back wheel hubs. If there's any slack in the diff you'll soon know...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Yeah, first thing I done when I replaced the water pump and all 3 idler pulleys and the belt about a month ago. Also flushed out the radiator and added new coolant. Problem is down here in tasmania that at this time of the year the ambient air temperature will range from 8-12 degrees celsius...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    I've now made a custom metal bracket to fit the yuassa 4x4 battery, and installed it. Also had to move the carbon cannister over to make it fit. The engine cranks over a lot quicker but i've noticed that there's still some hesitation with he motor starting. Since i've done the few basic mods...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Yeah, the battery will be the first thing i'll replace. I've got a near new 4x4 yuassa 700cca battery that will fit in there with some minor work, I will install that tomorrow. I'm going to do the plugs and leads next week if the budget will allow it and work it from there. I have a...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Yeah, I noticed that when I done the VT brake upgrade that the bearings didn't sound too good. Wanted to get them done but was straped for cash and couldn't even access them because I needed something like a large allen key to get into the back of them. I have also thought the battery may have...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Wonder how she'll react on fuel economy now, now that it has the GM CAI, Hi-flow pannel filter and new updated memcal. Doesn't seem to run excessively rich on cold starts now and has lost that fuel smell. Driving it around it seems to run better and more refined. Idling has improved a lot also.
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Yeah, I guess 550 isn't too bad but no-where near what she was when she was new. Most of my mileage is sort of country highways, although the roads are quite terrible and there are some very slight inclines. My driving conditions are a little mixed as the forst 30K's are windy narrow dodgey...
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    How do I increase fuel economy in stock VS-II

    Hey fellas, I'm trying to figure if I can increase my fuel economy in my VS-II. It's totally stock and now has near 240,000K's on the clock. I've had it since new, but over the last few years i've been unable to spend the big bucks on it to keep up the maintenence as well as I should "due to...
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    Best leads for Vr V6?

    I've always used Bosch performance leads and have found them to be reliable. Also, I think there may be a little to gain by using performance plugs such as Bosch super 4's. Maybe those iridium type might be okay. I know they're much longer lasting than standard ones.
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    my dash light please help

    I wonder if you can clear it by re-setting the diagnostic trouble codes? Glad i didn't pick an ABS model.
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    v6 ecotec vs

    Yeah, as above. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vr-vs-holden-commodore-1993-1997/64700-buick-ecotec-v6-performance-upgrades.html There's a mass of stuff you can do. First of all give your car a major service. Plugs and leads, Cold air intake system, Hi flow filter, extractors and a free...
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    price check-front suspension bushes replacement

    For that sort of money you could get on ebay and buy a nolathane kit for your whole car. might take some time to do and you'd need a shop press but easily done. Also, did you think the wheel bearing or lower ball joint may be stuffed?
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    Ok to use just one extractor?

    OMG??? lol. Most definately!
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    How many K's on your VR/VS

    I've got 233,000Km's on my VS-II Esteem since new. 1 change of tyres, 3 sets of brake pads, 2 new water pumps, and on the second set of pulleys. OEM battery's on its way out as it's starting to lose charge and am currently doing the biggest mod to it yet. Installing VX commodore...
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    VR Brake upgrade??

    Definately go the VE setup if you've got the coin. Might be worth the hassles, and at least you won't have to play with the master/booster.
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    VR Brake upgrade??

    I haven't completed my upgrade on my VS-II but am in the process of doing so. Just waiting on some bits in the mail to finnish the job. There's no difference in my doing a VT brake upgrade from your car to mine, so you're lucky there. First thing's first, if you're gonna do the brake upgrade...
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    Tyring to remove the front rotors on my VS! ;( - How to?

    hey DFLHUB666, That's what worries me with the new cheapie cross-drilled and slotted rotors that will be going on. They don't have the threaded holes, so when they will be due in the future I might be in for some trouble.
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    Tyring to remove the front rotors on my VS! ;( - How to?

    I tell ya', just getting the tyres off took some major work. The tyres haven't been off for many years now, and it's like the rust had bonded to the back of the rims or something. Had to get in there with a ****-load of wd40 and let it soak just to take them off.
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    Tyring to remove the front rotors on my VS! ;( - How to?

    Hey Fellas, I figured it out! I noticed there were 3 small holes with thread in it. Found some old 202 water pump bolts and they fitted the thread perfectly. Would a couple of them in and 30 seconds later the rotors were off! Cheers!
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    Tyring to remove the front rotors on my VS! ;( - How to?

    Hey fellas!, I'm currently in the process of replacing my front rotors and brake pads. I've removed the calipers and can't seem to take the rotors off? I've sprayed into the area with some WD40 and given them a light tap but to no avail. I've never done these before so can someone tell me...
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    that annoying ring from the idler pulley !!! how do i get did of it?

    Too true. Many new bearings aren't packed with nearly enough grease these days, causing premature wear on the bearings and bearing preloads. Would definately pay to service the bearings with grease.
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    Lower intermitant steering column bearing

    I've sprayed mine with WD40. got in there really good with the extender for the nozzle. Got into the steering column, the bearings and also the universals in the engine bay. seemed to totally stop the noise. all's touch wood!. lol.
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    that annoying ring from the idler pulley !!! how do i get did of it?

    Is there any bearing movement in the idler pulley?
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    vs v6 query

    I once brought a Stage 3 ECU chip from that trx100 guy. It did in-fact make quite a difference to the old 3L RB30 motor. I'd definately consider buying one of the stage 4 chips that he has to offer sometime in the near future! Cheers!
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    that annoying ring from the idler pulley !!! how do i get did of it?

    Also, check the water pump for movement. If it has slop in the bearings it will make this noise. I've just recently replaced my waterpump and found that the new one was of very low quality and has excessive bearing play which causes an imbalance and makes a little noise.
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    vt brakes. direct bolt on?

    You should probably get those conversion hoses HamaTime. You can get the plain-jane rubber ones, but i'd prefer to pay a couple of bucks extra and get the braided ones and these hoses will balloon out under pressure, and having the braided hoses reduced the amount that the hoses can balloon out...
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    that annoying ring from the idler pulley !!! how do i get did of it?

    I have got the exact same noise. When I replaced my water pump recently i've found that i've got 2 stuffed idlers. One of them in particular is really bad. Got 3 new ones today. 2 were $22 each and the other one was $27. The type I got are the metal serviceable type, but the ones that will...
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    opinions on using an engine oil flush

    I've heard of people throwing a litre of deisel or so in with the oil before a flush works well. I've seen how deisel eats away at sludge. Don't know if i'd try it though. Was a big post on oldholden.com at one stage. Most of them reckon it works better than these flush treatments you can buy.
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    best oil and filter vr

    Purolator is the best oil filter imo as they invented the oil filter. I always use valvoline which always does the job nicely. If you want to know if oil's any good do a friction test. get some engine oil and rub it between your fore-finger and your thumb. If it heats up then it's not gonna...
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    Lower intermitant steering column bearing

    Yeah, i've got the exact same problem, and because i've got the plastic shroud off i've noticed that the column bearings are easily accessible. I got some WD40 and i'll give her a razz tomorrow and see if it shuts it up. Reckon that'll do the trick or at-least temporarilly.
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    vt brakes. direct bolt on?

    Hey Markovr, your hoses look to be the same as mine. I could probably measure these up against the original setup in the car, but I do know that i'm supposed to use the conversion lines.
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    Gates pulley and belt part numbers for VS Commodore!

    Would also like to find the proper tensioner part no.
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    Gates pulley and belt part numbers for VS Commodore!

    Maybe this should be a sticky! Part No: Description: -------- ------------ 6PK2725R Gates Micro-V belt (RACING)BLUE Color 6PK2720 Gates Micro-V belt AT "Advanced Technology" H38006S Gates Tensioner pulley H36143S Gates #1 pulley H38019S Gates #2 pulley
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    WTF VR Airbag Failure!

    Whoah dude!!!!....... Did it hurt when the airbag hit you? You guys ever seen step brothers the film?... well there's one of the leading characters from there was in a film called pineapple express. He got hit in the face by a car airbag. reckoned it really hurt. lol. although it was...