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  1. phillmac

    VF Holden Commodore Issues and Faults

    My arse got slightly sore on the 1st day of a long drive an my VE sv6. Some one must have stuck a table spoon of cement up me whilst I slept as I HTFU after that and never got another sore arse.
  2. phillmac

    VE creaky seats.

    The Holden butchers ( Techs ) just grease the pivot area for warranty. It fixed mine. Had to do clean up after when a blob of black grease came out when I stored my shopping,rubbish bags under there.
  3. phillmac

    VE Cruise Control

    On my 2011 mod, I waited for it to get worse and happen a lot and they changed the stalk. Never faulted again. I think a wire may get squashed during assembly causing the issue and an upgrade was made on the stalk. They had no stock of new type and must have just fitted a new original model...
  4. phillmac

    timing chain problem on my 2011 sv6 series 2

    Found the big catch with the dealer warranty for mine. Unlimited claims to a maximum of a few hundred $. Will change my own oil now.
  5. phillmac

    2011 High Oil Consumption Software Fix Series II

    It's all in the past exessive oil consumption threads. They say a flap type valve often does not fully close and when you hit the throttle too much of the oil in the intake gets sucked through to burn. I can only assume it is the main throttle butterfly valve but not sure. The reprogramming...
  6. phillmac

    2011 High Oil Consumption Software Fix Series II

    Sorry, did a big reply and lost it all and couldn't be arsed doing it again. No wonder I don't come here much, thought it was all the same exhaust and wheel posts. Or the why don't my cheap **** tyres stick. CARRIED OUT ECM AND TCM REPROGRAMMING AS PER TAC
  7. phillmac

    98 Octane Fuel

    My bikes run on nothing other than BP 98. So many bikes don't run right with the Shell version that they admit it. Cars get a tank in 3 of BP Ultimate to help clean them.
  8. phillmac

    2011 High Oil Consumption Software Fix Series II

    My 11 model burned so much oil from new it would have run dry if I didn't check it every 2 weeks. It took them 2 years to admit it and do the tech mod fix thing. I was dubious but it has not used a drop since. Had no effect on performance or economy. Has not missed a beat for the last 2 years.
  9. phillmac

    HELP! I think I bought a dud

    Run nothing but PB Ultimate 98 for 3 weeks or so to see if it is the issue. I know of people that have to run 98 fuel and the dealer monkeys have no idea what the problem is. You have to keep pushing them and never give up and go away like they are waiting for. Any of these Aussie cars should...
  10. phillmac

    VEII SV6 Drivers seat issue

    Some just squeak and they grease the pivots, some clag out and need parts replaced which would be why they don't want to know about it. I would put it to them that it is dangerous and what to do when it fails. It was reported and you kept the paper work. Make them fix it.
  11. phillmac

    Repair broken B terminal - Alternator

    Glued some aircraft alloy together. What a pile of horse ****
  12. phillmac

    135k Service

    It's not about the cost. The hard search is finding someone that will do the work. Not just take the money and cheap labour does an oil change. With gas it is more important.
  13. phillmac

    2010 SV6 Sportswagon timing chain issue

    Not that you would trust them. But as all they do is oil change at service he may have noticed evidence of the dredded sludge which has killed some un serviced motors of this type. Too late to use cleaners and good oil as that's when the bearing can spin and it's all over.
  14. phillmac

    VE steering

    I am still running the original Yokies. About 67,000km now. Never had an alignment and was a good one from factory. Rears will wear out 1st if you don't rotate them.
  15. phillmac

    Stealing a VE?

    Years back when the systems started the GPS reciever was cheap but the subscription and company that gets alerts an sends you and police message was the costly bit.
  16. phillmac

    Map & Firmware Updates For Holden IQ?

    Got a good deal on 1 of the higher model hand helds for going bush. Then found the ebay topo maps won't work on these later models. Garmin got another $200 off me. The car 1 was about the same cost to get new unit as pay for the maps. Got life maps but they still get you to keep speed cam...
  17. phillmac

    Map & Firmware Updates For Holden IQ?

    GPS was a waste of space till the 13 map updates. Don't matter if it's Garmin, Holden or Tom tom, it's all pretty much the same. Just hope the 15,16 updates are another step forward. Never buy Garmin without free life map updates as that's how they get you.
  18. phillmac

    VE Track Car Adventures

    Street tyres won't work at track temps, that's why they all run semi-slicks. I could feel the heat from the brakes just standing a few feet from the car. They were toast after the 1st lap. Need a big wallet to track a big car, be like chasing your tail with the mods.
  19. phillmac

    My car got keyed today

    Arse holes with no respect, just attitude. Only way to teach them is hard punches to the facial area.
  20. phillmac

    Thinking about servicing my own car - Need help with Engine Oil

    I buy up on the psudo full synth Nulon and Penrite when they are on special at Super cheap or Repco. Both good oils at good prices. Grade depends on which car they go in. I pay a few $ more for factory filters after a Ryco failed many years back on a VY. Lucky those motor are bullet proof. Heard...
  21. phillmac

    towing 600-700kg caravan with a VY-VZ commodore

    I used to to my boat that exeeds 1,000 with no cooler on a VY. They said they don't need them and mine never faulted for 200,000km or so.
  22. phillmac

    Solved front air vent not coming on on hot days

    Sounds like the demist button you said in 1st post:beer chug:
  23. phillmac

    Towbar for Sportwagon

    Got the usual after market bar paint job I see. Used to hate taking them off just to re-paint them myself.
  24. phillmac

    Are these key markings or just a result of old paint?

    My car only has one mark in over 3 years. Can't always avoid using a car park. If it's not the kids back doors it's always a fat lard arse struggling to get their body out or swinging the door out 1st to make room. If caught and not compensated my boot will take revenge.
  25. phillmac

    DIY list help please

    Sorry, didn't read properly. If it's an airbag fault could try swapping the seat before donating money to mechanics fund.
  26. phillmac

    DIY list help please

    The norm when a fault code comes up is before spending money to re-set it. If it comes back something is wrong. Get the mechanic to fix it. Your man can prob do the water pump without hassles. Don't worry about buttons and ****, just see what is the priority after that.
  27. phillmac

    VX engine oil

    As the Goose had no skill or feel, he should have used a tension wrench. For warranty I have had to use Holden dealer service. I once checked wheel nuts after they worked on brakes. After bending a proper brace with pipes and **** I took it back and made them use a tension wrench. Was back when...
  28. phillmac

    VX engine oil

    No excuses now for not using decent oil as the big shops sell the psudo full syn Nulon and Penrite for around $50 when on special. Trick to putting a cooled off plug in the warm sump is put it in loose and let the temps even up before tensioning up.
  29. phillmac

    VX Over Heating!! Water Flow or Water pump diagram/help

    The VX seems to have settled it's self OK, just 1 slight top up and top hose is solid with coolant now. The up hill didn't seem to help but didn't do the full fill on the steep driveway. The w/s manual did state the fill top hose and quickly fit which would prob help.
  30. phillmac

    VX Over Heating!! Water Flow or Water pump diagram/help

    I had a hell of a time trying to bleed air out of kids new VX. Will try filling top hose next as bleed screw wont let all air out and it seems to be in top hose. Only got about 7ltrs of coolant mix in but it seems these motors don't fully drain unless you screw out sensor plugs or something from...
  31. phillmac

    VE Tow bar harness questions

    As someone said, they may just have to program it in with the tech2 or what ever they use. Can't do that one your self on the screen like the sensor adding the bar distance.
  32. phillmac

    VE Tow bar harness questions

    Thought you must have fitted it your self. Make the useless dealer fix it and check everything as he is not a good tradesman.
  33. phillmac

    VE Brake Master Cyl Brace. Is there such a thing ?

    No point spending time and money on a fault that isn't really there.
  34. phillmac

    Common SIDI V6 oil leaks?

    Just basics, clean it so you can see for your self if and where it seeps from.
  35. phillmac

    Towing with Bone Stock VE 6.0L L76 Engine w/ 6L80 Auto Transmission

    Towed easy cause the car is still a fair bit heavier than the trailer, trouble starts when the boat or van gets to car weight or worse. Lots will be illegal due to ball weight as well.
  36. phillmac

    Towing with Bone Stock VE 6.0L L76 Engine w/ 6L80 Auto Transmission

    If the load is near the car weight it will never do it easy or be comfortable for long Hwy runs with hills, that's why most trade up to Cruisers and such. They do it easy,although one monster we hooked up sent us to buy a stabeliser kit for the 100 series. The electronic brake adjuster is the go...
  37. phillmac

    MY10 SSV creaky seats

    They greased the pivot area on mine in warranty and have not squeaked since.
  38. phillmac

    Heavy Steering

    If the steering has changed or is too heavy from new it is Holden that pays for repairs, you only pay for service items. If you had a problem and reported it, tried to get it fixed in the 3 year warranty it is covered until fixed. If you have been charged speak to Holden or another dealer.