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    [NSW] WTB VN-VS auto steering column

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Column auto shift column. I believe they came in VN-VS wagons and utes. Full column, or bare ok as long as auto shift mechanism is complete. LOCATION: Newcastle NSW CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will travel within allowable distance or happy...
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    VT fuel pump in VS

    Hey guys, might be dumb question, but will a VT fuel pump fit in a VS tank? It's for an old holden build, running full VT running gear (304, T700 etc), so needed the steel tank to relocate filler pipe etc. Thanks.
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    [NSW] WTB: VT 304 HSV type engine covers

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: 304 engine covers, hsv type, genuine or repro is fine. Any colour. LOCATION: NSW, Newcastle area CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pay postage/shipping costs or pick up within an hour drive PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank drposit, paypal, COD...
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    how to replace bearings in a manual steering rack

    As the title says. I have new bearings and the rack is not in a car. Any pointers on how to replaace them? Rack is from a VH. Thanks.
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    [NSW] WTB: VB-VH Steering rack

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VB, VC, VK or VH manual steering rack in good or restorable condition. I'm building an FC holden and I only need one to use for exchange purposes for a modified one, so don't want to waste a reco or rebuilt one. LOCATION: Newcastle CONDITION: Used...
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    shonky website freepepple.com on my phone

    I still get this crap. Only on JC forum. Adware and anti virus find nothing. Reset browser to default works for a short period then its back. It's getting soI ccan't use JC on my phone. Surely mods must be aware of this?
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    [NSW] SOLD: Full HSV factory exhaust system

    Item: VE HSV factory exhaust system. Taken off a 2013 Clubby with less than 1,000 kms on it. Complete with extractors, cats, mid section and rear mufflers. Also comes with new manifold gaskets, new flange gaskets and a new set of 4 O2 sensors. Bargain for instant gains on any 6L V8. Price...
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    To service or not to service @ Holden to keep 3yr used certified warranty?

    I was dumb enough to keep the service at Holden for my VT years ago. Every service was over priced, and always got calls for urgent repairs that weren't covered by the warranty. The one thing that actually did go on the car during the warranty period was the BCM which wasn't covered as it's an...
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    07 Calais, About to get it serviced, couple of questions

    Definitely buy an after market nav. I have factory in mine. It works OK but can't get map upgrades.
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    changing sparkys

    Might also be time for new leads? Don't be surprised if you break some getting them off.
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    My car got keyed today

    Jealous ####ers. Would love to catch one at it! Sorry to hear mate.
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    VE heater hose slow leak

    Yeah, a lot of mechanics replace them with brass hose joiners. These are a dumb design and always end up leaking.
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    Key issues / error codes

    Hi mate, no mods at all. Car is going in for a service, so will get it checked. From what I have read, it seems quite a few people have had this issue. Thanks.
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    Key issues / error codes

    Just confirmed that clearing codes fixes the key issue, as my key is now working again. Still no idea why this happens, perhaps Ricey has some idea?
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    Key issues / error codes

    Hey, just wondering if anyone could explain why logged error codes would affect the key fob from remotely opening the car? I've had the intermittent issue whereby the key won't work unless I first unlock the drivers door manually. The key works as expected from then, with all buttons functioning...
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    Keyless entry stopped working!!!

    Mine did the same thing. Came back to life after manually unlocking. Changed battery in the fob and disconnected car battery for an hour. All good.
  17. L

    Rear wheel bearings

    Mate, you will be lucky if the stuffed bearing hasn't also stuffed your axle like mine did. Makes for a far more pricey job. B@astard of a job to do yourself.
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    Location of glove box light switch?

    I have this problem too. Let us know how you go.
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    Ve ss

    Possibly a VIN id letter as well. My Calais is X from memory.
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    Ve ss

    Ive seen a couple of V8 Berlinas getting around too.
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    Coolant leak 06 VE [First Post]

    Glad to hear it all went well.
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    Keyless entry stopped working!!!

    Try disconnecting your car battery for a few hours. Worked for me.
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    strange noise above 60k

    Prick of a job to do yourself. Mine was $320 including labour.
  24. L

    VE SS Drive belt jumpy

    If you mean the tensioner is bobbing up and down check your harmonic balancer for a wobble.
  25. L

    Holden is totally dead... Little Lost on next steps.

    Try disconnecting your car battery for a couple hours, it helped my recent key issues.
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    Engine stuttering when between 95-105 km/h

    Also, have you checked for error codes?
  27. L

    Engine stuttering when between 95-105 km/h

    Vheck the wire to the cas to make sure the insulation and wires isnt damaged.
  28. L

    Engine stuttering when between 95-105 km/h

    Ive had similar issues with dodgy wire to CAS.
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    Questions in need of answers!

    I remember reading that they were selling the ute in USA as an el camino. Have you looked into that option? LHD and would probably be cheaper than an OZ car?
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    Glove box globe replacement

    Yep, as with all jobs on these cars, mouth possie is critical.
  31. L

    Glove box globe replacement

    Thanks very much for the replies, will get a screwdriver onto it.
  32. L

    Glove box globe replacement

    Has noone done this before?
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    unlock button oddity

    Hi, Problem fixed, I replaced the key battery and left the car battery disconnected for several hours. Unfortunately, I did both at the same time, so can't advise which did the trick, or perhaps it was both. Thanks for the tips.
  34. L

    Glove box globe replacement

    Hi all, This is probs a dumba$$ question, but how do you replace the globe in the glove box? I couldn't get the light cover to pop out, so do you need to remove the glove box screws? Cheers,
  35. L

    Are you putting off changing your wobbly balancer?

    As a final addendum to my addendum, water pump replaced without drama, but had to then replace both belts, they were squealing so bad, sounded like my motor was about to sh1t itself! So in summary, the only things I didnt have to replace was alternator and A/C compressor.
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    Coolant leak 06 VE [First Post]

    Belts is one of the easiest jobs. 7mm socket to remone the air box and 15mm to compress the tensioner. If you get coolant on the belts you may need to replace them as they may start squealing like mine did.
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    Coolant leak 06 VE [First Post]

    Do what I did when getting the pump replaced, get a full system flush and replace the cap. Should be good then.
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    unlock button oddity

    Thanks, will give it a try.