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  1. Weatherman

    Vt running rough can smell petrol

    Running very rough with associated exhaust leak type noise fuel smell - Broken valve spring maybe. That's probably worst case.
  2. Weatherman

    6.0L horrible misfire??

    Sounds like something I had in a HZ 253 Ute. driving at high speed experienced a valve bounce, then car immediately ran very rough. Misfiring and farting for want of a better word, not much power but car would surge, accelerate when revs were high with associated misfire. A lot of listening with...
  3. Weatherman

    Number Plates

    I have heard of people spraying aerosol art glue over the number plate or installing reflective plastic film to dodge tolls. I have noticed plates going around these days that from rear quarter panel look to go blank. If boys in blue see any type of disappearing trick they'll likely pull you...
  4. Weatherman

    The Good Oil ??

    Yes absolutely correct, thanks mateI I misunderstood info given to me. Further reading has me better informed - L96. They're an L98 but with special lifters for the AFM.
  5. Weatherman

    The Good Oil ??

    :drink: Hi Chaps, Simple question - (I'm done searching herein) What Oil can you recommend for the L98? :hmmm:(Yup L96) Frankly if I'd not found this site I'd be pouring in Mobil 1. Have done on both my - close to heart vehicles - HZUte 253 red motor and V6 '97 VT. VT is still going 370,000km...
  6. Weatherman

    Manual Labour

    I believe some posts may be trying to say it depends on how you use the clutch/revs at take off. Don't rev too much or ride too much. If your not used to driving the manual, use first gear...until you get more acquainted with the manual gearbox. Excessive revs and riding causes heat this can...
  7. Weatherman

    Full service?

    You need a mate or relo with a driveway that slopes down away from the nature strip. Go over for a beer or cuppa, park the Sv6Ute so the front wheels are at the top of the slope, the driveway falls away - should give you room to get under front end with a drain tray etc Let me just say it's the...
  8. Weatherman


    Hi Chaps, TinSnips mentions an APC called "Simple Green." I can say for an APC it's also a great degreaser. If your environmentally inclined and don't like nasties down the storm water or on the grass...maybe the youngsters give you a hand to detail it is friendly on the skin. Not friendly on...
  9. Weatherman

    AC DELCO Iridium spark plugs.

    Part number 12621258??
  10. Weatherman

    Are service station pumps accurate??

    Petrol isn't called fuel because it causes fire. Its called fuel because it is part of the combustion process that makes fire. Oxygen, ignition (spark) and fuel ( in a combustion engine, petrol is the fuel) Yeah DAH!! Petrol although a combustible can still be used to cool moving parts of a...
  11. Weatherman

    Things that make us happy!

    My youngsters (15yrs F and 10mnths M) together. Knowing i can have a read herein for some great advice and a giggle or two. The Dog...little mongrel. Dark beer, dark spirits and dark women. White spirits...but not Casper. The wife saying "I found a VE SS Series 2, low K's...then telling me i can...
  12. Weatherman

    Cleaning my engine bay

    Forgive me chaps BIG AL gave me a giggle. I imagine he's not a pretty pink tootoo either. Reminds me of asking a bloke i know some years back, (owns an immaculate 98 VT 2 Clubby), if ARMORALL was any good these days 'cos my Dad used it on his HQ in the 70's. Mate repileid, "Yep i even ARMORALL...
  13. Weatherman

    AC DELCO Iridium spark plugs.

    Yes I see I wasnt totally clear Cuda - $90 for 8. Will check part number and clarify with Holden, thanks fellas.
  14. Weatherman

    Are service station pumps accurate??

    Howdy, just bought 2011 VE SS 2. Have watched tank capacity closely through my first 3 tanks 2100km - One to get some numbers + my local servo has the slowest bloody bowsers around. Low fuel looks to come on around 63L mark. Ive been getting 10.14l/100km for a tank havent had to put more than 60...
  15. Weatherman

    Newly bought Car In Accident - How can i find out?

    Hi Chaps - Whilst giving the VE SS a polish i noticed the reverse sensors on the rear bumper appear to have white patches in the creases. Its not polish. Looks like paint has worn off. Car is Sizzle Red (patches are white). Paint coat doesn't look very thick either. Does REVS have accident data...
  16. Weatherman

    AC DELCO Iridium spark plugs.

    Hi Chaps - Have been reading about spark plugs herein - copper v iridium . I read somewhere AC DELCO Iridiums are factory fitted in 2011 VE SS 2. Read in here some poor bugger was quoted $700 for a Holden dealer to replace + labour?? I can get AC DELCO Iridium plugs for $90 is that ball park ...
  17. Weatherman

    Cleaning my engine bay

    I have a 370,000km VT. Never had a moisture issue at the high pressure car wash. $2 total cost - $1 for the degreaser all over - walls engine, the lot. $1 to use high pressure spray rinse. Drive for 20mins all okey dokey. Even use the degreaser if ii go there to wash the beast (NO brush) Just...
  18. Weatherman

    New tyres

    Throw in a sixpence - Just put Pirelli Cinturato P1 on the SS - Quiet on all surfaces so far. I've driven that F3 a few times and it has just about every road surface in Highway development over the last 45 years. Mine VE SS 2 AFM, I never gave the 4 pot sound a thought till now reading herein -...
  19. Weatherman

    2011 Holden Commodore

    Weatherman submitted a new Showcase Item: 2011 Holden Commodore Read more about this showcase item here...
  20. Weatherman

    VE SS Cold Starting issue - fixed by fuel brand change - WTF

    Howdy all. Great site and some valuable info from everyone. My two cents Regards Fuel. Have a 1997 VT S1 370,000km - except for first 6 mnths (Mobil 98) and another few occasions (BP Ult) always used VPower 750+km/tank Always!! Still today VTdoesn't miss a beat. Next car - Aurion, OK chaps I...
  21. Weatherman

    Malaysian Airlines flight

    I agree with hotrod totally. Many theories. Maybe it was shot down near Korea and all are waiting for time to pass as to minimise fallout. Also time reduces evidence such as residue from explosives. I mean really with all todays technology, can a plane just go missing without a trace...
  22. Weatherman

    2011 Holden Commodore

    Weatherman submitted a new Showcase Item: 2011 Holden Commodore Read more about this showcase item here...