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    alternator bolt thread (L36 Ecotec)?

    It is M10 thread. M10x75 bolt is just right. I got a galavanised bolt from major hardware chain, and they are rubbish. Get a quality stainless steel bolt instead.
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    alternator bolt thread (L36 Ecotec)?

    I think I will invest in some thread gauges; I couldn't find a matching nut in the junk box.
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    alternator bolt thread (L36 Ecotec)?

    I got a cheap Chinese alternator, and the flange is thicker than on the Bosch model which I removed, so bolt is only engaged about 2 turns. For the lower mounting bolt, bolt shaft is 71 mm, so I reckon 3-inch long would be good fit. But what thread is it? The head needs 1/2 inch spanner, so I...
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    Programming a stock Evoke ECM to generate more power.

    In the USA, there were different maps for the 3 litre HFV6: Cadillacs had a mere 5 HP more than Chev donks. The 3.6 litre has about 20% more torque than the 3 litre. To achieve that, would be doubtful unless you completely disregard emissions.
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    radiator fan motors (more hen's teeth)

    The radiator fan died on low-speed about 2 years ago. I went to wreckers and got one cheap (cracked shroud) and swapped the motor. Now that has also crapped out. I can't see any for sale, but the price of Denso motors for other vehicles seems pretty steep. Has anybody found replacement motors...
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    coolant leak back of motor.

    Or if it's had wrong coolant for 23 years, could corrode enough to leak.
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    rear main seal plate corroded - a worry?

    A VT V6: I found coolant dripping from bell housing. I removed the automatic transmission, as it is misbehaving and needs and overhaul anyway. The rear plate on the engine was corroded and leaking. I suspect this is a more reactive metal, so would corrode before the iron block. But is it a sign...
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    were Sanden aircon compressors original from factory?

    My compressor was leaking. The refridgerant had dye added, and with UV light, I could see the compressor was the culprit. It had a Sanden compressor, but I believe it had been changed 10 years ago or so. At Repco, this model is $876 and out of stock. Although I see them online for $ 500 to $600...
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    Steering creak/knock.

    Maybe the sway bar links - there are 8 rubber washers that probably won't last 25 years. If they are okay, then steering rod ball joint could be worn out.
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    2004 VY II (deadlocked)

    Get a new key blade cut to code (if you have security printout) sometimes helps with dicky locks. Typically keys are softer metal than lock tumblers.
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    vs esteem 25000ks on the clock at grays auction

    That is quite remarkable. I have been looking for low-mileage VS for a while. The lowest I found with supporting evidence was 64000 km.
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    Vs commodore

    If it comes from higher-level models, it would have pre-tensioners and not be compatible with VS
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    Key fob supply drying up?

    I went to an auto locksmith to get a key copied, and he said I don't have a fob. So tried another, he said he hasn't been able to get VS fobs for months. He further said don't get them off eBay, as they are junk. I needed one quickly, so went to a Holden dealer, it cost $150. They had a 2-button...
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    Which parts are interchangeble with a vs

    Body is pretty much the same VR-VS. Engine and PCM will be different. A few odd items like steering wheel are different. Colour of interior trim is likely to be different if you are obsessive about matching stuff.
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    Who says Price rises are all about V8's

    Actually the Acclaim was a good model - IRS, ABS, airbags - stuff you can't retrofit. Just found the advert: 179,000 km is not worth $6500. Maybe if it had less than 100,000 km. Also says no aircon - that is surprising.
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    Vs spac ute

    Currently a few (VS V6 ute) for sale up to $5000. I wouldn't pay that much unless it was lower mileage.
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    Caliper new where?

    You can get caliper slide pins if that is the only problem.
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    Nolathane stabiliser link bushes - straight swap?

    I replaced it with the Nolathane kit, now much better. Interestingly, it says for models VN-VX1, but Whiteline's equivalent kit is only for VN-VS,
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    Should I but a ZB or a 1987 Volvo?

    I would go for a 1997 Volvo 960 (last of the rear wheel drives)
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    Nolathane stabiliser link bushes - straight swap?

    Thanks for the tip, I didn't want to risk the $20 kits on eBay.
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    Nolathane stabiliser link bushes - straight swap?

    Handling suddenly went crap, so had a look and one of the link rubber bushes is gone, and the others look a bit shabby. Nolathane website lists 2 kits: part number 42449 or 42369 to fit the old Dunnydores. But they don't look like the Holden parts, which have a chamfered edge both sides. So are...
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    VS v8 engine questions

    Well the 5 litre could be boosted about 20 kW without opening the engine up: exhaust, air intake, fuel injector map, and radiator fans. So possibly it had all that, but the motor alone would be same as any other.
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    How to tell if you have a series 1 or 2 motor VT

    VS didn't have EGR, so you can't put it in VT-VY
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    Holden Vr Caprice

    They made them for fleets. The mayors and cabinet ministers, maybe the odd airport limo.
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    Do you have 2 keys? Are both like this? I've had 2 VS models, and in both cases 1 of the keys became intermittent, the other worked perfectly. Changing the battery did not help. So got the good key duplicated.
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    The King is dead. Long live the King! RIP Commodore :-(

    I needed a fuel pressure regulator for a VS V6 - that's a critical part. Unfortunately, it was different to older and newer Commodores. I called lots of places, who said it no longer available. Even the Fuelmiser copy part was out of stock. Luckily somebody called back 2 months later to say they...
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    colour of dashboard plastic varies?

    It's not worth matching, it's run up a lot of km. If it were something like a HSV Senator, I might worry about getting everything right.
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    colour of dashboard plastic varies?

    Some thief busted open the glovebox of my VS. So I went to the wreckers to seek a replacement, and could only find a VR. However it is a lighter shade of grey.
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    how thick should front brake pads be?

    I saw a major retailer had slotted rotors for $75 - clearance sale, so I grabbed some. I happened to have some pads lying in workshop: the cheapo SUPERSTOP brand. They were very difficult to fit. I pushed back the piston, and removed the bit of tinplate (with ISO number) that clips on. But there...
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    304 VR Senator motor cuts out @ 2-3kms religiously

    Did you connect up the charcoal cannister when you did the conversion? If you smell petrol, might be a hose come off and then when purge valve opens (after 2-3 km?) it sucks in air....
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    ZB Commodore Dead Man Walking

    The ZB measly 500 a month is still supposedly the best selling car in it's class (large sedan)! So ahead of Skoda, Kia, Volvo etc.
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    IRS vs Solid axle airbag suspension

    Well put 14-inch VN wheels on the rear, and find some ultra-low profile tyres. That will put the diff 2.5 inches closer to the road.
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    quick connect fuel hose (in engine bay)

    Rather hard to start, but ran fairly well when warmed up. Now better with new regulator. Didn't bother taking out the relay. When I loosened the old regulator, nothing spurted out - so the rail was already depressurised.
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    quick connect fuel hose (in engine bay)

    I replaced fuel pressure regulator. The quick connect hose would not come off, so I soaked it in hot water. It came off, but the fuel-resistant lining has detached - still stuck to the old regulator. So the hose is loose on the new regulator. I put a hose clamp on it, but I can still smell...
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    VZ Ute Seats into a VR

    VZ utes did not have side air bag. They were option on the Crewman. And VT-VZ seats do not fit earlier Commodores.
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    Thinning out the range

    Honda and Renault make soft urban utes, but I doubt we will see RHD versions.
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    correct fuel pressure regulator for VS 3800 L36?

    Or maybe you could ream out the fuel rail to take the VN-VR regulator (if you have a 95/96 VS with 3 bar). Anyway, I spotted on Autobarn website: Bosch 028016552 regulator, but when I went to a store, they said none in stock, and have no idea how long you would have to wait for an order. These...
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    2015 VF SS-V Redline Sportwagon - Wheel size query

    Would you get oversteer if you don't have the wider tyres at the rear? The Redline has a very thick rear stabiliser bar.
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    [VR-VS] Changing VS fuel reg.

    As for fuel line disconnection tool, I got one from Repco, part number RST208. Instead of a stubby screwdriver, I used a Philips driver tip stuck in a small (1/4" drive) socket spanner.
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    correct fuel pressure regulator for VS 3800 L36?

    My old one is marked 3.5 bar. A relative has an older VS (1996 build) and that is 3 bar. My The VT-VY regulators look quite different, so they are not suitable either. Anyway, I searched the 280160529 part number and found another vendor listing the compatible engines as the 5 litre boat anchor...