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    who are the current admins

    "The ban button where is it" "Yea mate i wanted to ban someone several days ago and cant see anywhere to do it Do you know whats happened to it or dont you mods bother anymore to ban people from the forum" Hahahahaha
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    who are the current admins

    I thought about it, but with the new mobile skin I have no idea how to do it haha
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    who are the current admins

    This was made when I was a moderator here. Rules haven't changed so no need for another moderator to rewrite it and post it simply because I'm not around as often as before. The message title was: "wanted ad where is it" And to refresh your memory the conversation went like this: See...
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    who are the current admins

    He's pissed cos he rudely messaged me and demanded to know where his wanted thread was and I refused to help. And he then proceeded to tell me I need a new wheel chair.
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    Troys Neo Socket perfomance enhancment add on thingamajig review

    Bringing this up for a laugh hahahha
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    how do you get a old car like new

    SHONKY!!! Welcome back!!!
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    Troys 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS now with added muddy mud tyre goodness!

    Not much to update lately, but I installed a new DVD head unit recently and hopefully in the next few days the new LCD headrest should arrived. Should keep the kiddies happy during long trips.
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    Gardening / Landscaping

    I real updates for my yard, it's still a work in progress. Hoping to get the rest of the concrete done over Christmas and then a few bits and pieces.
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    Post your recent purchases

    I bought a coffee this morning, does that count?
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    Power Generator, Petrol or Diesel?

    First off, how many kva do you need? I have a 3.5kva Toolex for work. It runs a Honda GX200 motor and it's brilliant. It cost $995 which is much cheaper than the equivalent Honda model and just as good. You could get a cheap Chinese POS but good luck finding spare parts, at least with a...
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    What date holden will close? pick yours

    August 29th, the same day Genisys goes online
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    Hampton Downs 101

    You mean these aren't porn?
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    Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Coating

    Hopefully it's better than Never Wet, that stuff was a let down and a half
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    Formal car hire

    I'm not in Queensland, but I have a van with a Bang Bus sticker on it. I reckon we could come to an arrangement :lmao:
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    " Holden, our car 1856 - 2017"

    Maybe they should put a saddle on the cover? lol
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    WM not cranking but not firing.

    It cranks as normal but won't fire. It'll chug a few times occasionally but won't start
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    WM not cranking but not firing.

    My sister in laws WM V6 is having issues starting. It tries to crank but won't fire. I've hooked it up to my diagnostic tool and have found these in the log: Anyone know where to look?
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    Just sayin'

    As the old saying goes, you know you've made it when you've got haters haha
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    Just sayin'

    That's fine, not everyone has to like everyone else in the world. Its no skin of my balls and I'm sure Raj feels the same way.
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    Just sayin'

    It's funny, cos if you met him in real life he's one of the most genuine and down to earth blokes I've ever met who's always happy to chat, ask for and offer advice and lend a hand if needed. He's very family oriented and a good mate. I have extremely fond memories of myself, Raj and Minux...
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    Moderators need to be changed

    PM to me plz lol
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    I'm so tired and want out of this life.

    He'll be back
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    Plasterers - How hard to install feature wall inserts?

    Any pics of finished products yet?
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    Moderators need to be changed

    First class World of Warcraft freak out bahahahaha. Neck up mate, it's only the internet.
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    Names Compulsory on the 2016 Census

    Threads gone to ****, imma exercise my retired mod powers and close this because the kiddies can't play nicely. If someone feels the need to override this, go ahead.
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    Names Compulsory on the 2016 Census

    This thread makes me laugh.
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    2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony Question

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    Vaping / E-Cigarettes

    Any of you guys ever made a crack stick with ecig liquid and a coffee filter? I've heard they're the bomb haha
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    Names Compulsory on the 2016 Census

    Penis girth
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    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Mogadon. I took one on the plane when I came home from Baghdad, felt like I blinked and 8 hours passed. Took another one and nek minnit I wad 2 hours from Sydney.
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    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    This new forum skin: I hate it. Can someone please tell me how to go back to the full site please.
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    Good video editing software

    Hi guise, I'm after some suggestions on some software to do video editing. Happy to pay if it's what I'm after. I'm looking at putting together some movies that I've taken on my fishing and 4x4 adventures with my Go Pro. I need to be able to do the following: Basic cut and paste Fades to the...
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    Plasterers - How hard to install feature wall inserts?

    I haven't used those before but they look like a piece of piss to do. Much easier than the traditional method we use, external angles on the outside, internal angle or paper tape on the inside. I'd imagine all you'd need to do is cut the hole, block it out with some timber, slip the insert in...
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    Idiots, thieves and dolts.

    I watched that doco on Rogerson and that other muppet, the music didn't suit, they should have used the Benny Hill theme song.
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    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    And who's responsible for the hole in the budget?
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    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Says a bit...
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    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    I dispise the CFMEU. My reason is because one of their higher ranking members singled me out in front of 40 other people saying that because I was a subcontractor, I'm taking money out of the wages boys pockets, in the reason they have shitty conditions and I'm the reason the whole building...
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    Nostalgia Thread

    I remember the chocolate ciggies on soft packs. I'll look them up and see if I can find a picture. Edit: I think they looked like this.
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    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Pre-poll FTW. Took me 5 minutes when I went 2 weeks ago. FYI, your post is the 10,000th reply to this thread :rofl: