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  1. J

    What tyres suit what wheels??

    alright, cheers mate. thanks for the advice.
  2. J

    What tyres suit what wheels??

    hi all, intro: i drive a vy sedan, and have bought VE SSV wheels for it. i had them machined to fit my car and have been on there for about 6 months. i was stupid enough to not get a wheel allignment before putting the wheels on. after a couple of months i completely f**ked my front two...
  3. J

    Std springs compressed

    someone correct me if im wrong, but from my undestanding. compressed springs are spring that are heated up and compressed and left to set. the more the springs are compressed the 'dodgier' they are. to my understanding, people compress there springs if they want a height that sits inbetween...
  4. J

    Illegal Parking

    LOL, this is actually the funniest pointless thread ever.
  5. J

    front of car set ups? opinions. suggestions, pics.

    is painting the lights hard? i'm thinkng of doing it otmrow when i replace the globes. any pics of an ssx bar?
  6. J

    front of car set ups? opinions. suggestions, pics.

    hey all, i drive a vy acclaim, and am wanting to do something to the front of my car. i dont nessacrily wanna go and get an ss bar and put it on a 6cyl car. but i was thinking of grill/lights etc. i have just bought a set of the real bright lights, which ill put in tomrow. has anyone ever...
  7. J

    Need help real quick!!!

    no racks :( haha, so dead set it will fit out the window, i dont mind. as long as it doesnt look too sus!
  8. J

    Need help real quick!!!

    hey all, im about to go pick up a vz sedan rear bumper. and im driving a vy sedan with the two front seats taken up by myself and a mate. will i fit the bumper in my car??
  9. J

    VY/VZ rear bumper shapes..

    thanks alot for your help mate, greatly appreciated.
  10. J

    VY/VZ rear bumper shapes..

    hi all, quick question. when installing vz calais lights to my vy acclaim, i need to replace my rear bumper so that the lights fit. i can do this one of many ways. would i be right in saying that i can fit this lights with either one of these rear bars: vy berlina vy calais vz exec vz...
  11. J

    [VIC] Wtb: Single ve ssv rim

    sorry guys, just picked up a set of 4 with rubber for 600. cheers
  12. J

    My sacked vy berlina

    hey mate, just wondering how you got ya whitewalls off? just heaps of scrubbing, or is ther an easier way? cheers
  13. J

    [VIC] Wtb: Single ve ssv rim

    thanks mate. i dont think i need it any more. keep looking at this thread for the next 3-4 days though and ill let you know for sure. cheers
  14. J

    [VIC] swap VT-VZ REAR ultra lows for super lows

    yeah i might be interested man, i live in eltham, not too far. could you find out the part number for me. and email me? josh.meaden@hotmail.com
  15. J

    [VIC] Wtb: Single ve ssv rim

    hi guys, after a SINGLE VE SSV rim with or without rubber. let me know email: josh.meaden@hotmail.com
  16. J

    FITTING VE SSV 19" on a VY ??

    bob jane today quoted me 70 bucks a wheels:confused::confused:
  17. J

    Deano's VY SS Twin Turbo Ute

    ****, that rig would fly!
  18. J

    My VZ CALAIS!!!

    looks real nice man! need to put that thing on its ass though!
  19. J

    VZ REAR BAR (probs a dumb question)

    sorry, this is probably a really dumb question, and i could very easily find out by looking at any of the hundreds of vz's in any car park.. BUT. im too lazy,.. does the VZ rear bar have a place where the reflectors woudl fit as in the VY exec/berlina rear bar, or VZ berlina/calais bar...
  20. J

    Removing tail lights

    Lol - jesse scott pro
  21. J

    FITTING VE SSV 19" on a VY ??

    oh really? like tyre power, bob jane etc? or differant ones??
  22. J

    [VIC] Vy exec / acclaim tail lights

    yeah good point. im in eltham, 30 minutes from the cbd. reserve price $80 for the pair
  23. J

    FITTING VE SSV 19" on a VY ??

    yeah thanks mate, thatd be good.
  24. J

    installing reverse sensors??

    Hi all, I drive a vy accliam atm, and have recently bought vy calais II lights. for these to fit i have a few options. vy berlina/acclaim bar (which includes reverse sensor holes) or vz exec/acclaim bar which doesnt. At first i was thinking the vz rear bar because it doesnt have ugly holes...
  25. J

    [VIC] Vy exec / acclaim tail lights

    for sale two vy exec/acclaim tail lights. all in working order no cracks or anything. come straight off my vy acclaim. reason for selling is im upgrading my rear to a vy calais. nothing wrong with these lights
  26. J

    [VIC] Wanted: Vy berlina calais bar or vz exec/acc/berlina/calais

    I need a vz executive or acclaim bar in very good condition. my car is dark metalic grey, if you have that its a bonus. but any color will do. as long as there are no scratches or dints. VZ exec/acclaim are ideal but if anyone has VY calais/Berlina or VZ exec/acclaim/berlina/calais. please...
  27. J

    FITTING VE SSV 19" on a VY ??

    thanks for the replies, i got the wheels dirt cheap. 610 dollars with about 50-60 percent rubber. the only problem is, is one wheel has a flat spot on the inner lip. this would cost me 50 - 100 dollars to fix. other than that the wheels are perfect. so scratches or scuffs. thanks guys. any other...
  28. J

    FITTING VE SSV 19" on a VY ??

    i know this has probably already been posted, but im not really that good at finding that type of stuff on here. if anyone has a link id greatly appreciate it. but i have a vy and just bought a set of ve ssv 19" wheels for it. Ive heard that ve has a differant stud pattern? and ive heard of a...
  29. J

    Wheel(s) Stuffed

    I'd definately invest in a camber kit if you are intending on keeping it low. My car is sitting very low atm and i havent really worried about a camber kit as yet kos im on stockies. but i just bought a set of 19" wheels today and there is no way there going on my car till i sort out the camber...
  30. J

    Rear bumper shapes calais, exec, berlina etc

    hi all, im driving a vy acclaim and not really a fan of the rear lights. I bought VY Calais lights, but obviosuly have to buy a new bumper to fit them. I think I can get a brand new unpainted bumper from holmart for 285 and a paint job for an extra 150? does that sound about right or are there...
  31. J

    Repairing wheels???

    thanks heaps mate. greatly appreciated
  32. J

    Repairing wheels???

    hi all, has anyone done or heard of re- rolling the inside of wheels? I have one VE SSV rim that has a ding on the inner lip. its just a flat spot 40mm-50mm on the inside lip of the rim. Somone has told me that i can get the wheel re -rolled for approx $50 - $100? has anyoen heard of this...
  33. J

    tuning a vy acclaim for performance?

    hey all, im 19 and driving a v6. i obviously cant drive a v8 or a turbo'd car. but in the meanwhile thinking of doing some performance mods. possibly? something cheap.. as i dont really want to be spending to much on performance of a v6, but yeah. i heard that vys dont have any software that...
  34. J

    Will SSL's Ruin 19" tyres???

    do it for sure! will be tuff! but yeah deifinately get a camber kit. it will chew through the insides of your tyres
  35. J

    vy ss series 2 front and rear sump leak

    sounds a little steep, but probably not too much. I cracked my sump recently. they would probably be taking the whole engine out, replacing the sump, and putting it back in. about 7 hours of labour plus parts. and we all know a service by holden is gonna be twice that of anywhere else. but...
  36. J

    cracked sump

    hey guys, im driving a vy acclaim thats sitting pretty low, i cracked the sump the other day from being silly. and was speaking to a mate the other day whos a mechanic. he said that to replace the sump he'd have to pull the whole engine out and do it that way. hes doing for real cheap cash. but...
  37. J

    just filled up petrol and gauge indicator is pointing to 3/4 full??

    yeh nah it wasnt kos of that. kos i was running pretty low and put in over 60ltrs..
  38. J

    just filled up petrol and gauge indicator is pointing to 3/4 full??

    i just topped up my tank and it says i only have 3/4 of a tank. first times its happened... this happened to anyone?
  39. J

    VY ACCLAIM REAR >> VZ EXEC / BERLINA REAR or something of the sort??

    yeah im gonna go vy calais lights, with a vy calais or berlina rear bar. is there any differance do you know? yeah i agree, dont put the reflectors on! nice ride you got there dude. howd you paint it yourself?