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  1. J

    VF SV6 1700km 2 week test - Review

    I didn't say "a VE is better than a VF". Its simply not the case. Don't get me wrong, the VF is a definite improvement over the VE. I just said that for me personally, I'd rather buy a VE. In my opinion, a VF is basically a slightly improved VE with more technology and a more 'upmarket'...
  2. J

    VF SV6 1700km 2 week test - Review

    Yep it did auto release as soon as you start driving. I discovered this by forgetting to release the handbrake which is easy to do when there is no lever. It does take off with a slight jolt though when you do that. I believe when you push the button, it does release the handbrake even while the...
  3. J

    VF SV6 1700km 2 week test - Review

    Ok, I thought I'd share my experience after doing nearly 1700km in a VF SV6 in a couple of weeks. (3.6 SIDI, 6 speed auto). Here is my non-biased account of what I reckoned of the new VF Holden Commodore. When I First jumped into the car, noticed the absence of a handbrake lever and needed to...
  4. J

    VY Adventra LS1 - RWD manual conversion

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to convert my AWD Adventra LS1 to rear wheel drive only. I would like to do a manual RWD conversion using a T56 box and run a conventional RWD commodore setup (getting rid of all the AWD stuff). OR I am considering keeping the 4L60E auto box, and converting the...
  5. J

    [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit

    C-Shell - no worries. haha yeah the factory head units suck! before i did mine, i did a search on how to do it but couldn't come up with much apart from the wiring colours (which was very useful!), so i thought i'd take some quick pics while i was doing it and share what i did :) kyriacandro -...
  6. J

    [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit

    Car - 2001 VXII Acclaim Task - To remove the factory head unit and replace it with a better aftermarket one. Reason - Because the standard head units in VT-VX's are bin worthy. Tools / Consumables needed an old coat hanger side cutters the following tools aren't needed if you buy an...
  7. J

    Places to dispose of engine oil in Melbourne

    airstrike - well i dug it up cos i did a search looking for that info which was helpful to me... so I copied and pasted that info into the thread in case the link to that info ever changes, so it can be helpful to someone else if they do a search in future... you see? so you replied to a 10...
  8. J

    Places to dispose of engine oil in Melbourne

    Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station Car Oil - the first 30 litres of oil disposal is free, with any amount over 30 litres charged at 40 cents per litre. 380 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill. Phone: 9518 3767. Open: 7 days a week - 7.30am to 4pm Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New...
  9. J

    304 does v6 5 speed fit v8 auto with mods

    yeah the auto is a prick of a job to get out. i dropped the trans mount to get more access to the bolts, had to remove passenger side exhaust manifold to get to one bolt, and used a rattle gun with about 4 x 1/2" extenders and a 9/16th socket to get the bolts undone.
  10. J

    vn v6 5.0L conversion

    front suspension can be retained. control arms are the same V6-V8, radius rods are the same, steering racks are the same, (although series 1 VN are different to series 2 {S1 has a spline shaft fitting, S2 has a square fitting}, but there is no difference between V6 & V8). struts are the same...
  11. J

    VY steering wheel to VP?

    no, a VY steering wheel won't fit a VP. VT onwards steering wheels have a thicker diameter spline where it fits up. a VS wheel will fit a VP, however there will be a gap between the plastic column shroud and the wheel. not sure if the indicator cancel works or not.
  12. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    thanks zskinner. yeah it sits on the full hot mark at operating temperature in park and on flat ground. i did try putting some additive in there. some wynns something or other. it did seem to make an improvement which was encouraging, but its still not right. its not slipping now which is good...
  13. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    hmmm yeah i dunno why its behaving differently when its cold and hot. i drove it again today and this is how it behaved.... no slippage in gears, drove off fine in 1st, changed into 2nd a tad later than it should, then changed into 3rd straight away after second way earlier than it should...
  14. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    i just put the kickdown cable back how it was, but i had a thought yesterday. the kickdown cable may be causing problems. i remembered the bracket for the kickdown cable on the engine got slightly bent from when i was lifting the engine out with chains from an engine crane. i reckon it may be...
  15. J

    v8 308 engine

    i doubt you'd be able to legally register it with an old 308. you'd need an injected VN onwards 304 for it to be legal. you can't put an older type engine in a newer car. as for fitting a 308, yes it'd fit (same as fitting a later 304). you'll need a V8 k-frame, engine mounts, etc. hope that helps.
  16. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    good news, the trans is starting to work better. i found one of the cooler lines to the radiator had a slight leak from a dodgy hose clamp, so it was losing a bit of fluid which may have been causing some problems. i fixed that and put a bottle of trans/fix/soften seals/etc and it seemed to...
  17. J

    VN Wagon - Tailgate Plastic

    i dont think the VN had that?? i could be wrong though. i had a s1 VN berlina wagon which didnt have it. i've now got a VP series 2 berlina LX wagon and it does have it... i'm thinking of pulling it off anyway, it looks crap lol.
  18. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    thanks vr1uz-fe.. ahh bugger! that doesn't sound good. i don't understand how it could have been working perfectly prior to pulling it out, and then all of a sudden crapped itself just sitting there without being driven. i'm still running the new engine in. its never seen full throttle. perhaps...
  19. J

    VP V8 Auto trans problems..

    Just drove my old wagon for the first time since about january after pulling it to bits a full engine rebuild. about the only thing i didn't touch was the transmission (apart from a new filter and pan gasket while it was out). I don't know much about auto transmissions, so any help here would...
  20. J

    VP V8 coolant temp sensor wire?? help

    ah i got it now. thanks for that. feel a bit silly haha, it looked like a different type of plug fitting. it just slots on sideways over the end of the nobby gold temp sensor. here is a photo of how it goes on for anyone else wondering. my temp guage works now :) cheers.
  21. J

    VP V8 coolant temp sensor wire?? help

    oh okay... thanks for that delcowizzid. hmm there must be another reason why the ECU is cracking the sads. i'll check the codes it throws out and go from there. i still dont know how/where or what i need to plug in the green wire for the temp guage though :confused:
  22. J

    VP V8 coolant temp sensor wire?? help

    hey guys. i'm almost finished my VP V8 full rebuild. just got it running, but gotta sort out a couple of things. there is a single green wire with a plug coming from the wiring loom just above the water pump, and under the throttle body. where does this wire plug in to? i've had the car in...
  23. J

    VP 304 fuel line setup??

    Hi all, Just finished putting the 5 litre back in the VP. I couldn't remember how the fuel supply line went in to the injector rail. There is that gold thing (dont know what its called or what it does??) mounted to the back of the passenger side head which looks like the fuel supply line...
  24. J

    engine swap?????

    for the flywheel nuts, yeah you could spray wd40. i dont think i needed to. just shove a screw driver or something through a hole in the flywheel against part of the block casting to stop the engine turning over. they are supposed to be torque'd up to 88nm from factory.
  25. J

    changing diff gears

    yes, i know this is a 4yo thread, but i was doing a search and though i'd add what i did... i just gave it some good whacks with a rubber mallet and it came out without too much hassle.
  26. J

    Drivers door wont unlock

    seen this happen on a VT. only way to open the door was to neatly cut through the doortrim with a sharp knife to be able to manually unlock the door from the inside (because you obviously can't remove the doortrim with the door shut!), and then replace the faulty central locking solenoid.
  27. J

    Fuel econonomy on lpg v8

    My VP wagon 5 litre on LPG (dual fuel mixer setup) was getting 15L-17L/100km suburban driving, and got around 11-12L/100km on the highway. Its all in bits at the moment cos i'm rebuilding the engine as well as lots of other stuff. The old dizzy and rotor button looked pretty stuffed, but i still...
  28. J

    304 extractors?

    i had pacemaker extractors on my old VH 308 (factory 308 heads). i'm pretty sure they bolt up the same to the injected 304 heads. i don't know if VB-VL extractors are different to VN-VS in terms of fitting in the car, but i doubt they'd be different. you might have to double check that with...
  29. J

    Vz or Vy?

    yes i totally agree that a commodore or falcon are better cars than magnas or camrys. i've driven magnas and camrys and its not a particularly enjoyable task lol. i wasn't talking about the cars overall, but their engines. i've done a bit of driving of a 97 magna 3.0 V6 with over 220,000km and...
  30. J

    Recommended place to re-grind 304 crank?

    I'm half way through freshening up my 304. Pulled the crank and pistons out of the block yesterday, and checked the bearing clearances which were a bit out of spec as well as some looking pretty worn and marked. So I've decided I'll get the crankshaft reground, and new main & big end bearings...
  31. J

    Vz or Vy?

    lol thanks. I just thought of another (somewhat controversial on here!) side note... If you want a big six cylinder car, get a BA or BF falcon hahaha. I've got a BF ute for work and although i've always liked holdens better, still do and probably always will, but I have to say, ford did a...
  32. J

    Nissan gtr

    i did a quick google search and they all came up saying the R34 GTT RB25DET NEO has 206kw and 343nm. The R34 GTR RB26DETT also has 206kw but 392nm torque. Nissan Skyline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Skyline R34 cheers.
  33. J

    Vz or Vy?

    I haven't owned either a VY or VZ, but i've done a decent amount of driving in a VY, and also driven a VZ. I was quite dissapointed with the VZ alloytec. I was expecting it to be much better. In my opinion the alloytec in the VZ is a "downgrade" on the old ecotec VY. That might sound strange but...
  34. J

    Nissan gtr

    Oh okay, I didn't realise "BOG STOCK" they really only had 206kw. I always thought they had a lot more. I've only driven one 32 GTR, and that had the factory restrictor removed and an exhaust, but apart from that it was stock and it was running in the mid 12's. It was a huge amount quicker than...
  35. J

    Cleaning inside of motors

    I have a couple of questions about cleaning the engine seeing as I'm about to reassemble my 304 on the weekend. 1. What is the best method of cleaning engine parts when they're out of the engine (eg: crankshaft, pistons/conrods, etc) 2. How do you get all the carbon buildup off the pistons...
  36. J

    Stock 304, Guide to choosing a camshaft

    I ordered my cam from Wade Cams today. I quoted the "963A961A10" as the part number and checked the specs they have on that. Its actually 204/214 and they are doing it at 110 LSA for me. I'll get it within the next couple of days. Planning to put the engine back together on the weekend :) I am...
  37. J

    Stock 304, Guide to choosing a camshaft

    cheers, thanks for that. i'll talk to wade this week and see what I come up with. I'm 99% sure i'll go with the 963A961A10. Today i removed the old camshaft and lifters. The cam didn't seem to wanna budge no matter which angle i turned it to, so I just turned the engine upside down cos I had it...
  38. J

    Stock 304, Guide to choosing a camshaft

    Thanks Greenfoam, I enjoyed reading this thread. Has definitely given me some things to think about, as I am ready to get a new cam, and plan to get one this week. (My engine is in pieces at the moment while I put new seals/gaskets everywhere, so its about to go back together with a new cam)...
  39. J

    Nissan gtr

    lol... i've owned an LS1 commodore, driven plenty of skylines. R32 GTS-t, R32 GTR, R33 GTS't, etc... and even an R32 GTS-t with a few mods (eg: exhaust, cooler, boost, etc) will leave most LS1's behind even on the stock turbo. Although a tuned LS1 will be quicker than a mildly modded GTS-t...
  40. J

    Pulled heads off 304, and...

    ohh okay i see. thanks danny8. that makes more sense to me now why its like that. cheers