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  1. BT1-355

    VX Camber kits kill tyres?

    I'm pretty sure those tyres came from Kmart Auto. If they did call up headoffice and jump up and down until they replace those faulty tyres
  2. BT1-355

    vt back fireing

    take it to a gas place so they can tune the gas system for you. It sounds like it is running to lean
  3. BT1-355


  4. BT1-355

    Take a photo, and show it to me

    Take a photo, and show it to me
  5. BT1-355

    vx calais rought idle

    easiers way to see if you have a burnt valve, is to put a piece of paper at the end of the exhaust tip and hold it there. Eg if it just blows the paper away from the tip, then its not a burnt value. But if it blows away and then sucks it in you got a burnt valve
  6. BT1-355

    zv alloytec timing chain problems

    ok then do you have the cams locking tool??? If you don't you can use vice grips with a rag????
  7. BT1-355

    zv alloytec timing chain problems

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  8. BT1-355

    zv alloytec timing chain problems

    sorry cant pdf the file [/URL][/IMG]
  9. BT1-355

    zv alloytec timing chain problems

    Don't know you must have the timing marks out... Giving me your email address and i'll sent you a pdf file on how to do it... When you took the rocket covers off, is the engine full of sludge???
  10. BT1-355

    zv alloytec timing chain problems

    Yeah done heaps of them. I would recommend you put it back together and instead of doing it stage 1 and stage 2. Just do stage 2, so it other words put the timing marks on stage 2, make sure the cams are locked up. Remove drivers chain, then centre chain and the passenger chain.
  11. BT1-355

    [VIC] WTB: VR Caprice / Statesman Top Glovebox Cover and/or Dash Surround

    Still got it, PM your number and i'll sent pic to you
  12. BT1-355

    [VIC] WTB: VR Caprice Top Glovebox Cover & Dash Surround

    like i said before ive got a complete vr caprice dash minus the facia
  13. BT1-355

    [VIC] WTB: VR Caprice Top Glovebox Cover & Dash Surround

    yeah got a VR caprice dash $100 but i haven't got a good dash facia
  14. BT1-355

    [VIC] WTB: VR Caprice Top Glovebox Cover & Dash Surround

    show us somes photos of what colour it is
  15. BT1-355

    VZ v6 Fctory LPG Problems

    How does it run on petrol ???????
  16. BT1-355

    [NSW] Starr 90mm Performance Manifold - Holden 304ci 5Litre V8

    This guy is selling one [FS VIC] Vn-vt 5l starr manifold, 90mm t/b - calaisturbo.com.au
  17. BT1-355

    [SA] WTB 1991 VQ V8 Statesman rolling shell

    Are you willing to travel to melb????
  18. BT1-355

    VR V6 Crank Angle Sensor

    Thats for the CAM angle sensor
  19. BT1-355

    Has anyone ever seen this before

    Sounds like your breather hose is block
  20. BT1-355

    New DBA Rotors at repco

    They are $175 EACH and not a pair
  21. BT1-355

    '97 Caprice SHYGMH

    I got a BRAND new VR and VS caprice grill for $200
  22. BT1-355

    [VIC] Wtb vr/vs ss lip kit!!!

    Ive got a complete lip kit. comes with front lip, side shirt and complete rear bar $300
  23. BT1-355

    [VIC] F/S 275/35r19 BRIDGESTONE RE050A X2

  24. BT1-355

    [VIC] Wrecking vr vs statesman & caprice

    Yeah i do, but they are getting sold with the complete dash Dont have any, all sold No i dont Yes and yes No i dont have any Only selling them as a set $50 plus postage Hey i've got other things to do, other than to sit here and answer people question. Thats why i left my...
  25. BT1-355

    [NSW] WTB VT VX VY coil pack

    Selling the complete dfi module and coil packs for $50 plus postage
  26. BT1-355

    [VIC] WTB VS V8 Flex Plate (Flywheel) Auto

    Yeah i've got one in VGC $50
  27. BT1-355

    LPG on 98 VT Wagon

    Put some photos up on the gas conversion
  28. BT1-355

    How many kms is a vt 5.7 gen III good for?

    Well i do alot of services for VHA cars (eg taxis) and they got around 600,000km and more. And they are still going very good for its KM's, the last gen3 i replace a engine for had 700,000km and only beacuse the oil pump gave up..... Just check and see if it had it's regular services and it...
  29. BT1-355

    LPG on 98 VT Wagon

    They look the same, and they both do the same thing. The best way i'll put it to you is impco to impco style "nothing beats genuine items"
  30. BT1-355

    Will a VS SS diff fit into my 1998 VT Calais

    Yep as long as your vt is a series 1 (which a 1998 is)
  31. BT1-355

    [VIC] F/s workshop clean out lots of parts

    Had alot of people stuffing me around with these tail lights, call me on 0410 332 828 to work out a pickup time With or without speed sesnor???? And sorry i'm not going to sent those items to the US
  32. BT1-355

    [VIC] F/s workshop clean out lots of parts

    $50 for a complete airbox intake from a vr 5.0 or i've even got a complete genuine hsv cold air intake for $150. VGC v8 radiator but auto still works the same as a manual and $30 for a complete clutch fan No thanks
  33. BT1-355

    CV6 Monaro taking off supercharger

    It wouldn't run the best as the L67 had a lower compressor ratio compare to the normal ecotech engine
  34. BT1-355

    vx injectors on vt

    Yes they are the same
  35. BT1-355

    [VIC] Wtb: Vt/vx calais door trims/cards

    I know your after calais, but i've a set of wh statesman door trim $40 for the set
  36. BT1-355

    VT ABS module

    Try resetting it, by disconnecting the battery
  37. BT1-355

    VT Air conditioning problem

    check your vaccum hose, which is located at the back of the intake manifold and see if that has pop off..
  38. BT1-355

    Help with Vs Statesman Series 2

    best thing to do, is list them in the for sale section on here. Prices will depend on how much someone is willing to pay for it