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  1. SAC1979
    Hey guy's I'm new... How are we all?
  2. Benno 355
    Benno 355
    I need help with vt ss just put new valley gaskets in and had a accident now can't remember where hoses go and few other things
    1. Benno 355
      Benno 355
      I fell asleep at the wheel of a van and then I got out of the brain injury unit 4 months later and can't remember ****
      Jul 22, 2018 at 9:30 PM
  3. cinemahok
  4. Grmpey
  5. Cameron MacDonald
    Cameron MacDonald
    Is there an upgrade for the VY stereo system(software )
  6. Ryan vx ss
    Ryan vx ss
    Need some advice on vx ss manual won’t return to idle without stalling like it is fueling up?
  7. Ryan vx ss
    Ryan vx ss
    Hi new to forum.. I have a vx ss with a 232/233 cam, victor jnr intake upgraded lifters,push rods,, springs. tuned at 394hp
  8. semiprowarrior4
    semiprowarrior4 Local_hoon
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 vz wagon can u help
  9. semiprowarrior4
    semiprowarrior4 andyman
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 vz wagon can you help me out mate
  10. semiprowarrior4
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 wagon
  11. merkurhaber
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  12. GSG
    GSG RiCeY
    Saw your posts & thanks, however I have a question you may be able to answer.
    Is there any equivalent to the Dexron 6 that you would advise, eg Nulon etc. Thanks
    1. RiCeY
      Not too familiar with the aftermarket stuff, as long as it's equivalent to Dex6 I don't see an issue.
      Jul 21, 2018 at 7:43 PM
  13. I.am.michelle
    It is what it is
  14. Slabba
    Looking to adjust sensitivity of auto headlights. Have found that when I scroll through options on the dash, there’s only 6 options come up
  15. Kathmandu
    2004 HSV 285 VY Series 2 Clubsport
  16. Brendan PARRY
    Brendan PARRY mike_nofx
    Hi mate do you have a deep pan and wide mouth filter left?
  17. Tom Seaford
    Tom Seaford
    Vf dedicated Lpg. Great car,
  18. Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones
    Is there a difference in ecotec and l67 LH exhaust manifold?
  19. Brandssss
    Tổng hợp các thông tin về công nghệ, giáo dục, thể thao, sức khỏe và tin tức xã hội
  20. Jim Boxell
    Jim Boxell
    Help VZ changed water pump and when you turn off after 20 mins won’t start and stalls sometimes while driving changed air and crank sen