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New Showcase Comments

  1. VS 5.0
    Are your engine mounts OK ? Particularly the passenger side mount. Looks lopsided or is the cover not on properley ? Also, what's that set up in the middle of the enigine cover ?
  2. gmholdman
  3. danoz vt vz
    Top colour Ive changed my mind since seeing this blue and have decided to paint my wagon this colour. NICE paint job kudos to the artist.It will be a shade darker though
  4. gr33nbastad
    Looking good. Might have to ask Santa for some new wheels though ;)
  5. gr33nbastad
    engine on the dining table - true motoring enthusiast right there!
  6. gr33nbastad
    Priority number 1: -removal of fake hsv decal :)
  7. VS_Pete
  8. gr33nbastad
    Love it. I'd love a VX, they are just rare as hens teeth up here. This is really nicely done ✅ .
  9. Matthew Doecke
    The motorsports editions look great on the track hey, i enjoyed taking mine to the bend.