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  1. Foggia
    Foggia stooge
    Hi Stooge
    where did you source the parts from for your drl conversion.I have the lights but would like to get the inserts and harness for the drl.I have a VF commodore evoke.
  2. Braydan
    Need help vt 1999 starts then won’t idle unless foots on throttle
  3. rucxy
    Finished my exams yesterday and smashed out my practicals today. Am now a qualified distribution linemechanic....
  4. ken statesracing
    ken statesracing
    LS1 hauls ass -time to go racing
  5. samsal
    samsal _R_J_K_
    Cheers RJK for a quick reply...
  6. Yande
  7. Fatmax
  8. Fahad
    Fahad MYVESSV8
    Hi Mate,

    Hope you are well.

    Just following up on your post back from 2012 regarding VE SS water pump, coolant and radiator change.

    Just about to change mine, after looking at posts here thought if you can share the step by step guide please. My email is khan_fahadali@yahoo.com

    Your help will be really appreciated.

  9. Buck
    Vt airbag lights on.. Don't know how to turn off. Looking for power wire that runs light or fuse to disconnect... Any 1 know if I can
  10. dezaripz
    how to remove vf towball
  11. dezaripz
    how do i remove vf towbs
  12. Fat Bastard
    Fat Bastard
    Anyone know the little black toggle switch near headlight switch on 07 Omega? green radio screen shot! Radio works is it replaceable?
  13. Gerrardpolson
    I'm wondering what my sound is in my VE commodre in the front end like a squeaking in the steering not sure what is
    out somewhere laying some rubber
  15. 426Cuda
    426Cuda sjp770
    Are you from Wagga?
  16. Seuse
    New member
  17. Simon Coverley
    Simon Coverley
    How do you open boot on Vf SS REFLINE when battery is flat
  18. Wilbawild
    Boys first time poster
    1. Wilbawild
      Have Factory VH 253 with trimatic trans, is there a better trans that will bolt straight in
      Mar 13, 2018
  19. Toni82
    My vx commodore only has 1st and reverse gears, was running fine up until the battery was disconnected
  20. clubbychic
    Hi everyone.. I just picked a a 've for my son and I'm told the cam angle sensor is faulty.. would anyone have any knowledge on this please