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  1. Darren May
    Darren May
    Will a bumper bar front & rear from a 2007 VE Omega fit on a 2009 VE Omega front & back?
  2. Holden vz sv6
    Holden vz sv6
    Hi what are the common things go wrong with vs sv6 wagon year 2006
  3. Dane Kepa
    Dane Kepa
    Vibration on idle or park, can someone help me thanks
  4. Scott Shaw
    Scott Shaw
    another pic of progress. aiming for hsv Calais .just need also have a secret under hood a double carb system mod with twin 650 Holley.
  5. Scott Shaw
    Scott Shaw
    Hi .new update .i changed trans fluid and engine iol.car does move but still little stuburn .i still need couple ltrs trans according stick
  6. Luke09
    Hey guys I own a 08 VE le0 and on start up it makes a grinding noise for a couple of seconds then runs fine was told maybe actuators.
  7. Troy Knight
    Troy Knight
    Hi there I have a series 3 vs ss ute the paint code says raven pearl but forums I read say the only came out in two colours
  8. Alex369
    Need help with my ss both wanna die cold start up
    1. Alex369
      So on first start of the day both my vx ss and vy ss idol terrible wanna die can’t drive as they just die, can’t drive till at running temp any idea.
      Jun 12, 2019 at 2:16 PM
  9. Benboy
    Benboy wildfireSV6
    Howdy, spotted your name in an old(ish) post re catch can on an Alloytec. Understand you may have somen piccys of your installation. Is it possible you could share some with me? I am having difficulties getting my head around the finished installation and choice of brand/manufacturer of catch can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. bluearmour
    bluearmour Nuhaz
    Hi, you can give me a call 0406300355 regarding your car problem. Cheers, Shane
  11. stooge
  12. Chevelle82
    Can anyone help with where to get a shift lever ball and socket in Perth? needing for a vehicle inspection
  13. Dayvo
    Dayvo VS_Pete
    Hey Pete do you know the guy or any of the history on the ute in your post number 7967 ? Looks like the ute used in the first mad max movie. It was built by a mate of a mate who owned a service station in Noble Park in Victoria .Cant remember the guys first name but his surname was Ziggler.
  14. Jason spiteri
    Jason spiteri AirStrike
    Hay mate could U tell me if I can connect a light harness to the jump start thing under my bonnet on 2013 be wagon .
  15. 16ssvredline
    1. 16ssvredline
      Hey guys first post need some good knowledge from you fullas.
      Im sussing some FR-C simmons 20x8.5 with 45 offset for fronts and 20x10 rears with 52 offset.
      Jun 1, 2019
    2. 16ssvredline
      I've got these tyre sizes picked out in my head also which is the importance of the post. I want 245/35/20 for front and 285/30/20 for rears. My main worry is if the 285's will fit in the rear end. Car is stock FE3 height but am planning to go a fair bit lower. Help a brother out, cheers fullas.
      Jun 1, 2019
  16. Jean-guy
    My vs commodore Ute odometer just stopped working to day any quick fixes
  17. Nothing Sounds Like A V8
  18. Mick the flick
    Mick the flick
    Lack funds cheap way to make it faster vf redline 2016 Ss auto
  19. Kayhan Audio
    Kayhan Audio
    Kayhan Audio is one of the fastest growing leading manufacturers in Australia
  20. HolVzSS6.0
    Does anyone know if the diff out of a ve L76 will fit into my 2006 vz Ss L76