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New Showcase Comments

  1. 55ams
    Good score mate! still got it??
  2. jack hegarty
    I like your bonnet and bar set up I thinking of doing that on my crewman
  3. 55ams
  4. 55ams
    keen to here part 2 of the story whens the update coming??
  5. 55ams
    good mod list mate, whats the future mods??
  6. 55ams
    yeah i dig it aye.. whats up updates ??
  7. AllanT
  8. VS_Pete
    Looking good mate
  9. Director 211
    What drive shafts are you using mate?
  10. SLugg
    bad luck on being wrecked mate , good luck in the future
  11. bblatch05
    looks nice. reminds me of my old vr berlina 5ltr i owned
  12. mpower
    well this was quite the ride of ups and downs.
  13. Angus5
    Excellent build. A fantastic replica and no doubt great to drive. I particularly love how you have recreated the look of the the original Momo rims. Just Brilliant.