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  1. Jonarus_Drakus
  2. 9mon7
    I have replaced both my front and rear Holden badges on my ssv with custom made ‘SS’ badges and I can’t decide if I like it or not
  3. Axe Harris
  4. Justoni355
    Hi Guys i have been a bit slack on my visits and questions, posts etc. i have been really crook. i hope to make an effort more soon.
  5. Gary bowtell
    Gary bowtell
    Vx ss commodore won.t start shows up error when i turn key to start
  7. Paddydougherty
    Where abouts is the aircon drain pipe on a vy ute ?
  8. VKL98
    in the shed messing it up again
  9. SIACH13
    Have A Vt Commodore. Ignition Barrel Light Is Off Does That Mean Anything ?
  10. Bullock
    Hi I have a Vz ute 3.6 Alloyteh, usual electrical issues, the scan tool will not talk to the engine, any help would be great cheers
  11. chellechelle56
    Female Holden enthuist. Being able to fix my own car, can make life so easy.
  12. Sv6VFute
    Evening, i have a 2015 commo Vf sv6 ute and was wondering what are basic and advanced mods for the engine and for The whole car in general
  13. Wayne Bryant
    Wayne Bryant
    having problems with my 1999 VX Commy Acclaim Wagon, the battery is dead, car is locked, key lock don't work how do i get the car unlock?
  14. 2000vsute
    Can any one help with a HBD code /option TONN on a 2000 v8 vs s pac ute .i assumed tonneau but would like to verify
  15. Mick Linnell
    Mick Linnell dwae01
    Hi Dave

    Do you still have tech 2 ?
  16. Judith
    VE commodore ABS fault Any ideas
  17. sdambra
    sdambra hqman74
    Hi I saw that you had a LPG issue on the WL 6l V8 and wandering what was the fix, as I am in the process of buying one as well and putting it on gas.
  18. VR 60
    VR 60
    Hi, I have issues with a VR 3.8l v6 . Turn over, was running great. Turn over, smell fuel, no spark into the coils. Any ideas?
  19. Raymond Dixon
    Raymond Dixon
    Can not find temp sender on 5ltr vr
  20. VZ Chickie
    VZ Chickie
    Hi all, I have a 2005 vz sv6 Alloytec,