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  1. Lee roy
    Lee roy
    I have a vy v6 crewman
  2. jayNpay
    Gear box was in perfect condition.
  3. KuMeRz
  4. Mr_Upgrader
    i've turned to the Japanese side Subaru is my long option over my life time friend has shot its self in the foot
  5. Mittybax
    Mittybax Kung-Foo-Kamel
    Hi mate whereabouts do you work? I have read your forum posts and wanted to get my car tuned by you.
  6. VTSS Adelaide
    VTSS Adelaide wh-ls1
    VTSS Adelaide
    VTSS Adelaide Hey mate did you find the problem you had with no power to the fuel pump relay im having the same problem cheers
  7. VTSS Adelaide
    VTSS Adelaide VS_Pete
    Hey mate did you find the problem you had with no power to the fuel pump relay im having the same problem cheers
    1. VS_Pete
      you got the wrong person
      Dec 4, 2018 at 4:38 AM
  8. Statto Mick
    Statto Mick
    Miss the old HDT VN SS
  9. Statto Mick
    Statto Mick
    Hey any one able to help with jump start mandurah rd near dixon rd . Kinda urgent please ,Need to get dog to vet for girlfriend
  10. LCFC
    Anyone"s dash making creaking noises around the speedo rpm binnacles?
  11. Ben.wills97
    Can anyone help did a engine swap in a vt commodore it won't start on power to ignition motor has power tho
  12. Mick 7ich
    Mick 7ich
    Vy theristate supercharged issue need help. Cant undo last bolt from charger elbow any hints cheers
  13. V8Storm
    V8Storm Fekason
    Hi mate a bit of a long shot since it was three years ago but if you have a VY Owners Manual in pdf format on your computer still. Only If you Can would you email it to me at.
  14. TimjamisonSSV
    TimjamisonSSV webferret
    Hey mate did u work out what the problem was with the p0202 powertrain injector 2 control circuit etc code
  15. Danielsv6Storm
    Hey guys can anyone help me wirh which fuse it is for the dome lights in my 2015 vf storm sedan thank you in advance
  16. corhijasna
    Back in the saddle
  17. lwessel
    My son bought a VR Statesman Cal 95 5litre ran out of petrol now has no spark reds are on changed fuel filter, new dizzy leads ign module ??
  18. Terri-Anne
    Hi! My 05 vz Calais power windows don't work! The switch is ok what other reasons would all 4 stop working?
  19. Terri-Anne
  20. Rocky1347
    Thank you everybody for your valuable information. Rocky1347